“Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine 2019 – Supernatural Gas to afford Super Cure ” – October 7, 2019.

           Fundamental importance of  ‘ Oxygen ‘  after its discovery in 1774 by  Joseph Priestly  (Carl Wilhelm Wheeler in 1773 discovered it but did not publish, hence the credit to Joseph Priestly) has been in the realm of human and animal life for more than 2 millennium but today it touched a supernatural high with three scientists revealing its molecular mechanisms that underlie how cells adapt to variations in Oxygen supply in our body.

          The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine has been awarded today jointly to William G Kaelin, 61, Howard Hughes Medical Institute in U.S.A.,  Gregg L Semenza, 63, Director, Vascular Research Program at Johns Hopkins Institute, U.S.A.,  and  Peter J Ratcliffe, 65, Director, Clinical Research at France’s Crick Institute in London, U.K.

          Fundamentally, body can store up food and water, but cannot store Oxygen. Body cell needs Oxygen every minute. We burn 7 hundred billion old cells everyday. Oxygen through the process of oxidation changes food and liquid into energy in our body. This helps our muscle contraction (movement) ;  feed our brain (nourishment) ;  repair our cells (rejuvenation) ;  and even calms our cells.  “Oxygen is the best cleanser of our body “. These facts are well known.

           The scientists’  discovery of  “how the cells sense and adapt to Oxygen availability”  will be the key to a groundbreaking path for a host of strategies full of promise  in fighting such dreaded diseases like Cancer, Anaemia and many others in future.

           The  discovery opens up new vistas of research and development in Academic Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Companies throughout the world in the critical area of  “activating or blocking the Oxygen sensing machinery”. This will become the Paradigm shifting research activity in this century. A fillip to the  Drug Discovery, Development, and Disease Cure activities  from now on for sure.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Monday, October 7, 2019 –  7.29 p.m. (IST)

    Tidbit :  ” A glimpse into the past to a great view in future “

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