” Nomination to Supreme Court – A Logjam Ahead ” – September 20, 2020.

Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

          Minority Leader, (D),  Chuck Schumer’s  Unity and Legacy ;  and Congresswoman,  (D), New York,  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s  ‘ People’s right being at stake now’  if there is a nomination to the Supreme Court by the Republicans within days speak of  logical positivism. 

          Both spoke from the same podium tonight also speaking for building bridges within the Democratic Party.

          Senator, Chuck Schumer,  while making a strong plea to the Senators, specially the Republicans, to abide by the “last wishes”  of the  ‘ saintly, brilliant, and caring woman, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may have succeeded in evoking the public sentiment ;  sensitivity to the needs of people ;  and to raise seriously the moral judgements of the law makers – in fulfilling her wishes.

RBG’s last wishes.

          Fulfilment of the last wishes adds respectability to the authority that Ruth Bader Ginsburg held in her professional career, and enhances the dignity to the individual.

          It is also important to remember that the last wish at this moment relates to a key national appointment that has implications to the political fight for victory or otherwise in the November 3, General Election; when the following need consideration :

          1.  The real significance of the last wish is not clear ;

          2.  The legality, practicality, and feasibility presenting a dilemma in a sense of whether the wishes can prevail or not ;

          3.  Whether it really supports or clashes with the larger interests of people ;

          4.  Whether it will be viewed as  correct or incorrect in the midst of an election ( with early voting already on ) and not close to an election ;  and

          5.  Whether it will contribute to positive changes, outcomes, and impact on the lives of citizens as a whole.

          The tide of general opinion at this point in time may well seem to be in favour of what the two lawmakers have expressed tonight but the real potential of the decision is subject to ups and downs not just by days but by hours from now.

          Is there a bearer of good tidings that may also be viewed as the most justifiable ?  Nobody will be able to say !


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Monday, September 21, 2020 –  6.51 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ”  You are playing with fire ”  referring to Mitch McConnell by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.


” CNN Hosts Drive-in Town Hall with Joe Biden ” – September 17, 2020.

          First drive-in Town Hall in American Election History happened in the era of COVID-19 tonight, with just 47 days left for the Election Day. Masks and Social Distancing religiously followed to ensure safety of the Candidate, interviewer ;  TV crew ;  and the viewers around the country.  There were about 100 cars with some people inside the cars and some standing outside too. CNN organised this Town Hall with Anderson Cooper moderating the event.

          I present my observations here as a Commonsense exponent watching the event on TV with no claim as an expert in Political Science or even as one with a deep knowledge or experience of Politics.

Joe Biden.

          1.  COVID-19 was the first issue as was expected. Figure below represents Joe Biden’s Strategic Control Measures :

          The three elements cited include : (a) proposal of National Standards for working safely ;  (b)  rapid testing and tracing plus use of protective gears ;  and  (c)  use of federal funds as resources.

          His responses to questions were standard with no new additions to what everyone must have learnt thus far. He reiterated his earlier statement that Governors should enforce mask wearing for saving the lives of people.

          To Attorney General, Barr’s recent observation that likened COVID-19 lockdown to ‘slavery’,  Joe Biden countered in terms of what he felt, understood, and experienced as ‘Freedom’ in this country – ” Freedom being taken away is to not let your children to go to school ;  not to let your kids go out for entertainment ; and to not let children be able to meet their affected parents in hospitals “. In the same time he also opined : ” That $ 200 billion are needed to get students to resume their studies in schools. You cannot compromise the immune system “.  One has to make one’s own inference !

          He was not convincing in his answer to the question : ” how will you stand up for healthcare workers who earn less than $15 per hour with great difficulties in these circumstances ?”. His reply : “not getting even $ 15 per hour is disturbing and please go to Joe Biden.com for details that I have laid out “. No specifics cited.

          He was also not convincing in his answer to the question : ” how he will modify healthcare plan to be of use to everyone ?”.  His reply : ” I’ll reinforce ACA with a public option “,  didn’t seem to carry much conviction either.

          First 30 minutes was a bit difficult to deal with, for him.

          2.  Figure below represents Joe Biden’s Strategy to bring accountability within police department:

          The three elements making up the triad are : (a) background checks ;  (b) efforts to deescalate the situation ;  and (c) making sure psychologists and psychiatrists deal with the victims duly. His singular goal will be to make the department function in a transparent manner. Resonated well with the listeners.

          3.  Figure below represents Joe Biden’s Strategy for Criminal Justice Reform :

          The three elements making up the triad in this are :  (a)  to make the system completely transparent ;  (b)  ready to condemn violence of any kind ;  and  (c)  remaining firm on not involving military in any domestic unrest. He admitted the First Step Act proposed during his term as VP could not be completed due to reasons unanticipated. President Donald Trump, however, succeeded in getting the attention and praise.

          4.  Uncertainty about mail-in voting can be tackled by : (a) striving to ensure that legitimacy will not be questioned by unfavourable actions ; (b)  sprucing up the Postal Services ;  and  (c) actions to enhance the confidence of voters for mail-in voting. Hard task with no specifics.

          5.  Joe Biden will deal with fracking to be beneficial to people by not referring to Climate Change as a ‘hoax’  but by using that as an opportunity to create more jobs in energy saving technologies.

