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” President Donald Trump’s Week 9 in Office – March 20-24, 2017 – Nearly Transfixed and Emotionally Undesirable ” – March 25, 2017

Here’s presenting the list of events that occurred during Week 9 of President Donald Trump in Office :

1. Legislation to repeal the ACA (Obamacare) has been withdrawn signalling contretemps to the President’s first major move on his election promises. Obamacare stands unaltered to the delight of the Democrats now. President Donald Trump’s ultimatum to House Republicans on the new Healthcare Bill – either support or lose the opportunity by Friday – also signals the strength of his deal making ability on the wane with this retreat.

2. Medicaid costs for New York counties to be shifted to the State according to a new provision in Healthcare Bill.

3. Visitors entering U.S.A. will undergo new security checks before obtaining a visa – be it a tourist, a business traveller, or relatives of American residents. “Extreme Vetting” promised by the President gathers steam. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has instructed this to all Consular Officials through diplomatic cables.

4. Bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers across the U.S.A. by Israeli-American teenager and his arrest happened on Thursday.

5. U.S.A. bars devices bigger than a cellphone on American bound foreign flights from 8 majority Muslim countries. This is to ensure foreign airport security, not influenced by any specific or credible threat of an imminent attack.

6. Continuation of strategy of the two earlier Presidents is evident in President Donald Trump’s action on ‘training and support’ to the local forces in fighting their wars, and not deploying US ground forces for now in countries outside.

7. Renegotiate trade deals; clamp down on illegal immigration; keep terrorists out of the country – to be actively pursued.

8. Iraq PM, Haider-al-Abadi, said he was happy with the meeting ( with President Donald Trump) asserting that the new administration had assured him of expansion of support to Iraq.

9. With President Donald Trump’s assertion of wiretapping not ceasing, it seems to have given way to discussions on potential for intrusion of privacy by spy agencies.

10. FBI Director, James B Comey, confirmed the existence of investigation at the House Intelligence Committee’s first public hearing on Russian meddling in 2016 Presidential Election.

11. Neil Gorsuch, SC nominee, stays firm in his commitment to the rules of law in his confirmation hearing.

12. President Donald Trump’s “America First” trade agenda received a boost at G-20 this week. Globalisation vs protectionism was the chief discussion. Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, stood strongly in favor of President’s election campaign speeches on US’s bad deals, specially with China, its huge trade surplus with U.S.A. While Germany and China stood for existing rules-based order, US delegation stood for “fair” trade without much details. France, Italy, U.K., Brazil, and even many in EU supported U.S. position. Previous G-20 commitments do not stand renewed now. Reduce global imbalances, promote greater inclusiveness andcfairness, and reduce inequality in pursuit of economic growth. A potential “win” for President Donald Trump here.

Our take and lesson(s) in management for the week now :

President Donald Trump’s “political product” can now be best identified with the reversal of Barack Obama’s Programs. Good or bad; Correct or incorrect; Feasible or infeasible; – President’s success in this course can be a reality only when there is a big change in the ‘thinking’ of people. The market for President Donald Trump’s “Product” can at best be described as ‘unwelcome’ now. ( e.g. withdrawl of healthcare bill, Utah republicans embracing openly the Obamacare with confidence and conviction .. ). When this happens, things turn more difficult with his other ideas/actions. This is becoming visible now.

Donald Trump started with promises accompanying little details, but at the right moment during the election campaign that ran in good parallel with the changing mood of people. It was like providing an excellent ambience with satisfying amenities in business while attracting extra footprints and customers holding on in support of the “product”. That was acushla for many, and bete noire for others. The general feeling was that he cared for them in addition to being empathetic. This perception is changing slowly and steadily now.

President Donald Trump’s direction, style, and speed of actions now have been forceful and decisive; but his style is not perceived as being inclusive by a majority. He also indulges and delights in throwaway comments/observations on twitter ( at least as perceived by many ) which invites interpretations in every observer’s way. ” Eye of the Beholder!” Supporters get excited and emboldened; critics feel annoyed and abused. President Donald Trump probably gives a local/national feel but such an aspect will only remain transient in the absence of definitive and detailed improvements in actions. This is a serious challenge.

