” Candidate Hillary’s Vision for 2020 and Beyond ” – October 29, 2019.

Hillary Clinton.

American air is thick with rumours of Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, desiring to have a go at the 2020 Presidential race.

          Hillary Clinton may well have a good turnout in campaigns if she decides to contest, no doubt. It may also be something unique in American Elections, and will be more so if she wins the 2020 Election with many firsts to her credit. As at present, though, it sounds and appears oneiric.

           I would like to present below three strategies for Candidate Hillary Clinton to consider, should she choose to contest. Not as any expert, but as a common man.

          That she will face mounting challenges to become likeable to the voters again is a reality.

          1.  A Clear Vision Statement :  Hillary Clinton must be feeling that 3 years have gone by too fast since her defeat to Donald Trump in 2016. She didn’t have any great moments during the period other than a published book. So she does not have much to say in terms of work life or personal highlights. In effect, she will start from where she took off in 2015 as a  Democratic Primary candidate. Fortunately for her, now is the time when most politicians are fine-tuning their plans and focusing their attention on the question : ” How to create the impact that will make 2020 significant ? ”  To get the right answer to this question Candidate Hillary Clinton should first make a fair, frank, and ingenuous self assessment of what she can script as her  ” New Vision for America ” ;  how she can set the course for America ;  and how she’ll communicate her vision to the people.

          That Donald Trump is dangerous and chaotic is all already sold by almost every opposition candidate not to invite anymore buy-in or hold water. Hillary Clinton should clearly define her VISION  in terms of America’s place in the World through her dialogues, discourses, and deportment. That she has been the Secretary of State and visited more than 160 countries during her term will put her position strong in terms of choosing what America will be ( a Peace Progressionist ; a Guiding Star ;  a Leading Light ; a World Leader or whatever) lending credibility to her arguments. She should be able to corroborate this with how her VISION will be supported in terms of  Mission   and  Purpose for fulfillment.

          2.   Establishing Strategic Priorities :  Once the vision is made to serve as the guide for her Campaign, she should set one or two strategic priorities to deliver beyond what Donald Trump has achieved so far. It means specifying areas of big impact that she’ll focus on. Democrats in general favor Healthcare, Climate Change, Education, Gun Control  …  as their main Priorities. 

          An example that can stand in good stead for Candidate Hillary Clinton could well be this priority :  “Acquiring, developing, and implementing  New  Talent in Education for meeting the challenges of Healthcare, Climate Change, and Gun Control and every effort that Democrats will place in this election “.

           To my knowledge, no candidate as yet has spoken very clearly in terms of how he/she will be able to tackle the challenges for the benefit of all American Citizens in any forum. The priority stated above will not be subjected to any question or criticism since it encompasses all aspects necessary for fulfillment of the VISION – Education, experience, creativity, innovation, technology, skills, training, school infrastructure and any other.

            The stated priority will define the actions to be followed automatically. In any case this will take effect only after power is acquired.

           3.   A new Beginning from the Scratch :  Candidate Hillary Clinton should also take care not to let  ‘legacy’  constraints impede the attainment of the  VISION ,  a factor that every politician succumbs to unmindful of the oftentimes damaging consequences putting their actions in jeopardy. What it means is that the most important factor at this critical period in the world ( with protests and unrest galore in different countries ;  unwinding things of the past once power is grabbed ;  driven by ideas touted as new without any trial or proven support ;  more attention seeking than real benefit ;  long on self aggrandizement and short on people welfare ; and  youth centered culture revolution ; )  is how one will politically navigate the Social and Economic disruption that is now taking place for the benefit of the Society.

           The Leader should be able to spot those areas where natural disruption rises, say, in Communication, Health, and Safety where the synergy not just exists clearly but progresses fast to help every citizen in their lives. This entails placing a few steps out of the ambit of the role of politicians but impels and pushes continual progress of the nation to be regarded as a great  “model nation”. This is what will mark the real evolution of any Nation.

            It is like what we say in the game of Cricket,  ” Every test  match is a new test  match”.  Hillary Clinton will need to consider   herself starting from the scratch. This, for her, is a new election.

            Conclusion :   For candidate Hillary Clinton, this may also be the right opportunity to script and showcase the scenes of her tale and mark her evolution with a  “New Theme”.

           P.S.  The above strategies are applicable to any candidate in this election , but  Candidate Hillary Clinton cannot afford to keep away from this plan if she chooses to contest.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Wednesday,  October 30, 2019 – 2.39 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” She feels entitled to do it ;  she feels compelled to do it ;  she feels that God put her on the Earth to do it. But she is hesitant because she realises the timing is bad. ”  –  Dick Morris, Former Bill Clinton adviser.

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