          6.  Joe Biden will treat  Russia  as an Opponent,  and  China  as a serious Competitor. He avoided the word  “enemy”  in describing them.

          Conclusions :

          1.  Joe Biden’s answers were reasonably  empathetic, facts based,  following science and expertise,  honoring the guidelines of specialists, and committed to people welfare. It occurs to me though that he missed the opportunity to deliver a strong performance.

          2.  His tone and tenor in this Town Hall showed that he will be adopting an aggressive approach – as I understand just like an aggressive marketing and ad campaign strategies will adopt – and acting with force in order to succeed in this election.

          3.  He may have to an extent succeeded in driving his points locally, regionally, and nationally through this Town Hall performance, but it remains to be seen if this will drive Citizens to vote in huge numbers as Democrats wish to happen.

Drive-in Town Hall


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, September 18, 2020 – 8.05 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” A divided nation ;  and a world in disarray is what  Trump has given ” – Joe Biden in the Town Hall.

” COVID-19 and Forest Fires – Potential for Political Vulnerabilities ? ” – September 12, 2020.

Oregon fires.

          ” Symptoms by themselves are not diseases “,  say Medical experts often. 

          Headaches, fever …  are only the signs, symptoms, and external manifestations of diseases according to Medical experts.

          In the same manner, COVID-19 has also to be viewed as symptoms of more serious problems facing our lives.

          Climate Change,  Environmental Degradation,  and loss of lives – not just human but all other animals, birds, (land and marine) and even plants – have been recognised as posing serious danger accelerating the destruction of the World itself. It is like Nature flying into a fury when a series of contagious diseases strike at the lives of people all over the world.

          The world stood in shocked silence when the Amazon Forest Fires erupted last year. Following that was the Australian bush fires spreading the smoke over New Zealand, Pacific Ocean, South Africa, and upto Argentina revealing its deadly serious nature.

California fires.

          America now faces the fury of Nature in two ways :  COVID-19  and  Wildfires in the West. Thousands of people from California, Oregon, and Washington have been shifted to safe havens. Some small towns in these areas have been completely ignited and destroyed. Lakhs of hectares of farm land (arable land) have also been affected, according to reports.

          People all over the World have been the victims (at some point in their lives) of Nature’s Fury in terms of floods, drought, cyclones/storms, …

          The seriousness of these disasters also increase by each season. Just to escape and prevent oneself from these deadly happenings, individuals have been compelled to suffer losses of either property or even their lives.

          COVID-19 is not an exception to this fury. It cannot be dismissed as a one time disaster. Our future will definitely be marked by such occurrences every few years. We have been witness to this phenomenon already.

Animals likely affected in Amazon Kindle of fires.

          The destruction caused will not be limited to human lives but also that of other creatures too. We may be the late sufferers even as we represent and be the cause of other creatures’s   sufferings for centuries.

          Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in its report had recorded that from 1970 to 2006 there has been a 68% decrease in World Wildlife. In its report, ” Living Planet Report 2020″, it has monitored and recorded the status of 21000 species of animals revealing shockingly surprising facts. In Latin America, specially, it says that animal life has been endangered for more than 50 years. In the Asia Pacific region, a significant reduction in their numbers has been evidenced. India sports the most worrying situation comparatively. It has cautioned that 12% of wildlife and 3% of birds are on their path to destruction. The report emphasises its role in safeguarding animals –  land and marine – and birds in the world.

          Since 1970 there has been a decrease of 4% every year adducing human causes as the chief reason for the fall observed. About 75% of the habitable areas have been changed in one way or another by human actions.

          Conversion of forest areas into living areas for human habitation spread fast. Result : the destruction of wildlife habitat and their lives. Even the seas are not spared. Fishing industry is an extremely profitable business. Coastal, freshwater, and deep sea fishing pose dangers to the lives of marine species.

          The brief description above is enough to view the COVID-19 and Wildfires in the West (U.S.A.) as merely the symptoms, warnings, and a portentous sign to major catastrophes in the future. 

           With the Presidential election slated for November 3,  with mail-in ballots already in process, the two challenges above hold the potential to be transformed into political vulnerabilities.

          American citizens will be eagerly watching the Leadership moves and strategies of control by the major candidates with keen interest.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Saturday, September 12, 2020 –  11.59 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ”  It is known wildfires behave unpredictably – this is fundamental – but it is the experience that humans in the presence of wildfire are also likely to behave in aberrant and unproductive ways ”  – Michael Leunig.

” Remembering the US 9/11 Tragedy ” – September 11, 2020.

          Today,  September 11, 2020,  marks the 19th  Anniversary of the  US  9/11  Tragedy.

          If there has been a single event with its impact and restoration that bears testimony to USA living true to an example of the World’s Super Power, it was the 9/11 Tragedy.

          Officially known as the  “Patriot Day”,  it is a day to remember, respect, and rehabilitate the heroes loved and lost in that tragedy with full strength and spirit of the citizenry.

          It is worth remembering what Rudy Giuliani, the then Mayor of New York City said :  ” The attacks of September 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead we have emerged stronger and more united. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic, and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom “.

          President, Donald Trump, will visit the Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania, today. Joe Biden, former VP and presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, will also visit the Memorial today.

          About 9/11 in brief :

          A series of 4 coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, against the US on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The twin towers of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and  Somerset, Pennsylvania were the targets.

