” US President Donald Trump Delivers His ‘Salute to America’ ” – July 4, 2019.

Inspired by the Bastille Day in France, US President Donald Trump personally orchestrated and spearheaded the ‘Fourth of July’  event with a military display, major fireworks display, entertainment including music from military bands and military flyovers, and an address by him constituting the chief events. That these festivities took place on the National Mall and not on the White House lawns is significant. US  Navy’s flight demonstration team, “Blue Angels”,  and the plane used as Air Force One also flew over the National Mall.

Flyover of Air Force One.

Tanks and other armoured vehicles were on display for the event but they did not parade along the Pennsylvania Avenue. It is, nevertheless, a celebration of the military too on Independence Day.

Flyover of Marine Corps.

It was a spectacular event full of positive energy.”

           President Donald Trump has probably taken a leading role in the American Independence Day celebration true to Alexander Hamilton’s suggestion that the President of USA take a leading role in celebrating America’s Independence. Alexander Hamilton was the nation’s first treasury secretary and the right hand man of George Washington, the first President of USA.

          ” Honor the Military,  and  Celebrate America “,  the twin themes of the party propounded by Alexander Hamilton was fully evident and satisfying throughout President Donald Trump’s speech.

          Figure below depicts the three elements of the President’s Speech Triad :

Patriotism and Unity ;  Military might ;  and  American Leadership were the key elements in line with the Fundamentals of the American Democracy that espouses (a) Protecting the Country ; (b)  American Leadership ;  and (c)  Improving the Quality of Life of Citizens by creating opportunities for people in all socioeconomic groups to achieve their dreams.

          ” (1) America is an exceptional nation ;  it is stronger today than ever before ;  (2)  Americans like freedom ; and noone will ever take it away from us ;  (3)  Spirit runs through the veins of every patriot ;  (4)  American innovative breakthroughs by Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Wright brothers made strides in shaping the American growth ;  (5)  We’ll plant American flag in Mars soon ;  (6)  American Police, ICE, Border Patrol, Law Enforcement personnel, Firefighters, Military Service Members, Gold Star Families and others playing in all actions is important and indicative of courage, patriotism, and foresight ;  and  (7)  the most significant and  newfangled idea of the President’s  “Space Force”  –  a distinctive characteristic of American creative spirit and ingenuity  marked the points that the President highlighted in his speech.

With Armed Forces Secretary, Esper.

           General Conclusions :

           1.  It was a precise and a compelling narrative of the brave and valorous acts of the Army,  Navy,  Airforce and Marine Corps of America with specific incidents that stood testimony to their heroic acts.

           2.   We have liberated ourselves from oppression by British monarchy ;  entrenched ourselves firmly to the principles of growth and hope ;  and moved ahead to assume the Leadership role in the World with innovative strategies – these have been the leading principles behind the President’s Speech.

           3.   It was a speech, in essence, (a) tracing American history from the Declaration of Independence through the various challenges that US had crossed successfully (including World Wars) ;  (b)  tracing the creative bent of mind and attitude of Americans in Innovative, groundbreaking technologies ;  (c)  tracing the bold and predominant role played by the US Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marine in national security and International conflicts ;  (d)  tracing the people enhancement oriented breakthroughs in the field of Medicine, Safety, and Comfortable living ;  and  (e)  tracing the interests of Citizens in terms of chasing the ‘ one dream, one destiny ‘  motif emphasising that everyone and everything is made by the same mighty God.

           4.   The speech will be known for all its ideal characteristics demanding this occasion without an iota of proof to the scepticism expressed by many analysts and some media that there could be possibilities of distractions and diversions of a political nature or a campaign rally type rant. ( I must admit that I too had doubts earlier which were now dispelled thoroughly ).

           5.   The speech may lack clear directions for future national growth ;  but it must be understood that such directions may run the risk of being designated as voluntary publicity or propaganda. Nobody can do justice to the expectations of every member of the audience and any and every speech is always likely to fall short on some expectations atleast. Viewed in this perspective, the speech deserves to be rated as one that is best conceived and delivered echoing the power of mind of a good Leader.

           In sum, this is a speech that should put to rest any and all misconceptions, misconjecture, and  misunderstanding prior to the event, lest they get exposed in sorry plight.


   “Dieu avec nous “

   Thursday, July 5, 2019 – 7.59 a.m. (IST)

    Tidbit:  ” How much we ought to cherish the blessings which are within our reach and to cultivate the seeds of harmony and unanimity in all our public councils ” – George Washington, 1790.


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