“Donald Trump – The New Unorthodox ‘Brand’ ” – June 2016.

Donald Trump, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee.

Donald Trump, presumptive Republican Presidential nominee.

Donald Trump has clinched the  Republican Presidential nomination;  and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential nomination with the esteemed endorsements of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. The former has a rich business record and the latter has rich government experience. Both are in their second phase of the Election Process now. The prevailing perception of people, however, is probably one that also holds both of them as having been cut from the same cloth if trust and overall merit are counted as customary yardsticks.

About Donald Trump, this piece.  I am not a supporter of either, living in a different country. I have not come across many analyst (s)  confirming that Donald Trump is forging party unity and it is perhaps to the contrary going by the events specially in the last two weeks. Nobody can predict the election result in the circumstances prevailing now. Here’s presenting an optimistic picture for Donald Trump howsoever impractical it may sound to anyone :

The basic premise is : Donald Trump’s core DNA lies in not accepting the status quo.

– Donald Trump wants to make America great again (in his own words );     –   Donald Trump wants to recalibrate the Washington powerhouse;      –  Donald Trump wants to give priority to ‘internal safety’ with nationalistic flavor and fervor;    –    Donald Trump wants to establish a new model of International Relations;     –  Donald Trump wants to establish all possible modes of communications with a high degree of cohesion in trade, deals, legislation, …  …      In essense it boils down to, and emphasising what many (everyone?) may feel delighted to term it as “Recreation of America”. It will constitute the main timber around which all other supporting timbers (economy, trade, health, education, security, foreign policy  etc)  will revolve.  This possibly will constitute his ” key message ”  in his General Election Campaign.

It is important for Trump to take this message clearly to his voters just as any speaker’s presentation in a conference will take the conclusions to the delegates. This is also where the abilities and the role of his running mate will assume significance. Picking the right ‘running mate’   – VP –   can give the boost required and sow the seeds of self confidence to Donald Trump.

1.       Choice of selection of VP should be praised by people with passion to make the campaign steps forward in the right direction. Donald Trump as President will be up against intricate tasks that can be well accomplished by a smart and intelligent person.

2.    VP in business parlance is like the right acquisition that can create value to the presidential nominee. People’s choices, preferences, desires, need to be weighed carefully with an assessment of the improvement and adjustment to make in the campaign process. The presidential nominee can better lead delegate, coordinate and direct his main strategic initiatives achieving the goal of his “brand promises”embedded in their minds. Quality of time taken on the selection will be a positive and voluntary move helping to consolidate and avoid distractions. The complexity of today’s politics is very much an imitation of tech advancement in the digital economy and having a smart associate is an imperative. Presidential nominee can get his commitments genuine with solid plans in the eyes of the voters.

Donald Trump will in this phase of election focus passionately on the above two aspects clearly. Despite criticism regarding his bold as brass observations on issues on many occasions he can still  grow from being a viable candidate to a highly polished one multiple times better than many would imagine required for a President.

Just as any company courting public controversy will tend to be ‘honest’  about the problems, Donald Trump also needs to express himself honestly without bias to anyone his moves to provide jobs and opportunities to every American amid tumultuous economic situation if only to dispel the fear, depression, and other doubts from the minds of the people.

Two names again come to my mind, even when I am aware that they are far beyond the minds of many who matter :

House Speaker, Paul Ryan.

House Speaker, Paul Ryan.

First,  House Speaker, Paul Ryan,  who endorsed Donald Trump last week and Trump took his bow promptly in recognition making fair weather and even cutting boon whids. Ryan was cautious though. He said: ” Trump is the best candidate to help establish the agenda that he himself wants to get through Congress.  On the issues that make up our agenda we have more common ground than disagreement. It is no secret that we have our differences, I won’t pretend otherwise. And when I feel the need to, I’ll continue to speak my mind”.   Yes, he did speak his mind on Trump’s remarks of Judge Curiel being of Mexican heritage when he observed, “it was a textbook language of racism”. Paul Ryan, himself, is a terrific brand with popularity among voters.  Notwithstanding his strong desire and commitment to play for the election of House Representatives, and to have the many proposals enacted into law(s) as Speaker of the House,  if successful persuasion of Ryan to be the running mate (impossible structurally, and practically) can be achieved it will not only be a pleasant shock but a powerful force causing a huge positive impact unimaginable.

Chris Christie, NJ Governor.

Chris Christie, NJ Governor.

Second,  Chris Christie,  NJ governor, the first big gun to endorse Donald Trump when the Republican Primary was still open. He has a very decent record of accomplishments at the government level. He cut government spending, reduced government, brought operational reforms, balanced the budget successfully for years, promoted charter schools as educational reform in 2012, brought in pension reform legislation in 2010, Criminal Justice reform in 2012,  and, and,  MANAGED Hurricane  SANDY effectively through aggressive brand of Leadership. He can be an effective asset complementing the governmental and bureaucratic processes. But, here again, the picture may not be practical yet.

Donald Trump is capable of the courage that many will struggle to manifest. His attitude, improper as it may seem to many, many, and many has a streak of  negotiating deals while making himself open to new thoughts which may not tread the path of simply going along without conviction. This is where he firmly should take ownership of anything he utters in his attempt to build trust in the next few weeks possibly to force his pace in the campaign. This can erode the fear among people and the establishment that he may possibly rock the Republican boat.

Can Donald Trump convince the people that he alone can bring an ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ into the government ?

Will people listening to his key message honor and be willing to follow, change, develop, and advance progress?

Can he get his work done while adhering to the values of the nation,  as many doubt and ask today?

Will Donald Trump raise himself to a level of competence (as demanded by many today) to adapt himself with the reality on issues in the prevailing circumstances ?

The next couple of months will reveal some answers !

“Dieu  avec  nous ”

Saturday,   June  11,  2016  –  11. 49 pm (IST)

Tidbit  :  ” Always do things that they are not ready to do ;  that’s the moment of   ‘wow’ ;  this makes you push through your moments, you have a breakthrough ”  –  Marissa Mayer.


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