          American Airlines Boeing 767 loaded with 20000 gallons of jet fuel crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City at 8.45 a.m. It hits between floors 93 and 99.

          United Airlines Flight 175 struck the World Trade Center’s South Tower, causing it to burn at 9.30 a.m.

          United Airlines Flight 93 crashed into an open field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, killing all passengers, crew members, and terrorists on board.

          19 hijackers belonging to the Al-Qaeda group committed the attacks. Deaths included 2606 in the World Trade Centers ;  265 on the four planes (including the terrorists) ;  and 125 at the Pentagon.

          Everyone in the Windows on the World, the greatest restaurant New York City has ever seen, located on the 107th floor of the WTC giving a soaring view of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey –  all died. Clean up took 9 months. 1.8 million tons of wreckage cleared.

          Immediate impact/response :  (a) Greater Focus on home life and time spent with family ;  (b)  Higher Church attendance ;  and  (c)  Increased expressions of Patriotism such as the flying of American flags.  US stock markets fell more than 10% in the days immediately after.

          The ability of the two Towers to withstand aircraft impact without immediate collapse (it later collapsed) was a direct function of their design and construction characteristics.

          Fire in Ground Zero continued for 99 days. Ground Zero was 70 feet deep, in Lower Manhattan. ” Freedom Tower” – ‘One World Trade Center’ –  was built on Ground Zero and opened on  April 27, 2006. It has 94 floors.

President, George W Bush.

          September 11  became the  “Patriot Day”  and a National Day of Service and Remembrance. The USA Patriot Act, an act of the US Congress was signed into law by President, George W Bush. War on Terrorism was announced by the President.

          Threatening terrorism against the US is a Class C felony punishable by 10 year’s imprisonment under 18 U.S.  C.  2332 b (c) (1) (g). 

          Here is citing my A to Z of the qualities of Americans that sustained their superiority and helped tide over the most challenging tragedy in the beginning of the new millennium :

          Avant-gardist nation in general and special terms ;  Brilliant minds ;  Courage and Care of every soul ;  Decisive Plans for growth and welfare ;  Exalted ideals and Patriotism ;  Free Enterprise Legend with Fighting Spirit ;  Great Achievers ;  Henotic union with the divine ;  Innate abilities to learn and practice ;  Jurisprudence system influencer ;  Karmic gains ;  Leadership Excellence at several levels ;  Mythical friendship with India ;  Non-pareil of nations ;  Oomph of scientists and innovators ;  Purposeful and powerful goals ;  Quest for truth and knowledge ;  Real World approaches ;  Spirited Communities ;  Trusted allies ;  Unique nation of ideas, talents, and opportunities ;  Victorious Defense Capabilities ;  Winter Wonderland ;  X Factor giving an unyielding aura ;  Yellow-brick-road to freedom that every individual wants to cherish ;  and  Zealous supporters of work, freedom, and dignity.

          Let your pride flourish strong.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, September 11,  2020 –  6.19 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” America was not built on fear ;  America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand ” –  Harry  S  Truman.


” Have No Fear – ‘ World Suicide Prevention Day ‘ ” – September 10, 2020.

          About 80,000  people commit suicide every year in India. For each suicide approximately 135 people suffer intense grief, or are otherwise affected. There is one death every second, and 20 million suicide attempts in the world. The two States which rank the highest on this in India are Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. They seem to have secured their places for years !  That Tamil Nadu ranks high on the list of “family suicides” is the most unfortunate, unpleasant, and upsetting situation. The only silver lining, if one can take solace, is that it affords an opportunity for medical specialists on mental disorders to use this as the Golden Opportunity for providing Commitment and Action on measures of prevention.

          The chief reasons for most suicides lie in “misunderstanding”  of the situation, circumstances, purposes, comments, instructions, intentions  …  …

          Recently ( February 12, 2020 ) there was news regarding the suicide of a farmer, aged 50 years, from the town of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh. He was suffering from mild urinary tract infection and went to Ruia Hospital, Tirupati, for treatment. The doctor prescribed some medicines and advised him to wear face mask to prevent the cold and fever from spreading while emphasizing the seriousness of contagious diseases in present day environment. His casualness of the gesture was not deliberate, though. But, it only served to confuse the patient further. Upon returning home he chanced upon watching on TV news Information on Coronavirus disease preventive measures of social distancing and wearing of face masks. It frightened him and he immediately started shouting : ” I have COVID-19 ;  don’t come near me “.  When neighbours tried to approach him to calm his nerves, he started pelting stones at them. After sometime he became quiet and relaxed and neighbours returned to their places. During that night itself, however, the farmer committed  ‘suicide’  by hanging himself from a tree on the backyard.

          If the suicide had happened decades or years ago, it would have been dismissed as the result of unawareness or lack of education. Today, it makes one wonder how and why this happens in this age of modern practices.

          When WHO embarked on the program of at least 10% suicide prevention in the light of increasing deaths due to suicide(s), factors covering Stress due to on-line Education ;  exam sensitivities ; and now the Coronavirus have become an integral part of preventive measures.

          ” Suicide to be viewed as a Social Problem and not just a death of an individual ”  requiring a change in approach to the problem in general has become the social imperative of Quality Medical Care now.

