Changing tenets of the earlier decades; We are in e-World now !!!

Bon – ami !!

If the words of Churchill – “Blood, Tears, Toil, & Sweat” – stirred the blood of the Allies to face the enemies physically in the thirties,  it is the Electronic Marvel (Internet of everything) that drives every knowledgeable man today to face the Zettabyte centric information explosion. Even while transforming our capabilities (the way we work, live, play, pray,buy, sell, till, plough etc.) it makes a Bigger impact in changing all the decades old TENETS & PRACTICES we held so far with such ease as never dreamt  before. I remember my days in college when the word “e” used to be associated with Economy, Energy or Environment.  Today it is all pervasive and is the most favored, most used, and most liked letter of ‘prefix’ for any activity. Everything is “e” now;  ‘e-Commerce, e-Payments, e-Filing, e-ticketing, e-Governance, e-tailing (Retail)  and the like.

I stated that this Electronic Marvel changes the tenets we have been holding for eons.  Let me cite just three cases here to substantiate what I said :

1.   During my primary school days whenever I am caught (by my parents) doing petty misdeeds or pestering playfulness causing annoyance the standard and familiar ‘toco’ used to be to get locked up in a room  for a few hours with no lights; no water; no bed; no chair or table; no fan or any source of comfort. A real punishment in those days. But, if any family head wants to lock up his/her child  for a similar misdeed today, the child will only be too eager to get into the room on his/her own. The child sure is aware that every room in the house has a nice bed; chair/table; Fan/AC cooled;  computer/laptop; smartphone with Wi-Fi connection; and even a small fridge with enough edible food.  Forget the aversion and unwillingness of today’s parents to even think of punishing the children they hold as their asthore(s).

It was, “Children,  Obey your parents”  then;  and it is, “Parents,  Obey your Children” now.  Hail Technology and its way of changing the tenet.

2.   “It is easier said THAN done” used to be the oft-quoted pithy maxim when any process of implementation seemed impossible.  With today’s Marvel in our use it can easily be substituted by, “It is easier said AND done.”  All one needs to do is to assemble a small cabalistic caboodle and give them the  e-Tools of Benevolence OR Chicanery (as the case be), ask them to focus on the task;  and ‘YES’, you (we) have changed the TENET before anyone can say Jack Robinson.  Marvellous; Incredible; Amazing – One has only to look for FB monopoly of single words to describe the change ! (Benevolent High Net Worth transactions; Faster Communication; Building machine parts; ..   OR  .. Hacking; Other Cyber crime; Surveillance; glitches causing financial or even social turmoil and the like.)

3.   It used to be “An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor away!”.  It then became, “An Onion a Day keeps the Doctor away!”  and  now;  Believe me! Our technological Marvel is trying to further modify it to, “A bit of Scorpion Venom a Day keeps the Doctor away!”  You don’t have to pinch or flinch;  “YES”;  You read it Right; It is “VENOM from the STING of SCORPION”.  A  Seattle based BioTech  firm is in the final stages of creating this.  Initially it is expected to deliver LIGHT to some CANCER patients. It is only time before this tenet undergoes change.  What change this will be !!

Let me conclude saying that these are not exhaustive but just some examples of how our ‘Tech Marvel’ breaks the mold and changes the long-held beliefs instantly.  We are in a e-World now.  Everything will  ‘e-Ventually’  be  ‘e-Vailable.”  Huh.

Dieu avev nous !!!

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