Specially since the last week of February, President Donald Trump’s focus seems more on the legitimacy and support for his government, quite understandable from the point of any new government with a totally new political force wielding the sceptre. Mistakes, even in millions, will be normal, against an intimidating political environment.

Figure below is a representation of the three faces of the challenge staring at the President :

From a commonsense perspective one may be tempted to offer the following two courses of actions, as I do here :

1. “Preparing people for a ‘change’ ” – It is like bringing about a novel transition to full effect. For this to be realised, every idea of his has to be analysed in terms of what it would mean and take to give effect, and how best it can fit with the vision of the President i.e. “Make America Great Again”. ( Tax reform vs Growth; Immigration regulations vs Safety & Security; Trade deals vs Jobs & Prosperity; Healthcare reform vs Affordability & better choice; Reducing government vs Delivering efficient service; … ). President’s intentions of the moves taken are not in doubt, but the celerity of the moves coupled with the hurdles needed to cross seem to make it harder now than ever before.

2. President’s need for an ” Auxiliary Champion” who can complement his stature as the “Ceremonious and Unconventional Champion” : While the White House Chief of Staff, adviser, counsellor, and others may be doing their jobs commendably, the “auxiliary champipn” is the center with others in his span of control performing tasks as varied as : (a) Effective dissemination of programs and communication to people; (b) Identification of issues on ground and projecting them to the team; (c) Gathering and forwarding effective feedback to the leader; (d) Identifying resistance to programs and ways to combat them; (e) Training effective users of programs as examples for public projection; (f) Developing key milestones and schedules for actions to programs.

Howsoever charismatic, influential, and change-centric the “ceremonious leader” can be, it is definitely an added virtue to have an “auxiliary champion” help project the ceremonious leader as a role- model that people should feel proud to follow. Actions need to match words too.

Can President Donald Trump change his “product” ? No, I guess.

Can President Donald Trump change Peoples’ thinking in his favor? Possible, but without any guarantee at this juncture.

Can President Donald Trump identify an “auxiliary champion” with excellent support ? Possible, but without any guarantee at this juncture.

To conclude : President Donald Trump does not fear criticism. Will President Donald Trump’s actions spell the ‘whims of great’ ? We’ll have to wait to see.

“Dieu avec nous”

Saturday, March 25, 2017 – 11. 01 a.m (IST)

Tidbit : ” The human race has improved everything except the human race ” – Adlai Stevenson.

” President Donald Trump’s Week 8 in Office – March 13 – 17, 2017 – Trump Crosses the Rubicon ” .

This is in brief the actions put into effect by President Donald Trump during his Week 8 in Office, March 13 – 17, 2017.

1. President Donald Trump’s revised Travel Ban Order has been blocked by Federal judges in Hawaii, and Maryland upsetting the administration. It now seems a long and risky battle ahead for the administration. This is the second time the Travel Ban Order has been thwarted, sfter a Seattle Court halted the earlier version of the Executive Order last month. President Donald Trump calls it an “unprecedented judicial overreach”.

2. President Donald Trump’s ‘America First Budget’ for the coming financial year will slash the EPA funds by 31%, and State Department funding ( Arts, Diplomacy, Health Services, Housing etc) by 28%, even while the Military & Border Security allocation is expected to increse by $ 54 billion.

3. $ 1.2 billion cut for after school and summer programs has been resented by academia. It will have a negative impact on learning inputs to nearly 1.5 million students in Community Learning Centers – Educational administrators lament.

4. Congressional Budget Office predicted an increase of 24 million people without health insurance by 2026 under the Republican Plan, while also forecasting $ 337 billion in deficit reduction over the same period.

5. President Donald Trump has called for speeding up growth in manufacturing. Executives in Toledo, Ohio, are specially happy about their prospects under President Donald Trump for his promises on fewer regulations, lower taxes, and healthcare costs.

6. Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points. Since 2008 financial crisis it has only been the third time that the Fed Reserve raises the rate(s).

7. Republican representative David Nunes, California, said he had not seen any indication that former President Barack Obama wiretapped President Trump’s phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign.

