Evolutionary Infotainment & Connectivity – Volvo’s Model

     Autonomous cars and flying cars are still oneiric with no reality in sight.  But the expectations and aspirations of today’s  connected genre  (fb connections apart)  demand conveniences  that limit the possibilities of imaginations  and increase the challenges of the manufacturers and the app developers manifold.  Yes,  I am referring to the generational growth of  Infotainment and Connected abilities of the CARS that have become an integrated part of our lives, specially in Cities.  A survey shows that about 50% of the world’s population lives in cities and it is set to grow to 75% by 2050.   City  infrastructure   in every country struggles  to keep pace with  Population Growth.   Also,  Car is no longer a  ‘status symbol’  (it used to be in the 50s & 60s here in India) for city dwellers  but a provider of a  ‘timely service’  enabling an individual’s  commuting conditions.  Infotainment  is an  added value.  Cars will get connected too in future  playing a greater role in collecting, processing, and delivering enormous data (say about location just to cite one parameter) to handle the issues.  Computer scientists  of companies – like those in Big Data –  will need to have their sleeves rolled up to bring grist to the mill.  Apps developers can have their fertile imagination  move forwards & backwards;  sidewards;  replicating the possible movement of the present day cars.  Up and down only when flying cars become a reality !

     “Volvo”  has taken the first step Towards the new tech christened    “Sensus Connected Touch”  which turns the 7″ display in the dash in to a state-of -the-art  Infrared,  beam-scanned  touch screen one can use even when wearing gloves –  a World  First in Companies.  It allows drivers to be able to stream music with a 3G/4G dongle or via the driver’s mobile phone connection through their dashboard.  This  NEW  TECH  responds to demand from drivers for consumption of music on road combined with Volvo’s safety Value.  The tech also includes access to  1000s of radio stations from all over the world.  System is based on android tech.  Other apps available via Sensus Connected Touch include  Google maps,  TuneIn,  iGO  navigation,  and an app store for new functions and updates.  Internet data can also be transferred via WiFi between the mobile phone and  Sensus Connected Touch  &  WiFi network can be shared with everyone in the car  when using a dongle.

     This went on sale as recently as May 2013 and can be fitted in all Volvos. ( V40;  V40 Cross Country;  V60;  V70;  XC60;  XC70;  S60 &  S80).  Haken  Hellman,  Product Manager  says :  “The  intuitive user interface,  a very  rapid  browser response,  and the wide choice of around 20 functions and apps are benefits that makes Sensus Connected Touch  outstanding compared with our main competitors.”

     An exciting  EVOLUTION in store  for  Consumers,  Car  Manufacturers  &  Mobile field operators.  Even more exciting will be for the discerning graduates whose thought processes the tech  can accend.

     Tech has always enthralled me and I view tech as not just a means to enhance the quality of life of  the human being;  but to arouse the grey matter  to  explore further.  True merit and value of a brief outline of a new tech like this lies in adding value in terms of substance/impact   OR  possible aspects of future diagnosis/exploration(s).  That is the take-away for the gourmand in terms of intellectual food. I  stick to this rigid rule in all my pieces (either embedded in the text itself for the reader to discern and discept or stated explicitly in the opening or concluding part)  to make it meaningful, relevant  and  useful.   In this context I provide the three following aspects for detailed scrutiny and investigation(s) :

     1.   What  Business Models  will create value in Connectivity  to  Customers ?

     2.   What compelling  Infotainment that the users will be willing to pay for ?

     3.   Can the ‘Cloud’ enable the delivery of in-car-services and if so how ?


     “Dieu avec nous”


     October  26,  2013.  (Saturday)   3.15  p.m.  (IST)


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