” America Transforms – Disharmony Begins With moue ” – May 27, 2017.

Truth can crush the hopes of any individual, be it a common man or the President, rooting to be on the rise in his/her work journey into the future. President Donald Trump is on this threshold now.

President Donald Trump has had his 9 day foreign trip with ‘bon accueil’ – the trip included Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican City in the process introducing a sense of novelty (each place representing a majority religion of its own) for a U.S. President’s first foreign sojournment. At home though his success has been obfuscated by a set of cards stacked against posing challenges to his authority and pace of actions – (a) Washington Post’s bombshell report on Jared Kushner’s (President’s son-in-law and top adviser) proposal to Russia in establishing a Secret Communication Channel in December 2016; (b) Jared Kushner’s possible meetings and discussions with Russian Officials as also with a Russian Bank Chief and the existence of conjecturable deal(s); (c) Strong belief in suspicious contacts between Russian Officials and Trump campaign associates as testified by the former CIA Director, John O Brennan; (d) Montana Republican, Greg Gianforte’s body slamming of the Guardian reporter, Ben Jacob’s, just hours before the House Election; he won the seat by a good margin, though; (e) Discontent arising out of President’s Budget Proposal projecting deep cuts in EPA (31.4% decrease); Department of Education (13.5% decrease) ; Housing and Urban Development department (13.2% decrease); even while increasing allocations for Homeland security (6.8% increase) ; and Department of Defense(10.1% increase) – all the above to the point of alienating more people from his support base.

Combine the above with the (by now reknowned) tweets of President Donald Trump in the last 20-30 days, a good study in context is what comes into view. His tweets were not emboldening; instead they were causing panic. People and many leaders, within and outside, are in the least inspired by some of his actions/tweets is the general perception portrayed mostly in sections of media, press, and the public.

The above developments, howsoever damaging they may prove to be, constitute in business terms only a ‘small data point’ in the broad framework of ‘Big Data’ necessary for proving culpability or condemnation (set aside any criminal indictment as not possible). The events also have their own ‘codes’ set firmly now; though the ‘codes’ have not been cracked fully as at present. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has his task set well on this aspect. A fresh opening may be a fresh catalyst is the hope with which the news may be assimilated by the Democrats, specially. If and when the ‘codes’ get cracked fully, it could well be poised for a big turn in the American Political Context.

President Donald Trump may still hold sway; with good standing still left in the company of his constituency and the loyalists in the administration. But he is not offering them any complete or competitive benefits as his new budget proposal would reveal in key sectors as jobs, energy, Healthcare, education etc to be firmly designated a turnaround as promised in the election campaign. In effect it signals only a shift from growth and cutting costs to increasing/weakening the debt burden. Time, though, is still on his side.

Viewed in the above scenario, the following Six aspects will carry the attention of people as the President moves on with his plans:

1. Will the new energy and hope brought by the election to the office of the President be short-lived?

2. Are the President’s tweets a collection of untruths with potential to hold back people’s progress, each day, each week, each month passing?

3. Don’t people desire and deserve a life free from all the added/growing pains of economy … … … causing likely losses in the end?

4. Is the President peddling deals for profits – as some observers may feel and opine on occasions – or for National Growth in a genuine fashion?

5. Will the business savvy President really become politically gifted soon to bring about a positive change in the perception of every section of people or will the faith in his Leadership be a mirage?

6. Is it that any fear of future for the people be not due to his inadequacy but more to the threat of his becoming more powerful/autocratic?

American people – citizens – need to display a strong, determined, and positive mindset to control their emotions at this critical juncture in this Millennium.

” Dieu avec nous”

Saturday, May 27, 2017 – 9.59 p.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Truth is Silent when Money speaks” (Russian)

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