8. President Donald Trump disclosed that he paid $ 38 million in federal income taxes on his reported income of $ 150 million in 2005, an effective rate of 25% according to the White House statement.

9. According to Time magazine, a new president and a protest movement transformed the Democratic Party to be more comfortable as an opposition.

10. Neil M Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing ( for SC judge) will begin on March 20, 2017.

11. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, said in a resolute manner that no negotiation with North Korea to freeze its nuclear or missile programs or to buy time for a consummatory future decision, considering implications on all fronts.

12. At a Joint News Conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Donald Trump assertively repeated his wiretapping accusations against Barack Obama, wittily adding that “we have something in common here.”

Here is presenting briefly my argument on the issue of President Donald Trump’s revised Travel Ban Order from a commonsense perspective :

“Third time Lucky” – we have heard this old pithy saying any number of times on any number of occasions before. President Donald Trump’s travel ban order has been challenged first by a Seattle Court, and now by judges in Hawaii & Maryland.

If President Donald Trump in any little measure tweaks, not with procedures and acts of tests, but with just the swords of words powerful as they can be in his fight against the neoteric political shehnanigans of this new millennium, he can very well transform the adversarial (lost) ground on this issue into a friendly (earned) ground that will be etched in the history of his Presidency – like abolition of slavery ( this is abolition of terrorists intrusion) in the case of the great, great, Abraham Lincoln.

If you erect a fence around your house; if you prefer to live in a gated community with safety ensured; if you establish a new community in an isolated area ( say, in the outskirts of the city) free from the ills and evils of a congested, corrupt, and polluted society; – each with limited ownership and the ensuing right of free living, your act will be regarded an ‘innovation’ with good intention.

The travel ban is all similar to the above marked only by differences in scale and national boundaries, and the force of stringency in adopting a solution to a problem.

What is at the root of this issue is what we generally ascribe to in management parlance as the sheer “resistance to change”.

If new technologies, despite their associated evils, make life and work more easier, quicker, and efficient; the same arguments can hold true in this case also, centered around ‘safety and security of people’. This aspect needs better clarity, though.

The figure below depicts the three faces of this problem succinctly in terms of a choice between homogeneity, heterogeneity, and neutrality.

Put simply ( no details here) it is neither ‘homogeneity’ (perfect harmony, no groupism); nor ‘heterogeneity’ ( religious distinction and attitude differences of people); but “neutrality” ( striking an attitude of conciliation with no groupism) that will help solve this issue. This is also the means by which a leader can score and secure his position as ‘unique, distinct, and special’.

It will be apt to narrate briefly an incident from a movie in a vernacular Indian language here. It is about a honest, shrewd, and daring Police Officer confronted with a politically powerful leader who breaks into his police station with his ruffian goons ( much like the myrmidons of law?) to get his jailed right-hand man released invoking the ‘religious’ card of caste as the basis of his capture while at the sametime taking pride in his ability to make it a serious ‘religious’ affront to the detriment of the entire state in physical terms within a day.

The honest and astute Police Officer calls his constable belonging to the same caste (religion) as the jailed thug to thrash him in front of the leader, who just a while ago threatened him with dire consequences to the state. The honest Police Officer also uttered these words : ” If only a man of a different religion hits the jailed thug, it becomes a case for differentiating on the basis of religion; but now the jailed thug is hit by a man belonging to his own religion. Do you have anything to add now? ” The political leader was given just 10 seconds to react or leave; and the political leader left without uttering a word, foaming at the mouth though.

Lesson : Specialisation(s) and generalisation(s) are different aspects in the nature of any problem/issue. They ought to be viewed and assessed with a different lens.

Herein lies the solution to the President’s problem too : If only a host of Muslim Organisations/sect leaders across the nation can come in support of this move, in the larger interests of the safety of people and the country (without digging their heels in), the ambagious course that many analysts, press, media, and people anticipate in this case can be avoided.

P.S. I am no supporter of any one leader in partcular, residing in a country and place with no stakes whatsoever on this issue at this juncture. My attempt here is just in the nature of presenting a contrarian, commonsense management perspective for further discussions.

