” Brett Kavanaugh – Christine Blasey Ford – ‘Hearing Womanfully’ – September 27, 2018.”


Brett M Kavanaugh, Supreme Court nominee.

          News regarding accusations of sexual assaults against the U.S.  Supreme Court  nominee,  Brett M Kavanaugh, in the last couple of weeks is more than just disquieting.

          Senate Judiciary committee hearing is to begin in 3 hours from now. Christine Blasey Ford will be heard first followed by Brett M Kavanaugh.

          Leadership in Government is perhaps the highest form of  ‘Leadership’  as it deals with all citizens. “Government by the people, of the people, for the people’ – said Abe Lincoln.

          Hence, there is this special need for strong commitment to arrest the elevation of tainted individuals (if confirmed) to power in Politics  (Executive, Judiciary, and Legislature) where the potential to set trends in behaviour and actions among people is high.

          Political leaders and leaders holding venerable positions in government should hold the highest standards of moral, ethical, and cultural characteristics that their citizens will demand and can be proud of – in any country.

          Every ordinary citizen in the country in one way or the other, at any one particular point in time one way or the other,  needs to have interaction with the Government for a ‘service’.

          Tainted leaders are a source of hindrance and discouragement as their credibility is in question.

          Many assaults go unreported for a variety of reasons;  chief among them being the ‘Socially Damaging Consequences’  resulting from such reporting.

          As for the perpetrator(s) of such serious misconduct it is the mere sense of superiority – power, position, wealth, strength, network – that promotes the courage to indulge in such acts in society.

          We talk of inclusivity in all government programs.  As a victim, the lady (Christine Blasey Ford, CA) needs all the moral support at this juncture.

          This is what will signify inclusive culture with respect for women.

          This is what will determine the way the leader makes decisions (leads in effect), and the “brand”  one wants to build in government (Supreme Court in this case).

          For any leader, the ‘value’  he/she holds is the most important aspect. From ‘value’ arises the passion to create work environment, relationships, skills, knowledge, actions, and not the least the decisions that are taken.

          These are what will help judge the individual’s authenticity and credibility.

          Senate and Congress may perhaps see the wisdom in adopting this incident (in this millennium) as an opportunity to bring about necessary changes to make it encouraging for the citizens to firmly repose faith in Political Leadership.

          The Democrats for their part are sending a clear message of lack of tolerance of inappropriate behaviour and disrespect to women in general.

          Overlooking this aspect of behaviour is akin to overlooking the nation’s culture in holding the diverse categories of people well knit.


     ” Dieu avec nous”

     Wednesday, September 27,  2018 –  3.29 p.m. (IST).

     Tidbit :  ” No one is a greater leader of men than woman”.


     P.S.  Commonsense perspective, not an expert view.

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