” Two Great Leadership Examples in the Last Fortnight ” – December 11, 2019.

Sundar Pichai

1. Alphabet and Sundar Pichai  :

          Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s elevation as the parent Alphabet’s CEO, as announced by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, is not just paving a new way for its simplification of the management structure or a new way of guiding the company but rather a due recognition of his competence, passion, efforts, merit, and the impeccable track record he holds in meeting the challenges to the company for nearly 2 decades.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Co-founders, Alphabet.

          It is highly significant for the fact that the move stands as testimony to the “Leadership” of both the awardee (Sundar Pichai),  and  the co-founders (Larry Page and Sergey Brin) equally.

          Both Larry Page and Sergey Brin stand tall as great leaders for their faith and confidence in Sundar Pichai to lead the company they founded.

          Following the Microsoft way in the technology sector, Google has bestowed its Trust, Confidence, and Honour to an Indian-American in crowning him as the  “Chief”  of  Alphabet and Google.

          I am not an expert in any tech subject. But what comes to my mind at this juncture is what I knew and read about  ‘Netflix’ and its work culture/hiring policy.

           Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr.,  Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO,  of Netflix said :  “Ask if a certain position is open and will he fill it with the person holding the job ?”  If the answer is no, then write a check and let the person go.

          But  In this case, both Larry Page and Sergey Brin have let themselves go while anointing the right fit for the right task. That they are still in the Governing Board has to be recognised.

          One may counter this view with the following argument :  Netflix’s case mostly applies to middle and lower level responsibilities and not for the  “top”  position.

          It needs to be emphasized here that CEO, Reed Hastings, let go of Patty McCord (HR Chief),  Jonathan Friedland (Head of Corporate Communications),  and  Neil Hunt (Chief Product Officer) – all holding key positions in the Organisation. Also, the act should be taken to represent Netflix’s Culture of  “Freedom and Responsibility” enunciated by Reed Hastings and Patty McCord. It was the ‘performance culture’ of Netflix that stood successful, perhaps only in Netflix, while many other companies which tried to imitate similar propositions failed.

          Just as Microsoft succeeded with Satya Nadella,  Alphabet (with Google) will also be successful with Sundar Pichai is the final verdict.


2.  Impeachment of President Donald Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi :

Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

          President Donald Trump’s Impeachment (articles being released) impelled by the Democrats based on the House Intelligence Committee’s report seems to rest on two major accusational acts of ” abuse of power and obstruction of the Congress”.

          Abuse of power pertains to President Donald Trump’s seeking a favor with the Ukrainian President during his July 2019 phone call.

          Obstruction of Congress pertains to President Donald Trump’s instructions to ignore the subpoenas and refusal to deliver documents, e:mails, etc sought by the Congress.

President Donald Trump.

          According to the whistle blower report, President Donald Trump asked the Ukrainian President, Volodimyr Zelensky in July 2019, to investigate Joe Biden, Trump’s political opponent in 2020 Presidential Election, as well as his son Hunter Biden and the company Crowd strike, and to announce these in exchange for the Congressionally mandated $ 391 million military aid package plus a meeting at the White House.

          Formal Impeachment inquiry began in September 2019. House of Representatives voted to approve guidelines for the next phase of  Impeachment Inquiry.

           On Tuesday, December 10, 2019,  (after 74 days of witness inquires), two articles of Impeachment have been announced by the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

          For the Leadership Lesson, let me turn the clock back to 1998-1999 when President Bill Clinton was impeached. There is a parallel to this.

          While President Bill Clinton’s Impeachment and his sequel to that – making his mark – of  “admitting his mistakes” without being self-centred, even while moving forward with extra energy to fulfill his task of doing good to the citizens of America during the remaining period of his Presidency, ever will remain high on his “Leadership Characteristic” (exempli-gratia), whether the same will now be seen in this case is seriously in doubt.

“Makng mistakes is an important part of a leader’s journey – opined an expert.

By that simple admission, President Bill Clinton, transformed himself from one who’s attacked to one who’s respected and trusted.”

          What President Donald Trump will do now remains largely unknown and uncertain.

          Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, by declaring the fructification of USMCA Trade Pact (an improvement over NAFTA) in an act of collaboration with President, Donald Trump, for the good of American Citizens within an hour of announcing the Impeachment articles is a clear signal to the people of America that Democrats will stand up for the welfare and safety of all people.

          Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has done well to adopt the learning experience of Bill Clinton to steer the future of the Party and the Nation.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Wednesday, December 11, 2019 –  11.39 a.m. (IST).

   Tidbit :  ” A true Leader is one who is humble enough to admit their mistakes”.

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