” End of the Longest Shutdown in U.S. History ” – January 26, 2019.

          “ President Donald Trump announced a deal to end the partial government shutdown on Friday afternoon.

          Ending 36 days of shutdown, the government will now be funded till February 15 by which time the lawmakers should come out with a new deal.

          Democrats are happy over the deal.

          President Donald Trump didn’t get the funding he wanted for the Wall.

          A new date for President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address stopped by Speaker Nancy Pelosi may likely emerge now. “


          It is not clear whether President Donald Trump believes that the logical surroundings of his action will change by February 15 ;  whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi will chalk out a fresh deal yielding to the demands of Donald Trump ; and whether Donald Trump’s tactical caving in will put the onus on Democrats now to prospect a way out.

          If President Donald Trump has played his cards probably in the hope that he can easily prevail in these conditions, it will reflect upon his stubborn insistence and strong faith that his demand for border wall contribution should be upheld. And if he has really taken this stand, it will also reinforce his mental strength even after his government shutdown has been criticised by political analysts as well as a majority of people. This will make him unique.

          If on the other hand the Democrats taste the success of blowing President Donald Trump’s cover and make him realise what will really ensure the security of the nation, they will be credited with showing the right path to guide the American citizens during this crisis like situation.

          It is President Donald Trump’s penchant for persona  that drives him to do  ‘something different’  (other than what everyone will want to do),  a move that he feels can catapult him to be the  “maker”  of things/events. Hence his caveat while declaring to reopen the government that  “he will not hesitate to close the government again if a satisfactory deal can’t be reached by February 15, with the hint that he may even call a National Emergency with the power that he wields under the laws and constitution of  U.S.A.”

          Hence my take on this :

          (1)   President Donald Trump has not caved in by reopening the government without wall funding. He has played a tactical move which may or may not turn ultimately favourable to him on February 15.

          (2)   President Donald Trump’s Leadership is made visible to the American citizens more clearly.

          (3)   By invoking National Emergency to achieve his goal, he is reminding/warning his opponents that he holds an ace up his sleeve. Whether it will influence the dealmakers on both sides of the aisle or not ;  it sure will be the major point of consideration for the stance to be adopted by the two sides given the President’s unpredictability.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Saturday, January 26,  2019  –  8.49 p.m. (IST).

     Tidbit :  ” You are more likely to be derided and laughed at, if you don’t stop telling lies “.



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