” Third Democratic Primary Debate – Restless Energy and Substantive Arguments ” – September 12, 2019.

          The Third Democratic Primary Debate was held tonight.

          Venue  :  Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas.

          Hosted by  :  abc  News in partnership with Univision.

Candidates :  Former VP,  Joe Biden ;  Sen Elizabeth Warren ;  Sen Bernie Sanders ;  Sen  Cory Booker ;  Sen Kamala Harris ;  Sen Amy Klobuchar ;  Mayor Pete Buttigieg ;  Former US rep Beto O’Rourke ;  Former US HUD Sec Julian Castro ;  and  Entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

          Issues Discussed :  Healthcare ;  Racism and Gun Control ;  Immigration ;  Foreign Policy;  Afghan War ;  Climate Change ;  and Education.

          Background :  First debate after Labor Day,  First debate of the Fall,  First Democratic Primary with only 10  candidates,  First after August mass shootings and Dorian hurricane.

Moderators  :  George Stephanopoulos ;  Linsey Davis;  David Muir ;  and  Jorge Ramos.

          Salient features as I observed :

          1.  Aspects and perspectives that may not have occurred to the minds of citizens were clearly brought out by the moderators through their questions astutely.

          2.   There is no clear winner in this debate, while everyone scored points enhancing and consolidating their position(s). Even overall.

          3.   Elizabeth Warren defended her position on issues with aplomb. She was precise, powerful, and clear. Her appeal to the hearts and emotions of the people was solid and effective.

          4.   Joe Biden maintained a neutral facial expression through the ordeal, kept his voice even ,  and never shouted or showed aggression. His arguments were  positive. His gestures were quite natural without any sign of nervousness. Maintained his standing in terms of popularity.

          5.   Bernie Sanders’s arguments sounded appealing and believable. He also engaged in providing some pauses during his speech that enhanced the importance of his points. He protected his position among the candidates well.

          6.   Best rebuttal  :  Sen Amy Klobuchar’s  recall and narration of two incidents when she investigated seriously with billboards and other tools to track the shooter leading to imprisonment was convincing enough to the question of her record for 8 years as prosecutor. Her rebuttal  clearly supported her skills in resolving issues positively.

          7.   Julian Castro attacking Joe Biden asking him to recollect his words  “two minutes ago”   (indirectly alluding to the age factor ?)  lacked civility and may not have been viewed by the observers in good taste. His performance, nevertheless, in this debate is commendable.

          8.   There has been no interruptions ;  no serious aggression and no offense ;  and almost nil attacks seriously. The Debate went on in a smooth and well controlled fashion.

          9.   Sen Amy Klobuchar’s emphasis during the discussion on Climate Change, specially spelling out assertively and authoritatively what she’ll do on Day 1,  Day 2,  Day 3, 4, 5, 6  –  like rejoining the Paris Accord ; implementing gas mileage standards  ..  .. –  without depending on the Congress was very powerful and seemed coming from the bottom of her heart. Her description of the challenge as the “existential threat”  also stood out as an excellent move. It is bound to make a perceptible impact on the voters.

          10.  To the final question of how they will recover from their setbacks in life :

          Joe Biden said, ” Never explain, never complain when you are down ; Find your purpose when you get up.”

Elizabeth Warren said, ” Resilience is what matters most “.

Bernie Sanders said, ” I have taken on every powerful interest in this country with courage of conviction”.


Kamala Harris said, ” Don’t you let anybody tell you who you are, you tell them who you are”.

Pete Buttigieg said, ” Trust should be reciprocated well.”

Andrew Yang said, ” Allow oneself to live human values and aspirations “.

Cory Booker said, ” Don’t give up on people;  trust the power of people “.

Beto O’Rourke said, ” Differences are viewed as foundations to our success and strength “.

Amy Klobuchar said, ” Motivation to public service is special;  lead with grit “.

Julian Castro said, ” Try to win the Trust of public faith “.

          Conclusion :   This has been a debate  living up to the right dose of  ” ethical appeal, emotional appeal, and logical appeal ”  while providing the right and persuasive arguments by almost everyone on the stage. 

” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, September 13, 2019 – 9.49 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere ” –  Sen Cory Booker.








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