” CNN Town Hall with Marianne Williamson – Towards a New Political Leadership ” – April 14, 2019.

          Tonight’s town hall featured author cum activist, Marianne Williamson, who will be running for the President of U.S.A.  in the 2020 Election.

Marianne Williamson with CNN’s Dana Bash.

          CNN’s  Dana Bash moderated the event.

          Marianne Williamson announced her candidacy on January 29, 2019.

          I wish to present the following three aspects while highlighting the event :

          1.  Vision :  Figure below represents Marianne Williamson’s  vision : 

          From disconnect to connect ;  From suffering and conflict to harmony and peace ;  From power of fear to power of love ; – Marianne Williamson wants a transformation in America’s future lead by a political visionary, his/her words reflecting the voice of the heart of citizens.

          2.  Priorities  :  Figure below represents Marianne Williamson’s  Priorities triad : 

           (a) Marianne Williamson bats for  ‘Medicare for All’  with a holistic approach where not just access to doctor but avoiding toxins and environmental disorders will be emphasized.  (b)  She supports Criminal Justice Reform ;   and  (c)  her goal is to let the U.S.  reenter the Paris Climate Agreement.  

          3.  Leadership Style  :  Figure below represents Marianne Williamson’s Leadership style as can be formulated from her responses in the Town Hall :

          The following are the three elements that constitute her Leadership style :  (a)  Timely, lively, and speedy actions be it in restoring Justice (reparations), Economy,  Health or Education. (b)  Arrest the slide that America witnessed in the last 40 years through creation of a moral and spiritual awakening which she terms as the ‘Magic Political Force’  and  (c)  A change in the approach to all the issues plagued by the nation that will be a blend of human-rights/dignities  and  general welfare of the citizens.  She discusses hate and love in this context.

          Conclusion :  Quick on the draw,  prompt in perception,  and ready to impart learning,  meaning, and understanding on all issues – Marianne Williamson proved herself to be an  action taking lady.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Monday, April 15, 2019 –  3.59 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” Love for Israel is second only to my love for the United States ” – Marianne Williamson while answering the question on the alliance of United States with Israel.


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