“Computers and Human beings” What Albert Einstein will say today ?

     Albert Einstein’s famous Quote:  “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid.  Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.”

     Einstein could not have been more accurate, absolute and actual in his assessment of the relationship between computers and human beings.  Let’s try to advance this prediction in today’s context.  I humbly submit this.  Will the  ‘varying velocities’  of the massive impetus that Tech advances help forge the way we live,  work,  and relax  since his departure from this world make him change his assessment of the relationship today ?   YES.  If Einstein were to be alive today he will go a step further and add that  “COMPUTERS and HUMAN BEINGS will BLEND  TOGETHER.”  Here’s why it could be so:

     Tech advances in terms of 3D Printing (including tissues);  Synthetic Proteins crossing the Blood Brain Barrier to stimulate thought, innovation, and memory;  Computer chips implanted in brain and body to elevate Physiological functions;  Agile robots with tissues and synthetic chips interacting on an even keel with human beings;  –  all these will make the  FUSION of COMPUTERS and HUMAN BEINGS not just POWERFUL but take away all the  COMMAND,  AUTHORITY,  and  RULE  enshrined in the Universe.

     Can I say more ?



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