” CNN Town Hall with James Comey – A revelateur account ” – May 9, 2019.

CNN Town Hall with James Comey

          Tonight’s  CNN  Town Hall featured Former FBI  Director, James Comey. Today marks the two year anniversary of James Comey’s firing. The Town Hall was held in Washington DC.

Anderson Cooper of CNN, the Moderator

          Anderson Cooper of CNN moderated the event.

James Comey, former FBI Director

          James Comey had these to say :  1.  Robert Mueller Report is a high quality work.  2.  What was laid out for Mueller for investigation was broader in scope.  3.  No collusion with Russia as inferred by Trump is unacceptable.  4.  Russia investigation was conducted by the book.  5.  Mueller ‘should’  testify before the Congress.

          Figure below represents the three elements of the ‘Obstruction of justice’, an aspect of the investigation.

          This is what is revealing :  James Comey strongly feels that the element of “corrupt intent” is clear in the report from many instances. For e.g. direction to Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller. Wanting to limit the probe of Russian investigation to only future investigations was another.

          Trump would have been charged if he is not President is his conclusion. ‘Mueller did something principled and fair’, he said on Mueller’s decision not to offer a judgement based on his conclusion that a sitting President is immune from indictment.

          James Comey had this to say about  “Leadership”  :  “Leadership needs to have a moral component, and that moral component is lacking thoroughly in Trump’s presidency. He lies constantly and we are numb to that sadly.”

          “It is the nature and character as leader who holds the “American Values” high only that will distinctly mark a good President. You cannot have someone who is a chronic liar.” – has been the essence of his thoughts.

          He has detailed elaborately in his recent book titled :  ” A Higher Loyalty –  Truth, lies, and Leadership “.

James Comey’s recent book.

          Whenever he referred to the need for reflection of  “values”  as being important for a President, there has been a loud applause from the audience.

          Standing out separately and significantly from the discussion was the question on ‘what will put a stop to school shootings ?’  from an elementary school teacher. James Comey’s answer was also very distinctive – ” Connecting educators, law enforcement personnel, and health professionals will be the right move forward. No need to arm teachers. It is not a workable solution. It requires more training and discipline”.

          On AG  William Barr he said :  ” William Barr acted in a way less than honorable. He also lost his reputation by the act of his 4 page summary of Mueller’s report and the press conference he held before the release of the redacted report”.

          On Rod Rosenstein he said :  ” he is not a man of strong character, but he has accomplishments to his credit”.

          James Comey singled out James Mattis as the man with strong character, principles, and integrity.

          Finally, he felt that going into 2020 there will be this overarching goal of Russia on interfering in our elections to damage the reputation of our democracy and the nation.   

          He is certain not to seek entry into Politics even while admitting that he may not be averse to participating  in Election meetings trying to change the Presidency.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday,  May 10, 2019 –  8.09 a.m. (IST).

   Tidbit :  ”  FBI doesn’t spy,  FBI  investigates ” –  James Comey.



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