” Sixth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate – Optimal Energy with High Engagement ” – December 19, 2019.

The sixth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate was held tonight.

Location  :  Los Angeles, California.

Venue  :  Loyola Marymount University, LA.

Hosted by  :. PBS NewsHour and Politico.

Candidates  :  Joe Biden, Former VP ;  Bernie Sanders, Senator, Vermont ;  Elizabeth Warren, Senator, MA ;  Amy Klobuchar, Senator, Minnesota ;  Pete Buttigieg, Mayor, South Bend, Indiana ;  Andrew Yang, Enterpreneur ;  and Tom Steyer, Enterpreneur.

Moderators  :  Judy Woodruff,  Amna Nawaz,  Yamiche Alcindor,  and  Tim Alberta.

Issues Covered  :  Impeachment ;  Economy, Foreign Policy ;  Syria, Afghanistan ;  Immigration ;  Healthcare ;  Education ;  Age ;  and Democrats’  Vision .

Salient features  :

1.  Enterpreneur Tom Steyer’s  Strategy Triad is given below :

      It includes an ‘unconventional way’ to take on Donald Trump in the general election ;  Environmental Justice as his Priority (Climate change) ;  and  To unite the now divided nation with strength and support from everyone.

      Tom Steyer was confident, consistent, credible, honest and sounded extremely supportive of giving a hand to dismantling Trump’s Presidential run in 2020. Repeating and reinforcing this effort in every Program conceived by the leader is key to enforce a cultural adjustment – according to him. He drew extensively upon his single minded, single handed effort in building his business amidst many struggles to make his case for the position.

     2.  Enterpreneur Andrew Yang’s   Strategy Triad is given below :

     It rests upon ‘ relocation of people displaced’ to protect them ;  Making available a Freedom Dividend of $1000 per month in the hands of every citizen ;  and the firm conviction that ‘Immigrants  make the nation great’.

     Andrew Yang displayed a good grasp of the changes happening in the nation now ;  what they mean and cause to administrators and Citizens ; and how improvement can be brought. He had a clear insight into the needs of people and seemed capable of providing the right solutions for better national growth. He also looked keen on implementing a disruptive change to the nation in a short period and his remedy lies in enhancing people comfort even while attempting digital technologies.

     3.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s  Strategy Triad is given below :

      His Strategy Triad comprises a ‘Carbon neutral’  priority ;  strong belief that ‘value’ and stability’ constitute the nation’s strength ;  and  the strong need to make America Safe.

      He exuded Confidence throughout the debate and offered his views/ideas with authority conveying his leadership qualities by bringing his knowledge into the answers. By that he was able to make his points count to the people making himself clearly known to people.  “Diplomatically  and economically tackle challenges”  was his message. Things worked and happened for him well (despite the counterpoints from Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren on a couple of occasions on fundraising) which made him feel good and confident about himself.

     4.  Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Strategy Triad is given below :

           Climate change priority ;  Healthcare ;  and  ‘avoiding discrimination and providing economic opportunity to people’  –  constitute the three pillars of her conscience.

     She correctly assessed and held a realistic view of the opportunities in these troubled times with a clear recognition of the value of the initiatives needed to bring about a change. Looking beyond the established set of behaviour from the citizens, she supported a vigorous search for new methods, be it Healthcare, education, immigration, or foreign policy. She also showed a keen respect for others on the stage. Respecting others’ ideas, trust, culture, and race sure will come back to her in goodwill and support in future. Her simple and essential message was  “progress”. She definitely stood tall and high on performance as a leader on the stage.

     5.  Senator Bernie Sanders’  Strategy Triad is given below :

     The three elements of the triad are :  Save the Planet ;  Togetherness is the strength of the nation ;  and  human rights and democracy to be protected immediately.

      In his arguments there was a keen interest to present a healthy and positive journey in the life of the Citizens. He batted for a citizen centric nation where the Government will take a front seat in its transformational goal to make it a culture of the nation. He put his emotions clearly to tackle the questions that seemed to have helped him to speak confidently of his views in the debate. He made the situational assessment – of the country – exceptionally well and expressed firmly that he is the fitting candidate to defeat Trump in the ensuing general election.

     6.  Senator Elizabeth Warren’s  Strategy Triad is given below :

       The three elements of the Triad are :  Clean Energy Leader that America needs to be ;  Immigration is key to prosperity ;  and  full Healthcare coverage.

      She made the best impression in this debate displaying the right dose of modesty, humility, and strength of arguments. Whenever questioned she was able to come up with an alternative perspective to the proposed solution as in education and healthcare. She also remained gracious while acknowledging the support received for all her accomplishments.

      7.  Former VP, Joe Biden’s  Strategy Triad is given below :

  It consists of (a)  moving beyond the normal on all issues ;  (b)  immigration being the future of America ;  and  (c)  an energy storage priority.

           He proved that he is the frontrunner in the race. He took the first steps to display a personal charge and progress enthusiastically on all issues discussed. He also displayed greater empathy, self reflection, and situational awareness when countered. He offered a clear context (protecting the citizens being the first in the list) for his strategies to make a good start. The debate was the moment of elevation for him. He must have won the hearts and minds of the Citizens.

      Moment of the Debate :

      The key moment was when the question : “Is age a factor in Leadership ?”  was posed. This was drawing from Barack Obama’s recent words that youngsters make for good leaders. Bernie Sanders replied , it is not men or women, old or young – it is taking on the greedy elite. Joe Biden said,  I am running based on my experience and wisdom and because I feel young. Elizabeth Warren said to the observation that she will be the oldest President if elected :  “I’ll also be the youngest woman President”. It drew the loudish laughter in the entire debate becoming the key moment of the debate also.

     Closing  comments :

1. Tom Steyer :  Return power to people ;  people with new ideas.

2.  Andrew Yang :  Economy to work for America ;  give money in people’s hands.

3.  Amy Klobuchar :. Sense of obligation and not sense of entitlement to be promoted.

4.  Pete Buttigieg :  Defeat Donald Trump; unite the country. Build our future not by exclusion, but by belonging.

5.  Elizabeth Warren :  America is ready to fight corruption, build an America that will work for everyone.

6.  Bernie Sanders :  Real change takes place from the bottom up. “Political revolution for the transformation of the nation”.

7.  Joe Biden :  Tell the truth to the people and build a strong America.

      Conclusion :  Facing an almost divided nation in this tumultuous times,  setting a clear role for self as President with a clear understanding of the same by all Citizens even while making initiatives to boost their morale is what can deliver the right solutions to all problems – health,  safety,  economic, social,  monetary, and citizen experiences. This turned out to be a debate with optimal energy from the candidates (less rhetorical, less aggressive, less altercation) and one that is highly engaging (the spirit of supporting anyone emerging from the group of 25 candidates overall as the nominee has never been stronger before).


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Friday, December 20, 2019 –  11.19 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  “More we act of Donald Trump is the cause of our problems “. – Andrew Yang.




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