Big Data – Microsoft’s Field of Sight.

     Just a couple of days ago (on 22nd Oct) in my post on this topic at the end, I promised to sketch a brief outline of Microsoft’s robust tools driving the Big Data forward separately.

     Here it is for you :

     In the present social world we live in now,  things go viral in a hurry and when they do, they need computation that will scale elastically with it.   “Big Data =   fb … +  mobile devices +  Cloud.”   Hence,  the importance and primacy of Big Data today.   A survey showed that  Companies view growing data volumes as an important business asset.  Approximately  62% of respondents currently store at least  100 terabytes of data.  That is really huge – a goldmine –  if collected,  analysed  and  inferred  can be of enormous benefit(s)  to enterprises.

     Not  long ago Big Data has been the asthore of the Technology Reviews and publications. It has now graduated to the hub of Business groups/meets/conferences.  With it, a new vista of opportunity combining research, investigation and application has opened up with enterprises leaping into the band wagon (rightly so)  in an effort to realize its full potential.   MICROSOFT  has been quick to ramp up its strategy to enhance and optimize businesses with New Tools of Big Data Analytics.

     1.  Early in June this year,  Microsoft ( one of the first to dwell deep into this)  proposed  Integrated Solutions addressing the changing operational and business requirements of ,  specially,  the  Oil & Gas Industry.  The scenario was quite opportune.  Surging Oil demand has been accompanied by a shortage of skilled manpower in Exploration and Production.  Microsoft enabled the organizations/enterprises involved to achieve an excellent depth of Decision-Making  by its skillful handling of the humongous data reliably and securely  to provide a sort of an elixir to them.  Better Cost Control,  Faster time to market from exploration & production,  refining,  and  retail,  while establishing an efficient  Product Life cycle Management (PLM)  in a sustainable fashion  are the fruits.

     2.  Microsoft has also made the effective use of  “Visualization  Technologies”  to give Enterprises a better insight into their  manufacturing and marketing operations.  It supports timely and profitable  outcomes.  ( Refer :  for web cast viewing  via  tablets and smartphones )

     This is just the tip of the iceberg for Microsoft’s emerging technologies in this frontier area.  I am no expert to make any observations except admitting my interest and attempt to study profoundly on the topic; Collected information is culled. The singular effort I make is to relate the information to my thoughts. And that in effect is my labor and thought.  “BIG  DATA”  is  the  “BIG  GAME”  being played out in this extremely competitive  world  and the stake for enterprises not just to step ahead but even to stay afloat  is  critical and vital.

     “Dieu avec nous”


October  24,  2013  (Thursday)    3. 35 p.m.  (IST)



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