” Welcome to the Race, Wisdom Joe ” – April 25, 2019.

          Just 90 minutes ago, Joseph R Biden Jr.,  announced  his entry into the crowded Democratic primary for the Election 2020.

          Joe Biden’s  45  years of public service (36 years as Senator) and quantitative accomplishments may well be overwhelming.

          At 76 backed by long service his scores on ’empathy’ ;  ‘persuasiveness’ ;  ‘honesty and integrity’ ;  and his ability to engage others, particularly from both sides of the aisle, will always stand out.

          Today’s leadership, nationally and internationally, however,  calls for more than mere basic requirements. More so, because today’s problems are much more complex requiring innovative, creative solutions.

          Just as we say that in business, in the selection of employees, managers, or even first rung leaders it is “character”  and not just  ‘skill sets’,  making the most important determinant;  in Politics too it is  “character”  combined with attitude that forms the Chief determinant of eligibility today. Character, here, is not to mean just what it connotes literally but in the broader sense of  “risk taking initiatives”  for the ultimate good of the community. It is the most essential attitude, an attribute of national leadership in today’s world.

          It is in this context that Joe Biden will find his contest challenging.

          Figure below represents what and how  “character”  contributes to leadership.

          My character triad consists of the following three elements : (a) Imaginative thrust,  (b) Interactive brain,  and  (c) Industrious behavior.

          (a) Imaginative thrust describes a leader in search of a direct, intuitive, and practical awareness and understanding of the problem/action/incident with a healthy mind condition. Immediate knowledge of the event and swift response are critical to this behavior.

          (b) Interactive brain refers to the power to perceive truth of an action/incident without much logical or detailed analysis. The Leader here engages in discussions through aides on the pros and cons of the action/incident as quickly as possible. His gut instinct is also valuable.

          (c)  Industrious behavior explains in terms of sum of all elements of a part being more than the whole. It describes a person who discepts and discusses issues with all stakeholders, specially for new ideas and methods in arriving at a decision. It reveals that the person concerned is highly goal conscious, role conscious, and team conscious to achieve success.

          New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern’s response to the bombings in Christchurch mosque is an excellent example of “character” wherein her immediate response in terms of ‘Gun Control Legislation’  within 7 days of the incident satisfied all the three components while fulfilling the goal and role of remedial action. She took personal responsibility ;  She took the opportunity provided by the adversity ;  She designed a creative legislation to the challenging situation ; She took the hopeful view of the risk to formulate a creative solution – all for the benefit of citizens and the nation. Her sanguinity amidst the catastrophe evoked praise and acclamation throughout the world.

          Quite a few Democrats in the fray show  “character”  in terms of the new/creative ideas that make it critical. Andrew Yang’s Universal Basic Income (UBI);  Beto O’Rourke’s  Medicare for America ;  Pete Buttigieg’s  Democratic Capitalism fall under this category, each capable of being the vital cog in the wheel of Democrats’  offerings.

          Mention should be made of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s  “Green New Deal”,  although she is a fresh congresswoman not in this contest. But GND has the potential to be the key issue of Democrats in this election either independently or in a modified format.

          Alexandria Ocasio Cortez may not have thought of ‘character’ in this sense or interpreted in terms of risk taking while conceiving GND.

          But balancing Climate Change and Economic Inequality in a way that protects the environment while preserving and promoting job opportunities is the right path forward for America’s progress and growth – according to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

          It is significant to note that many others in the fray (Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Jay Inslee, …) have also adopted Climate Change or a modified version of GND as a key issue.

          Will GND give a vital plank to fight the election in 2020 ?

          Whether GND can match the impact of immigration as the key issue in 2016 election which catapulted Donald Trump to the Presidency ?

          Will GND have a striking impact on the voting pattern ?

Will Joe Biden be able to propose a creative program of his own to earn the mark of a key issue and distinguish himself from the pack ?

          No one can be sure at this moment.

” Welcome to the Race, Wisdom Joe “.

    ” Dieu avec nous “

   Thursday, April 25, 2019 – 10.49 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ”  A problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created it “. – Albert Einstein.


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