“Dieu avec nous”

Saturday, March 18, 2017 – 11. 09 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” No Strategic Patience ” – Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to North Korea.

” World Consumer Rights Day – Digital Business is Future of Retail ” – March 15, 2017.

A mall in Bangalore, India, – shrinking crowds.

March 15 marks the ‘World Consumer Rights Day’. Access to knowledge for consumers, and promoting the basic rights of consumers are the chief goals.

Rather than writing something about the rights of consumers here, I want to briefly say something cutting boon whids to the consumers in terms of the tectonic change that will consume their hearts and minds filled with joy in the not so distant future. Information, education, and practice are the guiding features in this piece.

My e:mail in box has been bombarded with “Great Offers; Exciting Deals; Quality Products Delivered Fast; On-line Sessions;” from amazon India, flipkart, snapdeal and the likes signalling renewed growth of ‘on-line business’ including e:commerce. This is the future of Retail whether one wishes or not.

From $30 billion in 2016 to $ 120 billion in 2020 is the projected growth in India. The 400 million existing internet users of today is expected to witness an increase of 25 million every year. On-line retail is the Gen Y ( is it Gen Z now ) attraction and core buying activities, specially in the age group between 15 and 34 – both males and females. About 2.5 lakh jobs is the growth stat for this year.

With the strong digital push given by the Indian leader(s), a new era and vista of business culture with new “Systems”, ” Big Data”, and “People” as the Figure below depicts in this new age is already sweeping the retail landscape in ways unimagined just 5 years ago.

Technology trends and people will be more important than before in this scenario. Business organisations transform themselves into ‘on-demand enterprises’ bringing about a dramatic change in the “models” concomitant with organisational change and innovation required to match the aspirations of the new generation on-line shoppers. Traditional brick and mortar entities and even malls are deeply threatened.

If it was ‘Capital, Labor, & Machine’ that constituted the three legged stool of business in the industrial era, it is the ‘Capital, Labor, & tech trend in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ that constitute the three legged stool of Digital Business now.

Capital as resource and efficiency enhancer; Labor with focus on adding value to products/services; and AI with focus on Big Data analytics for generation of higher value and enabler of Business is the new model now. AI is the new face of Digital Business of future as determining, guiding, and smoothening of the learning interface that is vital.

Stanford University originated “Design Thinking/Approach” is becoming the key methodology in improving the effectiveness of tech solutions and the quality of experience of customers and empowerment of sales employees.

A survey by a reknowned tech/IT giant reveals that :

1. By 2019, about 55% of jobs in retail organisations will have a ‘digital’ component;
2. About 86% report that workforce training will become more important; and
3. More than 80% recognize project processes to play a key role in Digital Business with the pace of tech growing at an unprecedented rate in the next 3 to 5 years.

Accompanying the changes in business processes will be the external factors in terms of “Standards of Technology, Ethics of Business, Governmental Regulations,” shaping and governing the Digital operatives.

Being good at ‘Design Thinking/Approach’ and ‘AI’ will what set any digital enterprise apart, and hold the esteem, trust, and PROFITS. Examples are reserved for ‘discussion’ and hence not cited here.

Whether it is the Industrial Era Business or the Digital Era Business, the common thread linking the processes is still : “People First, and Customer is King”. This dictum will endure.

” Dieu avec nous”

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 – 3.19 p.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Consumers by definition include us all; They are the largest group, affecting and affected by almost every public and private economic decision; Yet they are the only important group … …. whose views are not heard.” – John F Kennedy, March 15, 1962.

” President Donald Trump’s Week 7 in Office – Signs of a New Low ” – March 6 – 10, 2017.

President Donald Trump’s Week 7 in Office is marked by the following three significant items :

1. President Donald Trump’s accusations of wiretapping the Trump Tower against the former President Barack Obama without concrete evidence.
Immediate impact : Barack Obama’s exasperation and irksome reaction causing a negative impact on the credibility of the President.

2. Wikileaks’ publication of documents detailing CIA hacking tools.
Immediate impact : Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder, has resolved to work with Apple and Google on the technical details. The engagement of the two tech giants is beset with hurdles, regulatory, moral .., though.