          Some guidelines in this respect are already framed :  Affected individuals should be able to speak in a candid and frank manner ;  Counsellors should be able to listen to them with care and intent ;  Information regarding the affected individuals should be sent to nearby hospitals and counsellors in the area ;  Necessary actions to help deal with mental disorders should be made available ;  Follow-up regarding physical and mental health of the affected individuals should be recorded ;  Name, address, and contact relations of the affected individuals should be registered.

          Under the aegis of Chingleput Medical College in Tamil Nadu, a Suicide Prevention Consulting Activity functions 24×7.  Phone 104 can be contacted for information and preliminary consultations in brief. For consultations at length, private Counseling Centres are informed. This is not a matter of cure in a day or two. But their activities have a key functional role in Suicide Prevention.

          Business losses ;  Failure of farming industry due to calamities, natural or otherwise ;  Chronic ailments without cure ;  Alcoholism and other illnesses of Drug Addiction have been the causative factors for guidance among individuals between 18 and 30 years of age. Added to this is the failure in examinations, specially, in the last two decades or so.

          According to a report from a private Service Organisation, the following are evident :  About 25% of students in the age group 14 to 18 are unable to read even a full sentence in English ;  17% out of these cannot read a complete sentence without mistake(s) in their own vernacular language ;  75%  cannot do a subtraction (-) ;  53%  cannot do a division (÷).  It was however not surprising that they all did well in mobile use conversations and computer usage. A good number of suicides include these groups of individuals due to problems in their growing years.

          That a significant % of suicide deaths come from South India is a sad commentary in itself. In terms of general education this region has its fair share of success in many fields/sectors. This region is also not susceptible to natural disasters,  calamities, adverse environmental conditions,  riots and other disturbances,  or starvation and deaths. But the fact that suicides are still happening is the most disturbing piece of news.

          We need to come out of the emotional feelings of pressure due to any imaginary absence of well wishers. We should learn the secrets of life and its success. Without being obstinate be ready to be flexible like the  ‘Naanal plant’ (ready to bend against the gust of wind).

          ” Those who win never quit ; those who quit, never win “.

          We read reports of mine workers being rescued several days after the disaster. We hear the same about those caught in landslides too. That they survive without air, light, or food during those days exemplifies their resolve being strengthened amid life threatening difficulties. Faith and belief succeeded in the end.

          Let us also live in faith, belief, and endurance.

          ” LIFE  IS  TO  LIVE ;  NOT  TO  COMMIT  SUICIDE “


   “Dieu avec nous “

   Thursday, September 10, 2020 –  11.59 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ” Never, never, never give up ” – Winston Churchill.



” Republican National Convention , Day 4 – ‘ Land of Greatness ‘ ” – August 27, 2020.

          No masks almost and sitting close to each other as in normal circumstances, a gathering of 2000+  in the South Lawn of White House, much like a rally usually perceived as unusual in the present circumstances, the use of WH for political purposes – would probably assure President Donald Trump a place in history expecting that people will know their places and while pushing reporting to take place next only to the grand finale to the Republican National Convention.

A view of the gathering.

          If this serves as a harbinger to the growing trend of declining political ethics or a new fashion likely becoming popular in future will be worth watching. President Donald Trump has, nevertheless, become a  ‘trend setter’  without a doubt.

Donald Trump

          President Donald Trump delivered a powerful acceptance speech exhorting his party men through the recorded accomplishments of his four years while downplaying in critical terms the arguments advanced by the Democrats, and Joe Biden in particular.

          Growing economy, increasing job opportunities, wage increases, tax cuts putting more money in people’s pockets, benefiting investments, refusing to back down against criticisms and making borders secure (300 miles of border wall already completed with 10 miles each week underway ), 300 federal judges plus 2 new Supreme Court justices, prosperity to inner cities, prison reforms, funding for black colleges and universities, rebuilding military from the badly depleted state, modernising the defense sector, modernising the economy, strengthening the federal government, reversing the damages done in the last four to five decades, making new deals benefiting America, brokering the landmark peace deal between Israel and UAE recently, shifting the embassy to Jerusalem in Israel, bringing troops back from war torn areas, standing up to China and Russia, severe sanctions on North Korea causing them to stop nuclear testing any further, strengthening relationships with like-minded nations, destroying ISIS and eliminating Al Baghdadi, eliminating Iran’s Suleiman – are all highlighted during his speech on occasions and some repeatedly in emphasis.

          “Power behind the powerless, and voice behind the voiceless” has been the chief message effectively conveyed.

          His speech also had resemblances to that of Abe Lincoln in some moments : 1. His aim of abolishing religious differences can be compared to Abe Lincoln’s resolve to abolish slavery ;  2.  His aim of delivering on promises with no compromise whatsoever to Abe Lincoln’s  promise  of  ‘no compromise on slavery’ ;  and  3.  He will, if elected, will do what he can and what he feels as good for the people, compares well to Abe Lincoln’s : ” I desire to conduct the affairs of the administration that if in the end I have no friends, I will still have one deep inside me, in my own voice”.

          That President Donald Trump could keep his promises delivered might be the greatest comforting factor at this juncture.

          In a scathing attack on Biden-Bernie manifesto, he completely dismissed their claims of creating a better future for Americans. “If Biden is elected, no American will be saved” – averred Donald Trump forcefully. Distinguishing between himself and Biden deeply, Donald Trump had this to say firmly :  ” Biden for Made in China ;  and Trump for Made in America”.

