” House Republicans are the Opposition now ” – November 6, 2018.

          It’s six hours since the Election Night coverage began in America.

          True to expectations that midterm elections prove unfavorable depriving some of the resources and privileges of the ruling party have held  on this time too.

          Democrats take control of the House of Representatives,  and Republicans take control of the Senate more firmly than before the elections.

          This now spells the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new era, an era where the Democrarts’  power flies aloft, mounts high, enabling them to be more aggressive with checks and balances.

          A popular vote,  a bigger number in the House,  even if the blue wave has not been as huge as expected.

          Propelled by women,  propelled by heavy parts of suburbs that have mostly remained loyal to Republicans hitherto –  the significant change that has taken place in this midterm.

          What does this mean to the Democratic Party immediately :  

          1.  The Power of Impeachment  (article I ,  Section 2 ) ;  but it is still the power of Senate to ‘try’  all Impeachment and decide whether or not to remove any government officials accused by the House.

          2.   Origination of power for bills intended to raise revenues (Article  II,  Section 7 ) ;  but it is still the Senate which can propose or counter amendments to revenue bills as with any other bill. House’s ability to prevent the Senate from expressing its views is pretty limited.

          3.   Choosing the President in the exceedingly unlikely case of an Electoral College Tie ( Article II, Section 1 as amended).  Senate nevertheless gets to approve appointments through the executive and judicial branches (Article  II ,  Section  II ). House gets no say in these appointments.

          4.   House Ways and Means Committee,  House Appropriations Committee,  House Rules Committee,  House Foreign Affairs Committee,  House Intelligence Committee,  House Oversight Committee,  plus the two that are critical to the Founders’  promises of Security and rule of Law from Defense to Justice –  ‘ Armed Services Committee ‘,  and  ‘ House Judiciary Committee’   –  all of the above become more powerful in the hands of Democrats after this election.


House Committees

          There has been general apprehensions as to how the stock markets will play. During the last two years of President Donald Trump there have been measures adopted causing a very healthy stock market pride. His promises of going further on tax reform may be slowed;  the new US-Mexico-Canada deal may face rough weather in the House, but with some concessions granted there will be light at the end of the tunnel ;  no real threat of Impeachment and stock market may well be emboldened;  stocks, nevertheless, may retreat a bit with dollar losing some strength in the immediate aftermath. Overall, it is expected that the stock market fears may lose steam soon.

          Republicans will have a difficult time from now. But they will still be the final “Decision-makers”  is  the  final judgement.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Wednesday,  November 7, 2018  –  10.29 a.m. (IST).

     Tidbit  :  ”  Senate is truly the most powerful of the two Houses – justified “

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