Diwali Special – ” Preferred October Tidings, U.S.A.”

     Congressional Celebration of  ‘Diwali’ – Festival of Lights –  the First ever  on  October 29, 2013 signifies a strong cementing force between India and U.S.A.  reinforcing the compassion, endurance and patience of the people of the two great democracies in the world.  I pick the following 5 key October events that will have Global significance in their respective sectors:

     1.   “Business”  :                ‘Twitter sets the price for IPO’

     The acushla of Social Media,  Twitter,  disclosed its plan to sell 70 million shares at  $17 to $20 each.  Expected to raise about $ 1.3 billion. Twitter is expected to be valued at $10 billion excluding options. Include that, and it will be valued at $ 12 billion. This will put  Twitter more than three times as big as one of the first Internet giants  AOL, but only a fraction of  Facebook, the last big Internet  IPO,  which has a market value of  $127 billion.

     (a)  Is pricing it low (though several reasons are adduced) a prudent measure  OR  being too cautious?

     (b)  Will its decline in growth of numbers, specially this year compared to 2011-2012 ,  affect its performance?

     (c)  Will Twitter change the pricing gauging the response to its road shows?  Will Twitter change the pace  of competition and growth strategies of Internet players?


     2.   “Education”  :   ‘Education  &  Career  Prospects in  U.S.A.’

     Global Research Company, Yougov,  has released its latest finding how applicants and their parents choose Colleges. The majority of the Nation (54%) says a College Degree is Beneficial but not Essential to succeeding later in life – while just 12% say a degree is not essential to a successful career.  Only 51% of nation says ‘only certain subjects’  justify the expense of a college education.  Out of these 84% say that Engg & Tech degrees are more valuable.  Art & Design degrees were seen as worth by only  8%. About 38% of college graduates are not in “Bachelor’s degree”  jobs in reality.  Cost trumps education.

     (a)  Will this scenario have a serious impact on Innovation,  Creativity  &  Progress of the Nation known for its path-breaking  innovation  and as a consequence impact the prosperity of the world?

     (b)  Which level of degree be optimal for a decent job and quality of life in future?

     (c)  What will be the changing role of Technology in influencing careers ?


     3.  “General”  :   ‘Happy  Birthday  UN – Ted Turner marks  UN  Day’

     On  United nation’s  Day  (24  Oct 2013),  United Nations Foundation Founder  & Chairman  Ted Turner released a statement to commemorate “United Nations Day”   which marks the 68th Anniversary of when the UN Charter went in to effect. ” The United Nations is the world’s platform for peace & progress.  Today’s  toughest issues know no borders  …  Strong  US engagement at the UN is essential to advancing  America’s ideals & interests  and to promoting Global peace and security. ..”   More than 100 events were hosted in Communities around the country.  

     (a)  Ponder why UN is really Great ?

     (b)  What every citizen can do to support  UN’s  Goals?

     (c)  World remembering Woodrow Wilson’s  World Vision.  Pulitzer Prize writing author  A Scott Berg : new book “Wilson”


     4.   “Central Bank”  :   ‘Janet Yellen to be the next Fed Chairman’

     President Barack Obama will nominate Janet Yellen ( Vice Chairman of the Fed since 2010 ) as Chairman of the Federal reserve which will put the most powerful Central Bank in the hands of  the First female  Leader in its 100 year history.  Yellen, 67, would succeed Ben Bernanke whose term expires on January 31, 2014.

     (a)  Will Janet Yellen taper the QE or make different changes  for better ?

     (b)  Will she say anything different to the people of America about Monetary policy and how that can impact Global economy?

     (c)  Will she take the pride of America to a new level ?


     5.   “Government”  :   ‘Debt  Ceiling  resolved’

     President Barack Obama signed the Bill passed on 16th October ’13  by Congress to end  Government  Shutdown and raise the Debt Limit.  Government employees returned to work on Thursday ( Oct 17,  2013)  morning.  The deal will finance the Government through January 15, 2014,  and raise the debt limit through February 7, 2014.

     (a)  Will there be another deadlock and will the Government be undermined?

     (b)  Has Obama’s  Leadership Skills  prevailed under the circumstances ?

     (c)  What is the fate awaiting the  Affordable  Care  Act   OR   Cuts in spending and how it will impact the citizenry in the next round of budget talks ?


     “Dieu  avec  nous”


     October 28,  2013 –  Monday  –   3.45 p.m.  (IST)




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