          Figure below represents his predicament before promise succinctly :

          He is faced with the triple challenges of  COVID pandemic,  Hurricane Laura destruction,  and Kenosha violence. He finds himself in the most awkward predicament with the plight of the people requiring to be cared for more than ever before. This is the time that requires strong faith in Leadership that will put the “public first”  and ensure that government officials do their best morally, ethically, and socially. A time requiring Unity, and a time testing the efficiency and effectiveness of actions taken. ‘Proof of the pudding is in the eating’  and who will steal the show in terms of  ‘healing’  will be watched. This is also the time when ordinary citizens can prove their extraordinary possibilities to the leaders – of both parties. Which party scores in this test needs to be seen.

A view of the gathering.

          President Donald Trump called for people to choose between “American Dream”  and a “Socialist Agenda” ;  between the ” Torch that lights the world ”  and  ”  the one cloaked in darkness ” ;  between  ” bold vision and bright future ”  and  ” destruction, dismantling, and disappointment “.

           President Donald Trump seems to know the priorities of people  clearly is evidenced by his speech tonight.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday,  August 27, 2020 –  10.19 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Washington, DC  has not changed Donald Trump ;  Donald Trump has changed Washington DC ” –  Ivanka Trump.




” Republican National Convention , Day 3 – ‘Land of Heroes’ ” – August 26, 2020.

          Day 3 of the Republican National Convention opened with a prayer for protection of the lives of Citizens by Rabbi Shubert Spero.

          Hurricane Laura, and Kenosha violence strike at our hearts.

          VP,  Mike Pence,  accepting his renomination to the post of Vice President and his Speech was the main piece of event tonight.

Mike Pence

          1. Mike Pence :

          Two factors strengthened his appeal to the sense of freedom, liberty, and justice  combining the importance of the incidents of Hurricane Laura and Kenosha violence. First,  Mike Pence’s speech from Baltimore, Fort McHenry, which holds the pride of defending the place from the British in the War of 1812 marking the birth of the Star Spangled banner assuming special strength in terms of American strength and values ;  and  Second,  Mike Pence’s role in Coronavirus pandemic control measuring upto expectations and what more precautionary and preventive measures to combat the spread now.

          Two factors in the background that made his appeal tricky were the Hurricane Laura threat and the Wisconsin, Kenosha, violence.

          Mike Pence’s Speech was full of highlights and substance to draw the attention of the people.

           It was full of matters of substance and relevance ;  it was full of the sense of achievement of the last four years ;  it was full of how President Donald Trump delivered on his promises ;  it was full of potentials that hold for more in future ;  and it was full of reassurances to those suffering and the needy.

          Mike Pence also spent time attacking the actions of Joe Biden while recording every achievement of Donald Trump.  ” While Joe Biden sees darkness, we see American Greatness ” , he said to the cheering audience and viewers. There were 130 people sitting before him and listening intently . Life, liberty, freedom, and flag are our ideals that remain true, he affirmed.

          Support, rescue, response, and recovery to the families affected in Hurricane Laura will be swift is the assurance that would have comforted people now.  “This is what Americans do, and we are with you”, – words of the moment from VP.

          Sharply criticizing Joe Biden for not citing a single word on violence in his speech last week, Mike Pence said : ” Violence must stop ;  Whether in Minnesota or Wisconsin ;  Law and Order on the streets of America ensured for Americans of every creed and colour “.

          He accepted his nomination with the grace of God thanking President Donald Trump for the gratitude and confidence reposed in him.

          Hailing the American army as the ‘ Heroes of the Nation’ ,  he made strong references to President Donald Trump’s contribution in terms of rebuilding the military with funds and resources,  making Veteran’s Service available for every veteran in America , and initiating the United States Space Force, the first creation by any President in history.

          Israel, UAE peace accord ;  moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem in Israel ( a great recognition of Israel in 26 years ) ; unleashing American Energy ;  posting 250 judges to federal courts ;  creation of 500000 manufacturing jobs ; and  lowest unemployment rate for women in 65 years on this 100th year of celebrations of Women’s right to vote – are the accomplishments recorded.

           Conducting 800000  COVID tests per day ; getting 100000  ventilators ready in 100 days ;  developing therapeutics and convalescent plasma for COVID-19 treatment ; and the World’s first strong and safe Vaccine finding its use by the end of this year – are also cited.

          The sense of achievement was flowing from his words – when even a small success can give and make anyone proud.

          ” He pitched for re-election with strong words to the effect : ” Choice is whether America remains America.”

          It was a speech of  “Mission Accomplished” citing a host of accomplishments marking the nearly 4 year period of the President.

          2.  “President Donald Trump is keen on solving the problems with the help of reason and concern as importantly as one holds religious beliefs” – was clearly brought about by Karen Pence,  Kellyanne Conway,  and Kayleigh McEnany while describing their experiences in life. Stressing Donald Trump’s interests to ‘humanize’  the system in every sector for the benefit of people united by a sense of common humanity, they hailed him as the  “Champion”  of humanism.

