” Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un Summit Meeting in Vietnam – Expect the Unexpected ” – February 28, 2019.








          The Second Summit Meeting between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un ended prematurely without any signed or agreed upon declaration, with the Working Lunch prior to that cancelled sans any compensation.

          All hopes with complete belief in the possibility of fulfilling at least a part of the ‘denuclearisation’ deal remains demolished.

          What was widely expected to be declared as a new era of relationship between the two nations, the U.S.A. and North Korea ;  what was widely expected to be declared as the proudest achievement of President Donald Trump ;  what was widely expected to be declared as a relationship capable of moulding the future peace in the world – has finally turned out to be oneiric raising the levels of uncertainty while making the task of North Korea’s Denuclearization a humongous task to anyone and everyone hoping for a breakthrough.

          That the foundation for the relationship laid down in Singapore could not be taken forward a bit is the disappointment.

          The only silver lining that can be expressed with some face saving grace lay in Chairman Kim Jong Un’s statements during the discussions earlier (before the abrupt end of the meeting was announced) :  (a)  I welcome the idea of a U.S. office in Pyongyong ;  and (b)  I would not be here if I am not willing to discuss denuclearization.

President Donald Trump addressing the media in Vietnam.











          President Donald Trump in his address to the media after the abrupt end of the meeting called it ‘a productive time’ while adding that “this is not the time to sign anything with Kim”. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said :  ” A big step forward with progress made and to be made in days, weeks, months ahead”.

Kim Jong Un wanted all sanctions lifted and we couldn’t agree, hence, we walked away”,  said President Donald Trump.

          U.S.  President’s puzzledom can probably be explained on Michael Cohen’s public testimony to Congress on this day, and the other two struggles weighing on his mind as given in the Figure 1 below :   



          I present below a simplistic representation of an AI application to the diplomatic Summit Meeting :

 Figure 2  deals with the  “Severity”  of the tests ;

Figure  3  deals with the  “Impact”  of  the tests ;  

Figure  4  deals with the  ” Social Perception”  of the tests. 

          In conclusion, it may be stated that the two leaders did not signal any positive change in attitude at the end of the meeting ;  any normalisation and future discussions or relationships is as unpredictable as the leaders themselves are known to be given the frequent internal and external uncertainties that shroud the Summit itself ;  respect for morals, compassion, and peace need to be assigned the highest order of priority.

          That will only constitute a great Summit Meeting enabling a real outcome.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Thursday,  February 28,  2019 –  2.39 p.m. (IST).

     Tidbit  : ” A man, however fallen, who loves his home is not wholly lost ” –  Benjamin  Disraeli.


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