” Influence of Mueller Report on Democrarts’ Course of Actions ” – April 21, 2019

          (A)   The  Scenario  :

          A month since the release of Mueller Report.

          President Donald Trump’s indictment after the Russia probe is beyond the realms of possibility.

          Democrats seem to have their knives in Trump’s other wrongdoings now.

          Their demand for the full unredacted report is growing by the day.

          Robert Mueller’s  (Special Counsel)  testimony is sought by April 23 in the fervent hope of clearing the undetermined and undecided issues and erase the uncertainty of opinion by anyone.

          President Donald Trump’s scathing criticism after the release of the report to the Congress is also on the rise.

          From  “Mueller acted honorably”  after AG William Barr’s four-page summary on 24th March to  “Total  Bulls**t”  the day before is a radical shift.

          Everyone  (citizens including)  is eager to know what the Democrats will do now ;  how they will derive and decide the courses of future actions ;  and what impact this move will have on the mood of citizens from now on.

          (B)   The  Choices  :

          Figure below represents the three possible courses of actions by the Democrats :

          Action 1 :  Senator  Elizabeth Warren has called for Impeachment proceedings to be initiated against the President. A few Congressional members  have  also  extended  support  to  the call . But the Democratic Leadership may be wary of this course of action for fear of failure and the resultant disadvantage politically.

          Action  2  :   Seems certain to be supported by all Democrats. Can place President Donald Trump under check during the remaining part of his term.

          Action  3  :   Seems logically the ideal course of action.  Congressmen  Sean Patrick Maloney (NY)  and  Harley Rouda (CA)  have already voiced their emphasis on this course of action as a non-partison issue dealing with the right and wrong that’ll instantly be hailed by the citizens and the Democratic (even others) politicians alike.

          (C)   The First and the Best  :

          Without making a rod for their own back the Democrats will derive more from a mix of  60%  of  Action  3  and  40%  of  Action  2  to earn their mark in 2020. This is the verdict.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Sunday,  April 21,  2019 – 12. 29 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” We want to beat Trump in a Big way in 2020 ” – Congressman  Harley Rouda (CA).


        P.S.  If you think this piece is not anything new, I must confess that I am with you. This is intended to be a skeletal format for a mgt  presentation.



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