Diwali India Special – Motivating Musings !

     This is my Diwali presentative thoughts for you :

     1.   “What to look for in Management Graduates for employment ?”  –  asked a participant in a discussion with me.

      My Answer:  Three key capabilities to look for are – (a)  Look for candidates who can apply  Logic,  Intuition,  &  Commonsense ( I termed it “LIC” for short) to solve problems in a pragmatic manner irrespective of whether they had a MBA degree or not;  (b)  In fact candidates with such aptitude as above complemented with knowledge/interest  in  Science,  Technology,  Engineering, &  Maths ( STEM)  will be the real need  for  Industry, Business, Commerce, Health, Sports and others;  (c)  Education & Training  today needs to focus on developing the holistic & Integrative profile of students  ( remaining Connected is  the mantra ) so as to get themselves fit for a variety of interactive scale of jobs.

     A participating student added a fourth characteristic which I phrase in my words here :  “On the job training during the course of the management program  for at least SIX  to  EIGHT  EFFECTIVE  MONTHS on a live problem/project with  ‘avant-gardiste’  outlook and not limited to being a tirocinium as is often held.”


     2.   A topic that heats up the academics in discussions often is whether  there is any  Indian University waiting to be the Harvard of  U.S.A.

     My Answer :  Yes,  a  direct  reply to this is possibly  the “Indian Institute of Science,  Bangalore.”

     “What  India needs is  Pluck & Scientific Genius.” –  Swami Vivekananda said.  He also emphasized on the need to have three things among Youth for Education :  “Heart to feel;  Brain to Conceive;  &  Hands to Work.”   We have in our own shores a Premier Institute of Education & Research in  “The Indian Institute of Science”  ( in the salubrious environs of Bangalore )  whose students are epitome(s)  of these prescient qualities.  One simply needs to  emulate the “practices” of this Institution to be a true  Learning  Force & Power  in the reckoning.


     3.   It is expected that the Reserve  Bank of  India  ( RBI )  will allow 7 to 8 new Banks in January 2014.    26 Financial & non-financial entities have applied for approval already.   RBI  has stipulated  as one of the conditions  –  “Sound Credentials,  Integrity,  and Financial Soundness for 10 years as the established FIT  &  PROPER  Criteria”  –   to arrive at the short leet  from the applicants.

     My  Point  :  Public/citizenry to ponder if “Cases pending with CBI,  Enforcement Directorate, and Income Tax Department(s)”  will fall under the category of  Sound Credentials  …   …   stipulated by the  RBI.  The straightforward answer to this is a FIRM  ‘NO’  as the terminologies’ literal and commonly perceived usage would imply.  Central Bank (RBI)  holds the Final Word on this, however .  Two factors need to be looked in to :   (a)  Will permitting those candidates  with cases pending amount to SAFEGUARDING them even before the roll-out ?   and  (b)  Is it akin to giving undue Rights and Preferences to Candidates while allowing them to continue with their own ‘internal modeling’ of functions – a la prestidigitation –  that must have caused the irregularities with little regard for their true state of affairs ?
RBI is seized of this matter. There is still breathing time left.


     4.   Leadership  Commandments for acquiring skills :

     The  “Ten  Leadership  Commandments”  I set for myself – and  Lived,  Living and shall Live through my life at Work, in Home, and in my Community :

     1.   Acknowledge mistakes boldly;   2.  Promise less but do more;  3.  Aim at Perfection, so you can achieve Excellence;  4.  Take a position on any issue firmly even if it is unpopular;  5.  Be honest in all your dealings and stick to the schedule (time-frame);  6.  Always plan in advance what you’ll do for the day, week, and month;  7.  Tell always the truth even if it is difficult;  8.  Live and conduct business within means and core, so you can afford  more experiences;  9.  Learn to meditate and practice meditation daily;  10.  Go to bed earlier and get up earlier.


     5.   Ten Commandments of Health  for   Leaders :

     The  “Ten Commandments of Health”  I set for myself – and Lived, Living and shall Live through my life at Work, in  Home, and in my Community.

     1.  Never lose interest in Life and World;  2.  Eat sparingly and at regular intervals;  3.  Take plenty of exercise, but not too much (Walking is a good exercise);  4.  Get plenty of Sleep;  5.  Never allow yourself to become annoyed;  6.  Set a daily schedule of life and keep it;  7.  Get a lot of sunlight ( My apartment is exemplary on this characteristic );  8.  Drink as much milk as will agree with you;  9.  Use natural medicines and products;   10.   Don’t overdo things.

     I have been religiously following these commandments I set for myself and I have personally overcome even dreaded ailment(s) for more than 14 years.   I have only drawn for treatment  funds  solely ‘ex propriis’   –  (No  Government, Private, or any other form of allowances ).  ‘Health is Wealth’ – pithy adage says.  Never fall prey to greed and go at uncontrolled pace as the person, “who amassed wealth by spending his health;  and with might and main he tried to turn around spending all his wealth just to get back his health !”  Is this the Quality of Life we aspire to lead?  Ask yourself !!!


     “Dieu  avec  nous”


     Friday,  November  1,  2013;        10.25  p.m.  (IST)


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