” Libertarian Town Hall – Unvarying in Course ” – June 22, 2016.

June 22,  2016.

June 22, 2016.

The discussion cum responses of the ‘Libertarian Town Hall’  this night appeared more of a mechanical exercise than anything energetic or forceful in raising the temperature and impact of the National Election Process despite the excellent opportunities provided by the events of the past 10 days (Orlando shooting on 12th;  Hillary Clinton’s attack on Trump’s tax policies;  Trump’s forceful rebuttal with stinging counterattacks;  Democratic sit-in on the Gun issue simultaneously happening;  Brexit vote just hours away … )  for strong expressions and substantive display of positions with powerful supporting points.

The lone saving grace is that the 10 to 12 audience questions covered the entire spectrum of issues of concern to the American public without any exhibition of vigorous embedding of thoughts in the minds of people by the candidates. They did answer questions, but even their points of significance failed to hammer convincingly leaving the viewers feeling, possibly, that the opportunity went missing.

The sole reason could be that the chief focus of the candidates has been to enter the Presidential Debate Process requiring at least 15% of votes in the polls ( at this moment they hold 9% ) fulfilling the requirement.

The candidates and the moderator.

The candidates and the moderator.

Gov Gary Johnson and Gov William Weld are the Libertarian Party candidates in the field – both two term Republican Governors – the first being the former Governor of New Mexico and the latter the former Governor of Massachusetts. Both became Governors before holding any other elected office. Chris Cuomo of CNN moderated the discussion.

The salient points of discussion are cited below :

1.   Consider strongly the choice of a  “Easy Work Visa”  program besides other measures of proper vetting  …  . etc on the issue of  ‘ immigration ‘   rather than rounding up and deportation which will escalate fear, deep disrespect of enforcement machinery, and be highly unrealistic.

2.   Take ‘guns’ out of the hands of mentally ill and potential terrorists.  Establishing a 1000 person  FBI Task Force for the gun issue and control measures was a part of the solution offered by the Libertarian candidates.

3.   Have a “Single Federal Consumption Tax” (after a due process of debate and as many tweaks as needed to achieve a new tax code )  which will eliminate lobbyists and make it revenue neutral (the specifics are not detailed).

4.   Involve the Congress in a full discussion whether and how we should intervene in foreign conflicts without losing the dominant military position that America holds.

Maureen Murella, posing question on drug addiction.

Maureen Murella, posing question on drug addiction.

5.  Reduce death, disease, crime, and corruption with emphasis on “No more Overdose Deaths” – on issues of drug addiction and control pointing to the programs that many countries throughout the world offer, after realising that the Quality and Quantity of the drugs (Marijuana/Heroin)  need stringent monitoring while tracing this as health issues and not criminal Justice issues.

6.   Give a level playing field for countries with Free Trade Deals as that will raise the beneficial influence of productivity increase; high wage jobs will increase; and a resultant increase in wage levels manifest.  The low wage jobs that will likely get eliminated will suitably be compensated by the increase in jobs with a concurrent increase in investment for growth.

7.   Sustain the good work done by Planned Parenthood realising the ‘right to abortion’;  treating the issue as one within the constitution and not spreading the canard that ‘government should play a role’.

Question on Human Rights Protection.

Question on Human Rights Protection.

8.   Embrace as pluralists to protect the rights of people,  specially the ‘Human Rights’  of people of African descent. William Weld referred to his efforts in establishing the African Caribbean Commission during his term as the Governor of Massachusetts for two terms.

Question on Education.

Question on Education.

9.   Encourage competition in education – ‘raison d’etre’  –  for improving the quality of all programs tracing the effort and impact both candidates engaged in and imparted during their term(s) as Governors.

Absence of any constructive approaches to peoples’  welfare;   Absence of  any original thoughts from the candidates of the two major parties;   and Absence of decorous discussions on issues of concern from candidates but rather slandering each other – were the reasons for their ‘running’ – averred both Gary Johnson and William Weld.

William Weld concluded the Town Hall meet with the statement and expression of the 2016 American Presidential Election as  ” Monkey  Business “.

” Dieu avec nous”

Thursday,  June 23,  2016   –    10. 29 a.m.  (IST)

Tidbit :  ” Nuclear Proliferation is the No.   1   threat to the World ” –  Gary  Johnson,  Libertarian.

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