Vision 2040 and Ultimate (litmus) Test !!! – October 3, 2013.

India is set to elect its next leader about eight months from now.  Aspirations and expectations of the people are mounting.  Their hearts and minds are filled with new Hopes and Dreams.  Consistent with the newfangled enthusiasm and loads of information, quite unlike on many earlier occasions, Indian citizenry looks for a Leader with an innovative streak and a strong ‘work ethic’ this time.  They also want in him/her lots of energy even if he/she lacks the natural authority.  The playing field on the ground, however, presents clearly the following three characteristics : (a)  Good leaders are becoming harder to find;  (b)  Engaging the diversity of people is becoming more challenging, testing one’s power and capabilities to the full;  (c)  Leading Change and Uncertainty in the present environment is getting intricate and confused.

Aspirants (candidates),  though,  are growing in numbers by the day.  In this scenario,  how an aspirant differentiates himself/herself from others will only make him/her stand apart to reach the winning post.  What ‘yardstick’  citizen(s)  should hold for the aspirants should also be clear to all.  Here’s  may take,  just a skeletal framework without details :

Every leading aspirant to the Supreme Leadership Position of this Greatest of all Nations,  INDIA,  should pronounce a  “Single Transformational Change that his/her team will set and achieve to position India Globally as the Leader in any specific sector,  say,  Technology & Innovation;  Health Care;  Education;  Energy;  or  Defense  with a clear road map of  Vision,  Goal,  Objectives,  Policies & Procedures,  and  Action Plans ”  and lay it before the people.  This will be the manifesto.

Should the elected leader fail  ( for whatever reason)  at the end of his/her term in fulfilling the promised Vision,  he/she should be prepared to quit Politics,  and lead   his/her life as an Ordinary Citizen in a village inhabited by less than 2000 individuals for the next Five Years  (as will be decided by the electorate/citizens of India)  subjecting himself/herself to abide by the very laws the concerned party had enforced on the people during the term.  This condition will be part of the oath he/she takes during his/her inaugural.

Every Indian Citizen should make this the “yardstick” for voting in favor or otherwise of the candidates in the Election process.  This measure of capabilities shall remain  sacrosanct.  Let this not be dismissed as impossible.  Remember,  “Nothing is impossible for a willing mind;  though a lot can be difficult.”

In about 25 years India will become a Real Superpower;  and this constitutes  our  VISION  2040.

” Dieu avec nous “

October  3,  2013  –   12.15 p.m.  (IST)

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