3. President Donald Trump’s new Healthcare Plan in the nature of repeal and replacement of Affordable Care Act, having crossed two House Committees successfully with a full House vote scheduled for Thursday, and his move to garner the support of the lawmakers with meetings and the people through rallies planned for the future.
Immediate impact : The success of this will besides taking the stress away from the President will signal his victorious march to work on his other promises on Tax Reform, Trade deals, Infrastructure development, Jobs and Growth.

Just considering the item number 1 for discussion briefly here :

The Figure above presents the Possible Reasons for the President’s reproachful accusations viz. (a) positive impact on his base, (b) feeling of impuissance, and (c) lack of government experience.

(a) Positive Impact on his Base : Rather than promoting a healthy debate/discussion with cognizant thinking, the President’s accusations and tweets seem to reconcile well with the opposing views held and voiced during the Election Campaign and later, with his supporters (solidly behind him) who strongly felt their voices were not heard but their bounds were marked with firm poles blocking any vocal expression. Frequent doses of such criticisms combined with the unshifting stance of supporters will, nevertheless, make an impact that can neutralise any resistance his opposition may engage in stalling the programs/initiatives. This is not justifying the accusations in any measure, but pointing to the response in terms of human element.

Hence the barrage of accusations and tweets, whether the course is right or not.

(b) Feeling of Impuissance : President Donald Trump’s intense and excessive work schedule; information overload arising out of the formulation of programs and execution; aversion to criticisms; probable suspicion that opponents are trying to delegitimise his victory – if they are real – can make him feel powerless driving his actions to embitter relationships with people further. As a remedial measure he may be resorting to change the attitude of people in terms of enhanced support and spirit in a manner that he regards most appropriate and adept at. This is not justifying the accusations in any measure, but pointing to the response in terms of human element.

Hence the barrage of accusations and tweets, whether the course is right or wrong.

(c) Lack of Government Experience : President Donald Trump’s actions including his First Executive Order on Travel Ban have not been perceived to be in order by a majority even as he remains self possessed. His critics have been quick to grasp eagerly and forcibly his lack of experience in governance as the chief cause of errors in actions. It has been a jolty shake and shock for him. It may have even resulted in mental and emotional stress. Obvious countermeasures in such situations for any human being is to display aggression and set the blame on factors beyond his control, logical or otherwise. The speculative theories engaged in and propagated through his actions may well be an exercise reinforcing this aspect of human psychology.

Hence the barrage of accusations and tweets, whether the course is right or not.

Conclusion : What is being discussed and discepted in the media ( TV, Press, News magazines … ) have become easier, faster, and highly prevalent on-line ( Social Media with high potential to mold the public opinion) as in the real world in this new millennium. Tweets of President Donald Trump ( without analysing the merits, exploitation, faults etc.) are a modern tool to arouse and tackle the ills of society. The dividends that President Trump reaped during his Election Campaign went missing, but the vulnerability that he is facing now has become serious and get highlighted prominently. Public anger will be intense if things do not improve for the people from the President’s programs. Hence, the long term impact, negative as it is most likely, will be more damaging even if the short term responses do not much reflect the challenges in reality.

Social technology has actually transformed the Election Process since 2008 progressively, and its potential to bring down leaders may well be in the making. Immediate ‘corrective measures’ and not ‘complacency’ is the urgent imperative.

“Dieu avec nous”

Saturday, March 11, 2017 – 10. 59 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Cheap tricks are common in Politics “

” President Donald Trump’s Week 6 in Office – Highly Polished and Resipiscent Individual in View ” – February 27 – March 3, 2017.


This is a short summary of the key activities put into effect by the President during his Week 6 in Office :

1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from ovrseeing the investigations into contacts between Trump camapaign aides and the Russian government officials. This is the second setback in 42 days for the Trump government giving the happenstance further to his opponents.

2. Recognition for President Donald Trump’s address to the Congress ran high. Over 3 million tweets followed his address – a record for a Presidential address.