          3.  Lou Holtz, Michael McHale (National Association of Police Organisations);  Madison Cawthorne, NC Congressional candidate who is partially paralyzed ( if elected he will become the youngest Congressional representative in history at 25 years );  Jack Brewer ;  Sam Vigil ; and Clarence Henderson are the others who spoke of President Donald Trump’s Leadership as needed now. Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s senior adviser ;  and  Rep Elise Stefanik (R) NY; made a strong case for Donald Trump’s re-election in November.

          Conclusion :  1. The convention was full of testimonials from speakers on behalf of the President’s Qualities of  Care, Compassion, and Humanitarianism to Women and African Citizens. 2. History chooses its heroes according to the circumstances and requirements. Will Donald Trump be the leader that Americans likely choose now ?  3.  While he had his role clear to steer the Coronavirus pandemic control Actions, it remains to be seen if he can steer the public conversation and perception away from doubts and force some steer on this till the Election day. 4. Francis Scott Key was inspired to write the US  National Anthem in Fort McHenry ;  Will the Citizens be inspired by the speech of Mike Pence from the Fort McHenry while voting ?


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Thursday, August 27, 2020 – 10.29 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  “. We will make America Great Again ” –  Mike Pence.


” Republican National Convention , Day 2 – ‘Land of Opportunity’ ” – August 25, 2020.

          A period that opens new vistas and new windows of Opportunities ;  An opportunity to choose new options knowing well that you lose some benefits of other options ;  Taking the offerings made and to be made at the most opportune moment ( at a time of strikes by the opportunistic infection, COVID-19 ) in the life of Citizens ;  Taking the offerings as a unique opportunity for citizens to listen to a host of people in several sectors of economy ;  and  taking the advantage of an opportunity from a Convention organised in a planned manner – sums up the second day’s proceedings.

          Key takeaways :

          1.  Agriculture, dairy farms, and fishing activities stole the opening statements and progress tonight. Jason Joyce, a Lobster fisherman from Maine ;  Cris Peterson, a Dairy farmer from Wisconsin ;  described how the economic boom helped farmers and agriculturists during the last 4 years. Equating agriculture to the military they recognised the actions of the government from over regulation to deregulation and fair trade as having contributed immensely to this sector.

Larry Kudlow

          2.  Larry Ludlow, White House Chief Economic Adviser, briefly invoked the strides made in manufacturing, technology, and agriculture during the period expressing confidence in a  ‘V’ shaped recovery soon. He painted a glowing picture of the advancements in the last 3 years.

          3.  John Peterson, Wisconsin business owner, praised the smart, fast, and dependable leader that the country has now in Donald Trump ;  Cissie Graham Lynch, cited freedom and exercise of it as the virtue of the nation.

          4.  Pam Pondi, (R) former Florida Attorney General, charged Joe Biden’s ” deliberate pattern of conduct” in promoting his family members through benefits from countries like China and Russia as inappropriate. Instead, Donald Trump will make this the Land of Opportunity for everyone.

          5.  Tiffany Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, blaming division and controversy breeding profit as the chief curse now, lamented the growing threats to the  ‘freedom’  of people of this country. America is the only country where ‘dream’ is attached, she said. Fighting for Citizens, fighting for changes, and uncompromising actions are the qualities that need support at this critical period – and Donald Trump needs to be voted in favour to sustain those qualities.

          6.  Governor Kim Reynolds, (R) Iowa, placed farming  as the strength of the nation praising the government as one of actions and outcome called America as a Land of milk and honey for anyone prepared to work hard with Honesty, Integrity, and Sincerity.

Mike Pence

          7. RNC video with VP, Mike Pence, tracing the vision of Freedom as enunciated by Abe Lincoln added that Donald Trump is the President who is striving hard to sustain it in these difficult times. He also showered accolades on him for illuminating every town, locality, and city with opportunities. Well taken, well scripted, well illustrated, it will be received well by citizens.

          8.  Lt Gov Jeanette Nunez, (R) Florida, traced Socialism as the cause for destruction of equality, freedom, and innovation. Socialism is not for opportunity and America will never be a Socialist country – she emphasized.

Naturalisation ceremony

          9.  President Donald Trump presided over a “naturalisation ceremony” for five nationalities including Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan, and Ghana.

Eric Trump

          10.  Eric Trump, Executive VP of Trump Organisation, :  His talk was a mix of Donald Trump’s accomplishments ;  Joe Biden’s failures ;  and his father’s (Donald Trump’s) love and respect for all his family members. His father will always fight for what is right and he will fight for all citizens was how he sought to persuade the voters. His talk will be remembered for : (a) being the best from Trump family members ;  and  (b) for stating what none has stated uptil now – ” Donald Trump will send Americans to Mars “.

          11.  Daniel Cameron (R) Kentucky Attorney General :  Carrying the mantle of Eisenhower and Reagan is important for him and to the Party of Lincoln. His mother’s words, “we share our burdens and celebrate our successes” will always be ringing in his ears.

Mike Pompeo

          12.  Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, averred that Securing Peace is the fundamental requirement for Freedom to live, work, and leisure. He cited the Peace Deal between Israel and UAE ; ISIS being wiped out ; NATO getting stronger ;  Ukraine having developed weapons systems ; Tough stand on China and North Korea ;  Embassy in Jerusalem ; as examples of Donald Trump’s accomplishments.

Melania Trump

          13. Melania Trump, First Lady : This was a speech that needs to be commended for all what anyone will look for in a speech on this occasion. She had the full measure of what the people wanted and delivered them in the most appropriate manner. She also made up for whatever she failed to do earlier, four years ago.

