World Diabetes Day – From the desk of a Diabetic

     Living with blood sugar is a constant source of stress and anxiety in life.  Unbalanced sugar level (Diabetes) has strong effects on  Memory;  it depletes our energy leaving us Fatigued most of the time;  it is likely to cause out of control Cholesterol;  it can put Strain on our Hearts besides other complications of Kidney and Liver;  and it can dramatically reduce our bodies’  Immunity Response making us susceptible to every little bacteria and virus floating in the environment.  Timorous, startling,  frightening, execrable – in many ways changing our physical, mental and emotional stability.

     Basics :  We are running the risk of serious health consequences if we have any THREE of the following  :

       (a)   If  BMI  (Body Mass Index) is 27 or higher;  (b)  If  HDL (“good”)  cholesterol is less than 50 mg/dL for women or less than 40 mg/dL  for men;  (c)  If triglycerides are greater than 150 mg/dL;   (d)  If blood pressure is higher than 130/85 mm Hg;   (e)  If fasting blood sugar is greater than 85 mg/dL;   and   (f)  if  Hb A1C is higher than 5.5

      Returning  to our mutton(s) ,   Diabetes,  it is important to know that  (a)  our brain cells need  energy from Glucose to function efficiently;  (b)  our muscle cells need energy from Glucose for walking, moving, running, playing and a host of other motor activities;  (c)  our liver cells need energy from Glucose to filter out harmful toxins.

    The endocrine gland,  Pancreas, controls the level of blood sugar in the body through the hormone  “INSULIN” it normally is capable of producing.  If Pancreas stops producing Insulin  or  our cells do not accept Insulin properly, Diabetes sets in.  There is too much Glucose in the blood.  No energy in the cells.  Hence the weakening and complications.

       Certain myths are being busted in recent times :   Many usually observe, ”  It’s the age;  It’s the obesity;  It’s  genetics  –  that  cause  Diabetes.”   These are actually not true.  They may have the capacity to predispose one to sustaining diabetes.  But they need not necessarily be the sole cause of diabetes  or if you have any one of these it is that ‘you are sure to be afflicted with diabetes’.  Some reprieve amidst the panic !

    A strict diet plan;  daily exercise;  prescription drugs/insulin shots are some of the remedial measures.

       Some facts to help us understand  INSULIN  better :  (a)  It is a natural hormone that our body creates and needs. If for some reasons body cannot produce insulin or produces less insulin, then a person develops diabetes and needs to take insulin from external source.  (b)  Insulin is the ambrosia of the diabetic’s life (Type 1 definitely and Type 2 to some extent) as it functions like a key, unlocking the cells and enabling glucose to enter the cells.  In its absence, level of glucose in blood rises and cells begin to starve.  (c)  Insulin will be prescribed at any stage of diabetes.  If HbA1C  goes above  7% or  7.5%  Insulin is generally a must.  With calibrated use of Insulin not just the short-term complications,  but even the long-term effects of even poorly controlled diabetes can be arrested. Consult a doctor for dosage.  (d)  Insulin shots are painless.  Due to advances in devices technology,  insulin needles are becoming thinner and smaller.  Non toxic,  non pyrogenic  insulin  syringes for daily use are made by several pharma devices companies.  (e)  Insulin does not need refrigeration to preserve/store.  They can be kept at room temperature when in use,  and even for about 3 to 5 weeks.  Refrigerated, unopened bottles are usable until the date of expiration specified.

        Insulin is one of the most effective options to have good control over Diabetes.  It normalizes blood sugar levels;  Protects eyes, kidneys, & heart;   It gets rid of body fatigue;   it even sharpens  memory.   Normal levels of Glucose means,  health is on track.  There are about 35 million diabetics in India.  India has the largest population of diabetics in the world.  India is a good market for companies engaged in  Prescription Drugs,  Insulin,  and  devices associated with it.  Some companies of note in this regard are  :  1.  Eli Lilly & Co.,(Huminsulin) ;    2.  Novo Nordisk  (Levemir,  Novo log Mix 70/30);    3.  Signum  Biosciences  Co.,   4.   Sanofi Aventis US.,   U.S.A.    5.  Glaxo Smithkline  Plc.,   6.  Ceres  Chemical  Co.,   7.  Biocon,  India.

       Ayurvedic  and  Herbal  cure as alternative natural medicine  are becoming very popular these days.  Moringa Oleifera dried powder;   Natural certified  Moringa seeds;   Moringa capsules (Cure  herbs  Co.);    Noni Powder,  Noni Capsules (Golden Horse Co Ltd.,);   Apimanu Diagymna Ayurveda,  Apimanu Hyperto San natural herb  (from  APIMANU SPAIN SL.);    Memordica Charantia Extract  ( from  Xi’on huami Bio Engg Co Ltd.,)  are just some to cite.

     Chief ingredients of use in the above preparations are :  Chromium,  Zychomium,  Berbarene (a plant alkaloid derived from herbs like Goldenseal),   Gymnema Sylvestre ( a rare herb) ,  Alpha lipoic acid ( a powerful antioxidant)  are just a few to cite.

        Healthy and productive life are not beyond the reach of Diabetics.  On World Diabetes Day  (November  14,   2013 ) let’s resolve,  ” Control  Diabetes before it controls us”.

   ” Dieu  avec  nous “

   Thursday,   November  14,   2013    –     9.  55  p.m.  (IST)

   Tidbit   :     Never ignore the  “Foursome”  if  you  want  to  enjoy  the  “Four Freedoms”.

    Foursome  :   1.  weight  Loss,  2.  Excessive Thirst,   3.  Lack of Energy,   4.  Frequent Urination.

   Four  Freedoms   :     The four essential freedoms  proclaimed by  32nd President  ( U.S.A. )  Franklin D Roosevelt in 1941   –   1.  Freedom of Speech;   2.  Freedom of Worship;    3.  Freedom from  Want;    4.  Freedom from Fear.

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