Galloping Power of Technology in Health Care.

     Speaking of TRANSFORMATIONAL changes evolving from Tech advances in FUTURE has always been a fascinating experience for me. I am a big believer in Technology in every sector of human endeavor. Here I shall touch upon the Central point of Health Care.

     I  am delighted to cite here  Four  major advances in the recent past that will have a major impact on our longevity and improve our overall health outcomes.

     1.  Soon to come with a bang !!  “ELECTRONIC SENSOR EMBEDDED IN A PILL.”  Once it reaches the stomach the sensor draws its power from BODY FLUIDS making it self powered.  No batteries needed.  Uses WIRELESS TECH.  Astounding !  This is not all. The device sends a signal that checks the ID and timing of drugs in the patient’s system.  Can also collect other data such as Heart Rate,  Body Position, and level of activity. Extremely useful for Diabetics. It can send an alert to the Doctor or loved ones (near and dear) as a safeguard for skipping the medicine that keeps them alive.

     Breakthrough Tech performing at Breakneck Speed & Efficiency.

     I am not kidding. “PROTEUS DIGITAL HEALTH Inc”  is the Originator.

     2.  Darwin Evolution through Biochemistry :   Burckhard Seelig, Team Leader of Seelig Lab  Biochemical Research from the University of Minnesota has created a brand NEW ENZYME.

     This is not routine Biochemistry – Observers opine and rave.

     Seelig says that the substance resembles those that would have been on Earth billions of years ago when Earth just began to emerge.

     No computer modeling in this work. Just a big batch of proteins to see how they form the building blocks of life.  He terms the process  “DIRECTED EVOLUTION.”

     Refer  :

     3.  A research team at John Hopkins has for the first time IMPLANTED a device into the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient.  It seems to cause DEEP BRAIN STIMULATION.  It works like the pacemaker used in heart.  In 2013 (before this year end ) about 40 patients will receive this implant under a FEDERALLY  FUNDED trial.  This is a novel, neoteric, & newfangled avenue to ENHANCE the function of the BRAIN MECHANICALLY.

     Many may be aware of similar device(s) to cure Parkinson’s Disease received by over 80,000 patients in the last 15 years in  U.S.A. alone.

     So, this brain implant is a PROMISING and real value NEW TECH !!!

     4.  “A Universal  Flu Vaccine  made from Synthetic DNA.” –  I sound whacky, isn’t it ?  Far from it really !!

     Ask the CEO  of “INOVIO  PHARMACEUTICALS Inc. (NYSE: INO) – Dr Kim – and he’ll give a smirking smile.

     Everyone thinks that vaccines are grown in chicken eggs as in the 1930s.  That is outdated, says Kim. He adds that it is much more safer to develop a new class of vaccines  using ‘Synthetic DNA.’  Better still,  with this one can vaccinate himself/herself against  HIV; Cervical Cancer; Leukemia; & Hepatitis,  soon into the future !!!

     Kim avers,  “Vaccines as a whole throughout our recent history have saved more  lives  than any other human invention.”

     But most of the vaccines our kids take are developed 40, 50, or 60 years ago.  He compares the scenario to watching a black and white TV.  Synthetic DNA is different.  It is pure DNA formulated in water.  No Chemicals;  No Additives;  No Preservatives.  THE DELIVERY MECHANISM IS ALSO unique. He calls it  “ELECTROPORATION.”  Injection coincides with an electric pulse.  Cell membranes open up. Accepts DNA instead of fighting it.  This is the “secret sauce” , he emphasizes.  Trials on 500 people are over.  Success spells/vouches  for safe procedure and technology.  Approval from FDA ?  No one is ready to hazard a guess. May be even far into the future.

     Since last October/November when info spread, his company’s share increased 30%.  Could it go further ? One does not know.

     I raise the questions which I raise often with new arrivals :

     (a)  Is it feasible or scary ?


That is it for now.  And my chase will continue.

Good Luck  and  God  Bless.


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