Hyderabad (India) Beckons ‘Pegasystems’ to ‘CHANGE’ business mantra.

     Data explosion is the order of the day.  Companies are waking up to the reality of more data within and outside them.   Companies  today  are  functioning in a  ‘Web World’  where a single customer complaint is more dangerous to their REPUTATION  than even the best efforts of Marketing or Public relations.  Changing business environment needs changing business strategies.  It is in this context that Pega  Developers’  Conference next week intends to make a difference.

     Hyderabad (India),  the gemmy city and home to many avant-gardiste  IT/ITES  companies  with modern infrastructure/exclusive inhabitation centers is set to host a  key  “CHANGE” centered  Conference – 27 & 28 October 2013 –  focusing on Business Process Management (BPM)  and  Customer relationship Management (CRM) with improvements in  Productivity  and  Customer Loyalty.    Organised by “Pegasystems”,  a renowned software producer in the above areas based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.,  with offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific,  the conference is expected to showcase  “Pega 7”  the latest  ‘Build for Change Platform’ .   About 45 Tech sessions, 1700 delegates, Training on latest versions of the systems,  and a Tech Pavilion with live insights and demonstrations to make everyone  ‘Pega ready’  are the major benefits – says  John Berone,  Vice-President, Strategic Alliances for Pegasystems.   Gartner  provisions  Pega  as a Leader in  2013  for the  CRM  Customer Engagement Center.

     The conference participation and deliberations will be a boon to a wider cross section of companies in various sectors as  “Financial Services;  Insurance;  Health Care;  Communications;  Media;   Life sciences  and  Public sector.” 

     “Customer is the Real King in the Web  World” –  says  CEO  Alan Trefler.  Echoed also by  the  CFO,  Craig  Dynes. Pegasystems is known for doing things in varying ways going through various permutations to bring the ‘best-in-class’  product(s) to the market.  Pega  “Automates work;  Adapts in real Time;  Adds Actionable Insights”.  It eliminates operational  silos to bring new end-to-end process efficiency to every Organization. Pega is simple; delivers ideal customer experience while maximizing  customer relationship.  “Pega software boosts Productivity; Unification is better than Integration;   Improves Productivity and increases Customer Loyalty.” says the CEO.

     Gold dust in store for all participants and delegates.  An opportunity to take back more than what anyone will give.  Knowledge, Application and Profits in ‘one package’ is the rare gift.  A fitting possibility for those wanting to “CHANGE  COMPANIES  BIG.” What more can I say here ? 

     “Be Different;   Do  Different;  and  Make  Different”   –  Your ultimate Gain without any Pain. What more can the Conference offer ?


     “Dieu  avec  nous”


     Wednesday,   October  23,  2013;    6. 10 p.m.  (IST)

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