          She was confident that Donald Trump will not do anything until he has everything clear before putting it to practice.  Her topics covered : COVID-19 pandemic cure ;  First responders and doctors/associates in intervention actions ;  Natural disasters and Control ;  Students and Children education ;  Opioid and drug addiction ;  Racial history – were all relevant to the settings in our times now, and her words that she was deeply moved by the strength of the people and work in tackling issues must have resonated well with the viewers.

          Her 25 minute performance was perfection without any onslaught of abuse(s) against any individual or party.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Wednesday, August 26, 2020 –  10.39 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Create jobs, create opportunities,  expand work,  promote innovation – are the keys to national growth “.


” Republican National Convention, Day 1 – ‘ Way to go ! High Five !’ ” – August 24, 2020.

          Amidst the general sense of great curiosity and the thick air of expectations, both within the party and its base, the Republican National Convention kicked off tonight in great style.

          That the First Day tried to strike a right balance between proving inclusivity to spreading the message of American values and beliefs was clear.

           That  President Donald Trump, has so far, managed to outmanoevre and outsmart his rivals and critics was also clear. As impressive as it can be at this moment  ,  final  judgement  can, however,  be drawn  only  at the end of the 4th Day and chiefly by the American citizens.

          There were coups de maitre full of the session tonight. I pick the following as significant delivering good news with clear messages of the nation’s importance :

          1.  To open the Convention night with a video full of American Promise, and Heroes plus speeches by three sets of individuals – (Charlie Kirk, Founder, Turning  Point, America and 26 year old Student Leader;  Rebecca Friedrichs, a School Choice Advocate, a school teacher for 28 years in CA ;  and  Tanya Weinreis, a Small Business Owner benefited from PPP loan ) was nothing a short of a dream act. Implying in that opening also hidden, probably, is the  “Mission”  of the  Republican Party in terms of  “Education, Schools, and Small Businesses “. Truly a great beginning.

          2.  Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman, Republican National Committee, niece of Mitt Romney, talked about what is  ‘not nice’  with Joe Biden – referring to the likely tax increases if elected ;  jobs (oil and gas) out of industry ;  being soft on China ..  which are all counterproductive. Re-election of Donald Trump will mark the new Chapter in American History is her message.

          3.  A video highlighting the Promises Kept and Delivered was a fine creation emphasizing the Land of Promise that America stands for and was thoughtful to elevate the mood of viewers.

          4.  Speech by Amy Ford, a registered nurse;  a Video on Coronavirus actions ( with the key message of Safe, Stronger, and Greater than ever);  and a Speech from Dr GE Ghali, Louisiana surgeon, glowingly propagating that “regulatory responses”  are more important ;  testing, diagnosis, and vaccines going beyond some regulatory barriers ;  expanded access to convalescent plasma ;  Remdesivir authorisation –  constituted the swift choices by this Administration. The video portrayed in an excellent manner the sequence of events of the China Virus ;  travel bans imposed immediately; and the drugs and vaccines as measures of control ;  use of face masks and social distancing ;  lockdown  and other  actions. A telling Observation(s) and Argument(s) on the state of the Coronavirus pandemic and control by this Administration.

          5. President Donald Trump’s speech with frontline workers helped reinforce the actions, spontaneous and gradual, taken after the COVID-19 outbreak, valued and substantiated by the frontline workers. Aim here is to boost the confidence of the Citizens and to get the fear out of their minds.

          6.  Herschel Walker, former NFL player, speaking against national anthem protests by athletes and players ;  Vernon Jones, (D) Georgia State House Rep, the democrat supporting Donald Trump, in the strong belief that he supports free people with free minds ;  Andrew Pollack, (his daughter died in the Parkland shooting ) advocating strong school safety measures as Donald Trump envisages ;  Mark and Patricia McCloskey, St Louis, the homeowner who waved guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in front of their home, calling for strong home safety measures –  all make good cases for important plans and programs for the Party.

          7.  President Donald Trump’s second appearance tonight in the Diplomatic Room, White House, with people freed from various countries stressing his  ‘Concern’  for people must have made a big impact on the viewers.

Kimberley Guilfoyle, National Chairman, Trump Victory Finance Committee

          8.  Kimberly Guilfoyle, National Chair, Trump Victory Finance Committee, gave a forceful speech dwelling on the Inadequacies of Joe Biden visa vis the Strengths of Donald Trump in a manner that will be remembered for long.

Nikki Haley

          9.  Nikki Haley, former US ambassador to the UN, former South Carolina Governor ;  and  Donald Trump Jr., Executive Vice-president of Trump Organisation :  While both succeeded in painting with a broad brush the works of Democrats, they failed in taking the excellent opportunity  – to speak of the empathetic relationship with family in Donald Trump Jr.’s  case;  and  the sensitive and understanding picture of relationship with President Donald Trump in the case of Nikki Haley. They frittered away the precious time offered even while speaking authoritatively.

Senator Tim Scott

          10.  Senator Tim Scott, (R) South Carolina, proved a stark contrast with the right points hammered in a measured way. ” Shoot for the moon, even if you are to miss ;  you will be with the stars “, probably quoting his mother and  stealing the limelight.