3. Lawmakers face a challenging task ahead to craft the health plan demanded by the President.

4. President Donald Trump is open to a plan granting legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants reflecting his examination of soft options for complex and challenging issues. A perceptible change from his campaign style obduracy.

5. Education is a ‘civil rights issue’ – emphasised President Donald Trump in his address to the Congress.

6. President Donald Trump skipped the White House Correspondents’ dinner.

7. Gov Rick Perry confirmed by the Senate as Energy Secretary.

8. Dr Ben Carson confirmed as the HUD Secretary.

9. Former Montana Congressman, Ryan Zinke, is the new Interior Secretary.

10. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is to visit White House in mid-March.

Just one precise and essential case here from this Chief Advocate of Commonsense without broaching on the point of order :

The figure below represents President’s Leadership Response to Setbacks :


A majority seem to complain and criticise that President Donald Trump’s “assumptions” of the prevailing situation in the country as reflected in his oft-quoted observations/comments since his plunge into the active political arena in June 2015 – “Our Trade deals have been a disaster”; ” Our military needs strengthening”; “Our fight against ISIS has been weak”; ” Our Healthcare needs revamping”; “Our infrastructure is crumbling”; ” Our workers have been neglected”; ” We are losing out on our jobs”; ” Climate change is fabricated and not real” – smacks of negativity, and are not substantiated with facts and science. Anyone who shares and subscribes to the above may be ‘correct’ in many measures; but as a common man I visualise a “positive” even among the so called inaccuracies above.

That is : President Donald Trump realises that things are not sound and desirable in the country, and that affords the high potential to avoid complacency and to drive his team & personnel for better results/outcomes. Imagine having a malfunctioning or faulty component in an electrical gadget and what it can do to its performance. This probably is what President Donald Trump regarded as a serious deficiency and aims at restoring and rejuvenating economic growth.

It is quite in sync with studies revealing the better side of negative ‘assumptions’ in making the conditions suitable for people. He may have, if one can make a declaration of facts, possibly erred in his assessment of the type and strength of the forces, political or any other, that impact the actions taken/to be taken and the persistent needs of periodic and factful ‘feedback’ in a way he can work on programs by finetuning appropriately for any relaunch. Feedback is effective guidance without dictating.

As has always been the case in trying to bring about a ‘change in culture’ of work, greater than 60% of effort should go into making a strong imprint, understanding, and support of a majority of people for all his programs. This is what effective communication of his intent and plans are all about.

The one possible shortcoming that surfaces evidently is that, just as any businessman will strive hard to retain the existing customers even while attempting to gain new customers, President Donald Trump is trying forcefully/committedly to retain his base of voters perhaps at the cost of losing new voters by his statements. His actions this week including his address to Congress tempts one to change the above perception and that is more than welcome.

Conclusion : The setback at this stage cannot be construed as a sign of the government moving backwards as many would wish. It, nevertheless, reflects the possibilities of ensuing conflicts in policies amplifying the challenges greater than before in future. The President has his task cut out clearly. That is to keep the parties balanced happily affording the carrots in more cases and be unyielding in other cases. Plain commonsense and obvious, one may regard.

If this is not anything new, what is happening and what many say or wish will also be as old as hills.

“Dieu avec nous”

Saturday, March 4, 2017 – 10. 49 a.m. ( IST)

Tidbit : ” Jeff Sessions is a honest man; he didn’t say anything wrong” – President Donald Trump.

” President Donald Trump’s Address to Joint Session of Congress – Intensely zealous adding a Resplendent New Page ” – February 28, 2017.

President Donald Trump addressing the Joint Session of Congress.

President Donald Trump addressing the Joint Session of Congress.

“Sold, Sold, Well Sold” – will say any marketing specialist after listening to the President’s First address to the Congress tonight.

His voice sombre; words firm; modulation apt; messages clear; gestures perfect; issues paramount; arguments appealing – President Donald Trump’s speech is more than proof that he is ‘presidential’ without doubt. None probably would have anticipated, believed, and expected this from an individual thus far known to speak his mind candidly and extemporaneously.

“New Chapter of American Greatness Begins” has been his Vision; and “Work past differences of the party, Work with spirited drive of People ” has been his Mission.

