“Big Data Analytics” – Bangalore – Part 2.

     Resuming  my  interest in  Big Data (how long I’ll sustain is anybody’s guess),   and as a sequel to what I put up regarding the international Conference in Bangalore  (this week) in my previous part,  my search and interaction(s) revealed interesting and valuable knowledge driving the accelerated pace  of growth of Big Data.

     A very significant name that emerged is that of Dr Satwant Kaur who has a remarkable history in  IT.   She is also the author of  INTEL’s   “Transitioning Embedded Systems to Intelligent Environments.”  Her achievements earned her the  nickname  “The First Lady of  Emerging Technologies”  in sportive familiarity as she is known in Silicon Valley.  Dr Kaur has 4 patents  while at “Intel” ,  20 distinguished awards,  over 50 papers and publications and several keynote conference speeches. She is currently the Master Solutions Architect at  HP.  She is in California.

     She cited the following 10 Emerging Technologies as chief drivers of Big Data  :

     1.  Column-oriented databases;  2.  Schema-less databases or NoSQL databases;  3.  MapReduce;  4.  Hadoop;  5.  Hive;  6.  PIG;  7.  WibiData;  8.  PLATFORA;  9.  Storage Technologies;  &  10.  Sky Tree.

    (Refer :  10 Emerging Technologies for Big Data  by  Thoron Rodrigues – Big Data Analytics  Dec 4, 2012 )

     Dr Kaur also put forth the idea of “Smart  Cloud”.  Every Computer scientist/specialist will be aware that Big Data and Cloud Computing go heads and thraws.  Smart Cloud tech is emerging and businesses are beginning to adopt. The model, however, is special.  In the emrging model – “Computers are mobile; Devices are connected; Applications are interactive;  Development is collaborative;  and  Service delivery needs to be IMMEDIATE.”   She emphasizes that, “Cloud computing can enable all the capabilities for Businesses while optimizing costs and resource usage since infrastructure (IaaS);  Platforms (PaaS);  and Software Applications (SaaS)  can be delivered on a Usage-based Service Model.”  Despite the rapid pace of developments there still are some gaps  that need to be filled. The Conference, it is hoped, will throw more light on that too. I also feel that as society gets networked the information and data available to be mined will also increase exponentially raising the challenges further.

     Technological marvels are known to bring with them certain associated evils camouflaged in a benign or baneful way and Big Data is no exception,  despite the benefits outweighing shortcomings by a long head.  Big Data also seems to make our  ‘privacy’  a thing of the past.  ( Not in Surveillance or Snowden mode !  huh! )  Predictive analytics seems to have made it too easy to piece together information about individuals regardless of the law.  With more Tech and Best Practices emerging by each passing day it will not be long before this skepticism is submerged.

     Incidentally,  Microsoft also offers some robust tools to manage and drive the growth of Big Data about which I will deal separately soon.  Stay tuned.

     Good Luck and  God Bless,


October 22,  2013 –  10.30 p.m.  (IST)


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