” Argy-bargy in Defence of ‘HE’ ” – August 24, 2018.



” Riding fast with your fixed agenda “

          ” HE ”   has been knowingly or otherwise a follower of the number 1 rule for  Human Relations :  i.e.  ‘If there is an opportunity that presents itself to assert your program and zero tolerance, then assert them’.  HE does it but the real dividends are yet to be seen or felt.

          Miscommunications and incorrect assumptions are cast to further the causes of stalemates and conflicts rather than complete disagreement. Many arguments may probably dissipate if people take the step of revisiting – in goodwill – the promises behind  HIS  own and others’  thinking processes.  This has not happened to HIS benefit as at present.

          HE  is at this moment powerless, although HE  need not feel powerlessness (criticisms, not having full support/agreement)  to make changes in the policies or programs for people welfare;  but merely by changing the status quo  (providing change making solutions, and ultimately correcting workplaces of future)  can bring about progress. This is HIS dictum – for good or worse, only future can tell.

          HE  shows courage, integrity, and insight while forwarding and pursuing  HIS  agenda.  This is  HIS  mainstay;  key feature to inspire and influence the followers and people.  HE uses limited/specific feedback as a learning opportunity ( although not clearly visible in the public domain).  That  HE  has learned or not is also left to the perception of people which at this juncture is not strong, and perhaps leaning to the contrary.

          As  ‘people oriented leader’  HE proactively claims and dedicates resources to improvement as seen fit to suit  HIS  agenda even while seeking to understand the people progress made due to these programs.  HE  is not reactive or focused on short-term;  HE  is proactive and focused on long-term. Future is uncertain.

          HE  exudes positive attitude and receives positive attitude from people ( although the percentage statistic may not be in full support now).  HE  has as ministers who can match themselves as personalities;  with goals assigned and aligned;  while creating shared values and perspectives promoting  HIS  agenda. Performance, however, is not extraordinary. Dissatisfaction, however, is mounting.

          We need to watch whether  HIS  change driven responses and actions will cause positive disruption in governance.  Accomplishments or otherwise should not be allowed to scatter the leader’s efforts and reduce his choices. It is now on its low, though. Mindfulness is probably the need of the moment.

          Fear of failure or lack of confidence/preparedness can make  HIS  act and others’  questions vulnerable to further criticisms making the scenario daunting. Misdemeanors spring up by the day. Rehearsal is the best answer. 

          HE  willingly takes heavy risks for his opinions ( although HIS very continuation is being debated);  so do we award points for opinions being good or HE  HIMSELF  being good or neither ?  Not clear yet.

          World has changed from self motivation/determination to peer comparison as the key driver to performance.  HE is still in the process of learning  LEADERSHIP can well be the conclusion.

          P.S.  The  words  –  ‘HE’,  ‘HIS’,  and  ‘HIMSELF’  –  referred to in this piece is left to your imagination.


     ” Dieu avec nous”

     Friday,  August 24, 2018 –  6.19 p.m. (IST).

     Tidbit :  ” Hard  work is respectable, but not popular “.

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