He gave an account of his Programs too.

His Economic team working on creating a level playing field for American companies through Tax Reforms;

His Defense team working to provide a framework plan to defeat ISIS;

His security team working to protect the country’s system of legal immigration as the figure below would represent :


His Healthcare team working to repeal and replace Obamacare as the figure below would represent :


His special team working on infrastructure aspects of National Rebuilding even while invoking the Big Infrastructure Program initiated by Eisenhower earlier in the last century.

On education, clean air & water, he spoke of the need to guard the health of citizens.

Honoring the widow of the Navy Seal, William Ryan Owens, killed in Yemen raid he drew the distinct example of fighting for friends, fellow soldiers, and for the country as Owens did quoting from Bible the human sensitivity. Tears rolled down from the eyes of the lady even as the ‘applause’ – perhaps for the longest duration breaking all records for a single applause ever in a speech of this nature – continued in commendation of the hero that William Ryan Owens had been. The event is more than significant for the President’s excellent and timely gesture indicating a new page in his action, the sustenance of such momentous events during his period may well ensure his leadership even after 2020 and up umtil 2024.

He added that the time for small thinking and trivial fights are over.

President Donald Trump radiated spirit as he stood erect using frequently his favorite gestures of (a) clapping his hands; (b) showing thumbs up with his fists; and (c) spreading hands wide in a show of whole embrace even as he maintained eye contact with the audience throughout.

As the President confidently talked about his actions and military spending behovely, his strategic moves seemed strong and loud calling for due consideration, appreciation, listening, and respect. He also seemed to be showing the way for NATO allies to contribute more to fight terrorism and ISIS.

President Donald Trump is making a journey full of barriers, hurdles, and uncertainties that need to be cleared quickly; but he seems to be enjoying and embracing it fully.

More than any other President on a similar occasion before, Donald Trump had the compulsion to make a mark on Congressional members as well as people due to his many critical observations/assessments of the media, press, intel agencies .. .. at various points in time during the Presidential transition and later.

It is not easy with security challenges engulfing the world threatening the smooth ride that people within and outside yearn for. This alone has the potential to set/alter; quicken/delay; and stabilise/destabilise the position for the course his direction will take for the economy, trade, safety & security, and peace overall.

President Donald Trump was pitching for enhanced military spending ( $54 billion) not cutting welfare budgets while attempting to shrink the budgets for Foreign aid, other agencies like the EPA .. ..

The figure below represents the President’s Action Triangle constituting the Program Focus; Consensus Development; and Effective Implementation.


Program Focus refers to all the programs that he spoke about earlier in his speech and detailed above.

Consensus Development refers to conciliatory efforts of acceptance with little deviation from the intended programs across the aisle.

Effective Implementation refers to concerted efforts by the various departments, officers,/and personnel engaged in delivering services to people effectively within the timeframe allotted.

The above is only a simplified version with no attempt to prioritise and execute actions with projected resources, personnel, administrative tools to achieve the end which needs elaborate discussion.

President Donald Trump needs to confront a different challenge and type of crisis as at present and whether he can emerge as the promachos, given the stream of irresistible forces on varying fronts like delayed cabinet formation; harmony and consensus among Congressional members; exercising exemplary control over his own staff; extraneous challenges impeding growth – will cause much interest now.

There is one serious ‘disappointment’ though. “Where the money will come from” for the much talked about programs and expansive increases in budget – will not only haunt the opposition, people, and all states and administrators but more seriously the ruling dispensation. It should not remain ‘words without deeds’ ultimately. That will then become the biggest disaster.

What is important in any given task; be it government, private, enterpreneurial, or any other is the decision to make the right beginning. Being in the battlefield is more important than trying to figure out what is in, or what makes for the battlefield. Right or wrong; deliberately or by chance; President Donald Trump has made a beginning with some of his promises; and he is preparing himself to plunge into the battlefield. That is a good signal.

” Dieu avec nous”

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 – 11. 19 a.m. (IST).

Tidbit : ” My job is not to represent the World; My job is to represent the U.S.A. ” – President Donald Trump.