          Conclusion :  1. It was a show of force and strength. It was showmanship at its best .  It was Time Management at its precision. It certainly would have captured the attention of citizens and entertained them too.  2.  The aim to create a fresh public image closer to the real person that he is (President Donald Trump), perceived strongly by his base may have been accomplished to some degree tonight.  3. That America under Republicans will hold great appeal to citizens – from the proceedings of this event tonight may be 50/50. While there are some sprinklings of policy and programs, not explicitly though, there may be answers to all these in the coming three days.

Donald Trump Jr.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, August 25, 2020 –  10.19 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” This administration achieved ‘rocket speed economic growth’ before the Coronavirus outbreak ” –  Donald Trump Jr.

” Republican Party Needs to Start from the Zero Line for Success ” – August 23, 2020.

President, Donald Trump.

          American Presidential Election 2020 is the most critical election in its modern history, not just for the nation (America) but also to the world because of its potential to play a critical role in the overall health of the economy ;  technology ;  and military. American Citizens will be making their once-in-a-lifetime decision in this election that will shape the future of the world.

          The two major parties, Republican and Democratic, have reached their potential crossroads placing them in a quandary to choose their policy options clearly. The parties have little time to do the analysis needed to come out with a clear Strategy – Democratic National Convention is already over without spelling out a clear single point vision for its direction, and the Republican National Convention in the coming week also lacking the time needed.

Joe Biden.

          The Programs and Plans that they have so far presented to the analysts, media, and people are all  “reactive” (which rests on adapting to change) and not  “proactive”  (which rests on initiating the change).

          There are three main points that need consideration in this respect as given in the figure below :

          (a)  Expect the Unexpected :  Economy (including jobs, growth, and welfare) and COVID-19 pandemic control are the two major factors expected to play a role in terms of the general perception of people in this election. With the COVID-19 outbreak, itself marked as an unexpected event, its control remains a perplexing problem. It raises the confusion and worries more than submerging them. Mandating facemask wearing, and a Complete shutdown proposed by the Democratic Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden, is not just ambitious but backbreaking and bothersome. It will be the most arduous journey in the imementation process for any individual. There are some reports that a Super Vaccine will be ready by November 3, 2020, with FDA fast-tracking the process of trials of validity and efficacy, about which President Donald Trump is optimistic is a hopeful sign, until it makes its way in the open. This is the  “Unexpected”  that both parties are struggling with.

          (2)  Anticipate Uncertainty :  Uncertainty lingers large in respect of the process of voting being foolproof ;  uncertainty lingers about the future of the life and livelihood of the Citizens ;  uncertainty lingers about the clear course of direction that either leader (Donald Trump and Joe Biden) will take in their own minds ;  uncertainty lingers about the magnitude of tempers that have already began to fray among candidates/aides of either parties ;  uncertainty lingers about the feelings and safety of people during voting ;  and to cap it all, uncertainty lingers about the declaration of the winner within days of voting coming to a close. The situation is unprecedented in the nation’s modern history. Who will take control ;  who will gain control ;  who will lose control ;  and  who will maintain control of the situation in case a potential emergency develops requiring urgent action to make it less severe and mild is still a doubt in the minds of Citizens. President Donald Trump’s announcement to involve law enforcement personnel, police, attorneys, and even attorney generals before, during, and after election day appears comforting without raising the comfort level of Citizens significantly. It requires high standards of discipline from the parties,and the public in a disciplined effort from the Election Managers/Administrators. Both the parties have a major role to play in this.

          (3)  Align with changing conditions :  In parallel with the changing conditions of this election (mail-in voting) the attitudes of people towards the election itself should witness a dramatic change this time to make it a success. First, the actions of Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees of both parties from now on should inspire and raise public confidence. They should be the torchbearers for  “Clean Election”  with mutually agreed plans ;  clarifying any doubt raised by the Citizens by themselves or through media, analysts ;  and making people confident in the ability of  Election Managers/Administrators to handle anything thrown at them. Both the contesting leaders should prepare and organise Programs (even unconventional/virtual) to increase the trust, belief, and faith in them even while persuading with inducements to vote without fail in the election. Nobody should fear for safety or his/her life in voting. Like the management and employees coming to an agreement while resolving a problem, the two major parties should come to some agreement on this.  “How”  is the main task to be evolved. Donald Trump being an astute businessman and politician can get an advantage in this respect.

          It will also be interesting to observe the proceedings of the Republican National Convention for the following 7 factors :

          (a)  Vision and Mission relevant to the situation of the day ; (b)  Plans and Programs with proactive identification of opportunities as perceived by the speakers ;  (c)  Efforts to empower employees in general ;  (d)  Empathy and Concern displayed by the Presidential and vice-presidential  nominees ;  (e)  Ability to influence Organisations and Perceptions of Citizens ;  (f)  Donald Trump differentiating himself from Joe Biden ;  and (g)  Growth and Recognition of the Party.

          Success mantra lies in  ” leading from zero”  which effectively means that the party will put aside all the thread and thrum, and start from a fresh baseline – from zero upwards. “Let go of the past ;  free yourself from failures and disappointments ;  and start embracing new perspectives – just like one does on a New Year day” – failure is not falling down, but staying down.

          Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end – will this come true for Donald Trump or Joe Biden ?


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Sunday, August 23, 2020 –  6.29 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Can this be a new beginning for a clean sweep?”