Apple (A-merica ) OR Samsung (S-outh Korea) !!! You DECIDE !!!

     I am not a tech savvy hipster designing or operating any cutting edge Tech gadget(s) but a ‘simple user’ of the now narcissistic  “smartphone”  that those tech savvy live through usually 24×7 for 365 days each year. It has raised the heat of Competition not just among the users of devices but more so among the ‘makers’ of those devices.  The nearly half decade war between two dominant players in the category – Apple & Samsung – reels off unstoppable lessons in Management, Marketing, Design, Innovation and Retail all the time. I am neither an expert nor an enthusiast of Apple or Samsung but just a kibitzer in the sense of pointing details in an as is where is basis. Below is an abridged account of a diegesis ( for a gathering I presented a year and half ago) I trace here ex animo without taking sides or arguing the toss when that was made at the end.

     1.  Apple only thinks of lucrative new uses for other peoples’ ideas :

          –  Original iPod would not have been possible without TOSHIBA’s innovative 1.8″ hard drive ;

           –  iPod based on MP3 (creative RiO MP3) and not invented by Apple;

           –  Gorilla Glass (2006) – Steve Jobs learned of this and convinced Corning Inc. to revive the largely unused tech, so Apple can put it in iPhone.

           –  Palm, Pocket PC, showed up much before iPhone;

           –  Prada by LG showed up a year before iPhone;

           –  UI is the Nokia UI of 10 years ago – except that images are high resolution and better;

           –  Apple’s  GUI  idea is from PARC, Xerox and delivered a better, usable, efficient option to consumers;

          –  Apple also took the idea of Tablet PC from Microsoft which developed it in 2001 – 2002 but did not succeed in ‘Marketing’  it;  In 2010 Apple came up with iPad from same idea.

          Apple  Family :  iPod; iPad;  iPhone 3G; iPhone 3GS; iPhone 4; iPhone 4S; iPhone 5; iPhone 5S 7 5C.


       Samsung has Great meaning and experience in Electronics : Samsung always thinks what the phones embody.

       Samsung Family :  Galaxy Note; Galaxy Tab; Galaxy Tab 10.1;  Phones :  Galaxy S 4G; Galaxy S3;  S Aviator; S Blaze; S Relay, Captivate; Continuum; Droid Charge; Epic 4G; Exhibit 4G; Fascinate; Galaxy Ace; Galaxy Prevail; GalaxyS9i9000); Gem; Gravity; Indulge; Infuse 4G; Intercept; Mesmerize; Nexus S 4G; Replenish; Transform;  &  Vibrant.

       Samsung also supplies iPad; iPhone  Flash memory; Main memory; & iPhone Application Processor as it has Business Partnership with Apple.


     2.  Steve Jobs’ utterances at different times :  “We have always been shameless about stealing Great ideas.”  (1996);

         “I am going to destroy Android because it is a stolen product.”  (2011).

         “I don’t always steal shit. But when i do, I sue the inventor.”


     3.   In 2001  Apple  was issued  10  design patents;

           In 2001 Samsung was issued  only 8 design patents.

          In 2012  Apple was issued  160  patents;

          In 2012  Samsung was issued  500 patents. (Samsung’s R&D investment is fortified)

         Samsung has more 4G LTE patents than Apple  maintaining a lead on this clearly.


     4.   Software & Hardware Integration Ecosystem of Apple (iPhone) is UNIQUE;

          Software & Hardware Integration of Samsung lags behind Apple;

          Apple’s mix of High Tech and High Touch is again UNIQUE;

          Apple’s  Brand Equity is Strong;

          Apple satisfies the customers’ subconscious need(s) effectively all the time;

          Apple’s credo : “Educate and Entertain – Enriching Lives.”


     5.  Apple’s iPhone can be described by a host of adjectives to make the owner proud : “Magical; Glorious; Beautiful; Heavenly; Revolutionary; Mystical; Gorgeous; Life-changing; Soul purifying; IQ enhancing; and the like.”

        Many others have the following to say in praise of owning an iPhone :

       (a)  I got promotion at work;

       (b)  Neighbors idolize me;

       (c)  Strangers permit me to cut Queues;

       (d)  I get good discount at shops;

       (e)  I get preferred seating at sporting events.

       SAMSUNG :  Samsung’s naming process goes through stringent legal reviews;

                            Cultural and religious meanings of letters/names in other countries/societies evaluated thoroughly. “W” means Wonder; Phone is balanced between style & performance;  “Y” means Young; Phone is chiefly intended to cater to Emerging markets and younger audience.  “M” means Magical; High performance with economic price front. “R” means ROYAL/REFINED; Only Premium category models.

                                 Samsung’s  “S” is a product; Samsung owns the intellectual Rights; It is also a positioning statement in marketing terms; the letter is representative of what Samsung thinks the phone embodies;  “S” is ‘Super Smart’ and is given to flagship devices only;  “S” is also an excellent e.g. of Branding taught in management schools.

                                    Samsung conducts  “Extended Brainstorm and Evaluation process”,
 (5 to 7 weeks) in SIX phases to select a name.

                                    Samsung won “International Design Excellence Award” from Industrial designers’; Society of America in 2012. These constitute  the pride of  Samsung Phone owner.


     In pirlicue, (finally),  this for all :  I have heard many say that the three main tasks that most people want from a phone are (a) to make calls; (b) to receive calls; and (c) to send messages.  They also say that economy is a major point of consideration.  For an equivalent model one has to draw more from the wallet for Apple’s iPhone.

     Will you make your choice now or toss the coin ?  “caveat emptor”

God Bless.

“buon giorno;  buona sera”




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