” President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address – ‘ L’union fait la force ‘ ” – February 5, 2019.


President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address – 2019

          President Donald Trump delivered his second State of Union Address on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Basically, it is information to Congress and people on ” how the President complies with Constitution’s order  from time to time ; he reports on the State of the Union ;  and makes necessary and expedient recommendations “.

          A highly coherent, substantive, real, essential, existential, and meaningful speech with key elements of  ‘economy, immigration, healthcare – fight against HIV and childhood cancer -, criminal justice reform ,  job growth, unemployment, tax reforms, trade policies, foreign policy, Iran Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan ;  including his proposed meet with the North Korean leader, Kim Kong Un ,  on February 27-28,  in Vietnam.

          His voice sombre, words firm, messages clear, gestures perfect, issues paramount, arguments appealing – President Donald Trump’s  speech is a welcome change. 

          Rejecting the pitches of revenge, resistance, and retribution he sought compromise and common good as the essence of cooperation in solving the nation’s problems. Asserting that an economic miracle is taking place in America only to be stopped by ” ridiculous partisan investigations ” he gave his call for  ‘choosing greatness’ . One is reminded of President Richard Nixon’s 1974 address when he said :  ” I believe the time has come to bring the Watergate investigation and other investigations to an end. One year of that is enough “.

          “There cannot be war and investigations when we want peace. This is a new era of cooperation. 300 highly qualified nominees stuck in the Senate waiting for years. It is unfair to nominees and the country. Now is the time for bipartisan cooperation. We need to work together to solve the problems ” – the President averred.

          Three aspects that I consider as what I learned are in the areas of Immigration control, healthcare, and the President’s action style :

          Immigration control  :  The figure below represents the immigration control triangle .

          Tolerance for illegal immigration is not compassionate but very cruel. Citing the areas of San Diego in California, and El Paso in Texas as the safest places as opposed to their being the most dangerous cities earlier – before construction of a wall – he drew attention to the conviction he holds about  ‘wall’  stopping the potential illegal immigration. “Where walls go up illegal crossings go way, way, down. Not one life should be lost because our nation failed to control our border”. He also added, ” proper wall never got built, I’ll get it built”. Closing loopholes, and strengthening manpower for enforcing laws and patrolling are his other lines of safeguarding the border.

          Healthcare  :  The figure below represents his plan for healthcare.


          While recounting his effort to eliminate Obamacare individual mandate penalty, he advanced his threefold measures of decreased drug prices, price transparency, and increased access to healthcare as critical to affordable health program.

          President’s action triangle  :  The figure below represents his action plan.

          Program focus refers to all the programs that he spoke about in his speech. Bipartisan cooperation refers to the conciliatory efforts of support from the whole Congress. Effective implementation refers to the concerted efforts by the Congress, by the various departments, and by the personnel engaged in delivering services to people.

America is founded on liberty and freedom and not on big government efforts alone. We will reinvigorate our resolve that America will never be a socialist country.” – he emphasized.

          President Donald Trump seems inclined to greater action but certainly not differences.

          President Donald Trump’s opponents have gained their grip, specially, after the mid term Elections. Connecting with them emotionally is the new challenge to the President in governance now.

          President Donald Trump’s main  “product”  is the  ‘wall’,  but the market for it – acushla to many, bête noire to others – is unwelcome now. When this happens, things turn more difficult with all his other ideas/actions. This is what is becoming visible now.

          President Donald Trump faces an intimidating political environment, with all his personal setbacks and governance challenges. Under the conditions mistakes can be in millions for even the greatest of all strategists. Caution is the watchword.

          President Donald Trump wants to bring a change in the culture of work. For it to be effective greater than 60 % should go into making a strong imprint, understanding, and support of a majority of people for all his programs. This is what effective communication of his intent and plans are all about. His intents were clear in the speech. We’ll have to wait to see the real change.

          President Donald Trump needs an “auxiliary champion”   who can complement his stature as the  ‘ ceremonious and unconventional champion’ . This will add strength and virtue. Can he identify one ?  Possible, but without guarantee at this juncture.

          President Donald Trump’s setback, if any, at this stage cannot be construed as a sign of the government moving backwards as many would wish. It, nevertheless, reflects the possibilities of ensuing conflicts in policies amplifying the challenges greater than before in future. President has his task cut out clearly. That is to keep the parties balanced happily affording the carrots in more cases and be unyielding in other cases. Plain commonsense and obvious, one may regard. If this is not anything new,  what is happening and what one may wish or say, will also be as old as hills.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Wednesday, February 6, 2019 –  11.19 a.m. (IST)

     Tidbit  :  ”  Walls work,  walls save lives ”  –  President Donald Trump.

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