” CNN Town Hall with Sen Bernie Sanders – ‘Truth, Trust, and Transformation are pillars of Democracy’ ” – February 25, 2019.


CNN Town Hall with Bernie Sanders – Wolf Blitzer is moderator.

.         Tonight’s CNN Town Hall witnessed a relatively quiet, toned down, and to an extent passive Senator Bernie Sanders compared to the forcible, expressive, emphatic, and authoritative attention thrusting displayed by him on January 9, 2017, CNN Town Hall with words to the effect : ” It’ll be constructive, constructive, constructive, and never obstruct, obstruct, obstruct – ideas that make sense will witness a sense of unity;  while ideas that are not in favour of community in any field ( education, health, energy, environment …) will find no compromise “.

          Tonight Bernie Sanders, nevertheless, was clear, engaging, and very transparent in his answers to the questions from the audience.

          Wolf Blitzer of CNN moderated the event.

          ” DNC has come a long way from what it was in 2016 and I am confident that they’ll have the right perspective ” –  Bernie Sanders’  reason for contesting as a Democratic nominee this time.


Bernie Sanders answering questions.

          If I am elected we’ll have Healthcare as a right, we’ll have minimum wage, we’ll promote a policy of a healthy and happy planet where all Americans can live – whether Donald Trump likes it or not : he asserted.  This received a big laughter in applause from the audience.

          Here are two important takeaways :

          (1)  Universal Healthcare :  Figure below reflects Bernie Sanders’  Healthcare Triangle of Strategy :

          Painting the big Pharma’s greed as the main obstacle in HealthCare for All’s  successful implementation, Senator Bernie Sanders identified that ‘negotiating prices’ of drugs coupled with strong ‘people support’  can make light the problems in making the program a great success. America does not guarantee all people with HealthCare now ;  30 million not covered ;  spends twice as much per Capita on Healthcare than any other country. Medicare for All – Single Payer Program with an introduction of Medicare Card is the only solution according to Bernie Sanders. Tax on Wall Street speculation is from where money will come, he added.

          (2)   Key Initiatives  :  Figure below represents Senator Bernie Sanders’ Key Initiatives Triangle to bring back American Glory  :

          High quality, optional, publicly funded  “Pre School”  for all Americans with every dollar invested giving many, many more time returns causing less dropouts is where America’s future lies – he averred. America can do it.

          Expose Donald Trump as a pathological liar and hold him accountable for what he said and promised.

          Distinguishing between Humanitarian and Military efforts to bring peace internationally, he supported Democratic changes in countries but without military intervention, be it Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela. Cyber war interfering with American election will not be taken lightly. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a brutal and irresponsible powers is not acceptable, referring to North Korea. He sees Trump – Kim Jong Un meeting as a good idea. I’ll like if President Donald Trump can get Nuclear things out of the hands of Kim Jong Un. It’ll be good. Getting Iran and Saudi Arabia together, getting Palestine and Israel together – good ideas, I welcome.

          To the last question why he thinks himself the best qualified to beat Donald Trump he said :  ” Bring all under one agenda;  Guarantee Healthcare;  Ensure high quality education;  Protect minimum wage;  Provide safety to all – policies that will resonate in many states Donald Trump won last time. He can only give effect to that “.

          Bernie Sanders stands ‘firm’ in adherence to promises is the conclusion that can be reached from the proceedings of this Town Hall.


    ” Dieu avec nous”

    Tuesday, February 26,  2019 – 9.29 a.m. (IST)

    Tidbit  :  ” Working people no more on Trump’s side now ” –  Bernie Sanders.

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