“Computer Specialists – ‘alla vostra salute’ !

     ” bon  ami “

     I  am  a novice in the subject of Computer Science ( or  by any name you may call this game changing discipline) ,  but that doesn’t stop me from adducing as proof the following -three- problems for the well initiated to ponder/solve.  I place this here from the little nous I developed in this area during my research analysis years ago.  But these are today’s problems and real.

     1.   Fact :  You may all know that ALMOST  50%  of all the Equipments that Companies in MATURE ECONOMIES purchase are “COMPUTER  EQUIPMENT(S).”

     Inference :  So it is logical to conclude that it will increase the scale of IT Financial Expenditure. Again it is logical to infer that this will IMPACT the FINANCIAL PROFILE of the Companies.

     Objective :   How the  Companies/organizations  can  combat this increase in expenditure even while sustaining or increasing their effectiveness and profits ?

     Ideation :  What will be the ‘mindset’ of the companies with “Big Analytics” as a key parameter ?

     2.   IT  Process Automation :  A few months ago (this year) I learnt that “ITPA”  and  “BRMS”  are the hot buttons in the field  and  HP’s tactics and best practices for planning, developing and monitoring the ITPA strategy helped reduce costs and complexity. Rave reviews at a time when HP was slipping badly and urgently needed a strong boost (Boost Drink ? pun intended ) to overcome their slippery trajectory.  It did improve since then although it is still to match its earlier highs. Worth making a story of resurrection !

     3.  What solution to this problem ?

     –  I am the CEO of a mid sized business that is close to my server end of life. My servers are almost fully depreciated.

     –  I have 150 end users who use e:mail and shared drives for client business.  Storage of data is important.

     –  Much of my data is confidential. So I am in urgent need of security.

     –  I desperately need reduction in infrastructure expenses.

     –  I also need good performance and reliability.

     What solution (easy though) . Also need evaluation of the pros and cons of the same.


     P.S.  It is a clear ‘ignore’ if not relevant;  and a clear ‘Slainte!’  if beneficial.

                                                  ” a bientot “

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