” Wall Up or Go to the Wall ” – January 25, 2019.

1.  ” Build the Wall, so the will of heaven will make governance smooth ;

                Build the Wall, for future generations to take their ease ;

                Build the Wall, so citizens forget all earlier faults ;

                 Build the Wall, so our pleasures get limitless and sorrows become uncritical . “


        2.   ” Wall may be bitter to many, but it’s           fruits may prove sweet ;

         Wall may be expensive, but people safety is supremely valuable ;

          Wall may be a burden to many, but it will be an excessive burden if neglected ;

          Wall may not be just concrete or steel,  it is the keys to our Garden of Eden. “


    3.  ” If I build a Wall now, there sure will be great comfort for citizens ;

            If I neglect your safety now, what of your future ?  I wonder ;

            If you support the Wall now, your path to safety and prosperity will soar ;

            If you hold Wall as a treasure, your dessert of safety gets delicious for taste. “


             4.  ” Take any noise against the Wall as just thin air ;

                     Make your perpetual motion steadfast to erase perpetual commotion ;

                       Shake the attending meaningless bits to preserve calm ;

                         Wake and arouse the Peacock’s pride of the barrier display. “


                5.  ” We are all American citizens,  no wall makes the only difference ;

                        We are all American citizens, the precious people  –  illegal immigrants are just the grass ;

                        We are all American citizens, should we not weather the illegal storm now? ;

                         We are all American citizens, don’t we need a secure Wall that’ll protect us better than what anyone thinks wrongly ? “


     ” Deau avec nous “

     Friday,  January 25,  2019 –  6. 09 p.m. (IST)

     Tidbit  :  ” The problem in Defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you’re trying to defend from without “.  –  Dwight  D  Eisenhower.

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