” Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un Summit Meeting in Vietnam – 27,28, February 2019.

          Smiles, handshakes, and pleasant exchanges will sure dominate the Second Summit Meeting between U.S.  President, Donald Trump,  and  Chairman, Kim Jong Un, DPRK, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

          While the Diplomacy last time in Singapore took just 4 months (from Feb 2018 to June 2018) to get real,  this time it is even faster with no uncertainties about cancellation and revival.

          Kim Jong Un called the Singapore meeting as ” a prelude to peace “.  President Donald Trump said : ” We’ll be successful ;  We’ll cooperate ;  Summit going very very good. “

          But common folks like me didn’t see anything concrete happening after the Singapore Summit.

          Here’s presenting a  ” Management Framework ”  for this Summit – with stakes high for both the unpredictable leaders :


          1.  Mission :  World Peace.

          2.  Goal  :  Peace, Security,  Nuclear Disarmament,  Economic growth,  and Modernisation.

          3.   Objectives  :  For Donald Trump these lie in Complete abandonment of North Korea’s  nuclear program (CVID);  For Kim Jong Un these lie in parity with big nations; North Korea’s economic growth;  North Korea’s modernisation.

          4.   Policies  :  For President Donald Trump it is “Safe America,  Safe North Korea,  and  Safe  World”.  For Chairman Kim Jong Un it is  “Safe North Korea;  Safety of his/self rule;  and Safety of his people”.

          5.   Program  :  Meet with each other possibly followed by meetings between delegations of U.S.A. and North Korea.

          6.   Direction  :  Clear understanding of each party’s terms ;  Taking friendship/relationship to the next level ;  Continuing Peace discussion and strategies ;  Formulating action plans with specific timelines ;  Exchanging information ;  and Making them transparent.

          7.   Control  :  A team to oversee progress on actions from both the nation’s ;  Identify any significant role to any close partner(s) with a stake on this Summit outcome ;  Garner enough support from other countries of the world for the action plan(s) conceived in the Summit Meeting.

          A commitment to the denuclearization from North Korea in exchange for Safety and Security of Kim Jong Un’s regime is the larger expectation.


.    ” Dieu avec nous “

     Wednesday,  February 27, 2019 –  2.29 p.m.  (IST)

     Tidbit  :  ”  Progress on a new era of relationship can be the best outcome “


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