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” CNN Town Hall with Michael Bloomberg – ‘A Different Kettle of Fish’ ” – February 26, 2020.

          I  watched  the  CNN  Town  Hall  tonight  to  pay  keen  attention  to  Mayor  Michael Bloomberg’s performance one on one with the moderator and audience. 

          It was quite revealing and pleasing to me to watch him answering questions convincingly eliciting applauses periodically from the audience. It was also in contrast to his debate performance last week which most rated as unsuccessful.  

       B  What made the difference clearly perceptible ?

          Two aspects deserve mention :  1.  He made himself different from the usual political debaters ;  and  2. He highlighted his significant accomplishments in the context of the issues of importance in this election cycle.

          1.  What struck me as highly unusual but in no way against the accepted rules and standards of any debate/behavior of debaters (or question answer session)  was the fact that he didn’t use any of the customary goody goody words or gestures like –  ” a good question ” ;   “I’m glad that you asked this question ” ;   ” thank you, thank you for raising this question ” … … in a manner of pleasing the questioners even while proving that he behaves well on stage. He was stone faced and responded in a crisp and effective way to every question. I did not notice any dissatisfaction from any of the audience. It was remarkable. As a manager it may well be the right technique to remain unemotional. Whether it will succeed in politics or not, I am not sure.

          2.  Figure below represents Michael Bloomberg’s mayoral accomplishments as he himself emphasized :

          (a)  Michael Bloomberg recounted the Gun Control measures as ‘stringent background checks,  and reduction of suicides rates’  as important to preventing Gun Violence. Banning automatic AK47 weapons, insisting on background checks, red flags on ..  as key preventive and precautionary measures – he cited.

          (b)  He talked eloquently about improvements made in New York schools during his term as Mayor, specially bringing 23 schools being listed in the top 25 in 2014 from  ‘nil’  when he took charge in 2002 January. Education to reform the knowledge and mind set of people from young age is what he firmly believed in.

          (c)  Speaking of Climate Change as dangerous to humanity, he detailed his plan to shift coal workers from difficult jobs to other productive ones through ” training ” .  Citing the number of coal workers in the 1920s of 1 million  getting reduced to 2 lakhs in the 1980s and  to 50000 now,  he pointed to the decrease as evidence of improvement being made in this context. Accepting that coal workers in West Virginia cannot be migrated to California for work on Solar power, he pleaded for training, AI, and other means to enhance the value of workers for new jobs.

          Conclusion :  Michael Bloomberg has presented himself as different and more effective in this Town Hall. He also showed himself to be an individual with characteristics one may not witness among politicians, but one who is ready to strive for the welfare of people and most importantly one who wants to beat Donald Trump in the general election. That he is different from Donald Trump is as clear as he is  different from others in the pack of Democratic competitors.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Thursday, February 27, 2020 –  7.59 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” Aim was to get his soundbite and not the truth ” –  Michael Bloomberg on attacks against him by other debaters in the last debate in Nevada.

” President Donald Trump’s Speech in Motera Stadium, Ahmadabad – Long on Admiration and Short on Deals ” – February 24, 2020.

US  President Donald Trump spoke for 28 minutes in the Motera Stadium, Ahmadabad, this afternoon.

          I consider his speech comprising two parts:  Part  I  is an expression of admiration for the leader and people of India ;  and  Part  II  is an act of business/policy.

          Part  I  :  President Donald Trump’s Speech is an excellent revelation of  who he is, what he wants to say with due thought and attention, and how he should say avoiding problems – true to his personal  style. He showered praises on the Indian PM  –  a true friend, a great friend, a champion, PM  Modi’s life underscores promise, an exceptional leader …  –  and the huge crowd (strong and Noble people)  gathered within the stadium, playing well to the Indians here and those back home who for the most part are ardent admirers of our PM. Let it be known that this is the election year in US. He never concealed his primary interest, though, in garnering  (a) Indian support,  and  (b)  holding  American interests.

          Part  II  :  President Donald Trump did not appear to give  anything concrete to India in his speech in terms of concession(s),  relaxation(s),  or specific advantages in detail here. He did mention the interests in terms of strong economic ties, defence/security cooperation, opening markets for American products,  Indians making strong contributions to American growth,  counter terrorism operations,  peace accord with the Taliban .. etc.  In order to support what he mentioned, he cited (a) America’s blooming economy during his tenure fulfilling the aspirations of people (biggest motivating factor to be for those interested in seeking friendship) ,  (b)  Excellence in innovation and technology embedded in missiles, drones, aircrafts, military hardware .. in enabling functional efficiency for the benefit of users, (note the defence deal worth  $ 3 billion to be signed tomorrow favourable to America),  (c)  Effectiveness of the Joint military exercise last year being helpful to India (and others too in Indo-Pacific safety) , and  (d)  American partnership benefiting those  associated in Space Cooperation even while lauding India’s indigenous successful Chandrayaan  mission –  all with the implied understanding that US  tie up will be advantageous to any relationship seeker.

          Concession(s),  relaxation(s),  and/or specific advantages may possibly emerge tomorrow. Until the delegation level meet, be positive and patient.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Monday, February 24, 2020 – 4.49 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” India will hold a special place in our hearts ” – President Donald Trump.

” President Donald Trump’s Visit to India – Expansion of Relationship between U.S.A. and India ” – February 23, 2020.

US President, Donald Trump.

Indian PM, Narendra Modi.

From September 22, 2019  to  February 24/25,  2020.  From  ” Howdy Modi ”  to  “Namaste  Trump”.  From Houston to Ahmadabad/Delhi. Not just warmer days and blossom-laden boughs of trees/bushes, but warmer and blossom-laden relationships between the two largest democracies emerging out of mother earth.

          India will be hosting the event – POTUS, FLOTUS, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and the complete entourage – on its soil for two days in the shortest month of the year, February.

          Hopes :

          1. Make it an important period in the history of the country ;

          2.  Make it an outstanding political/diplomatic achievement of this decade;

          3.  Make it significant in a way that marks the relationship between the two countries.

          Means to achieve the above :

          Understanding one another well ;  building strong relationships at various levels of government and business ;  continue deals ;  and  formulate action plans into specific timelines.

          A Skeletal Framework of the Purpose of the Visit :

          This is from a common man’s pen : 

           Figure below represents the  ‘Sense of Purpose’  of President Donald Trump’s Visit :

          At the First level, I have placed the Special Invite and the Acceptance from U.S.A.  as the two primary conditions that effected in its consummation.

          At the Second level,  I have placed ‘Strategic Partnership’  between the two nations, and   ‘Enhancement of International Image’  as the two chief interests from Indian  perspective. US  companies’  penetration of a key Overseas Market,  and India’s Implicit Trust in the initiation of this visit boosting America’s standing will likely form the core of the President’s visit, American perspective.

          Proceeding to the Third Level, the interests stated above are expanded. Striking a possible trade deal ( President Trump has already stated this to be set for a later date and time, after the US general election );  discussions on Initiatives and  Counter terrorism at global, regional, and local levels ;  and National Security Protection measures as the three elements constituting the Strategic Partnership moves. Enabling and consummating the visit of the Leader of World’s Superpower, and bringing Ministerial Officials of both sides closer constitute the Image Enhancement move by the Government.

          Consummating sales of Military Equipments, drones, and aircrafts to India ;  Opening the Indian Market to select products, specially agricultural, from America ;  and reduction of Tariffs on Select items from America by India – form the crux of attention in terms of US  Companies’  penetration of a key market.  President Donald Trump is also fully cognizant of the boost his approval rating will receive back in America even while sharing the Indian perception of an important step forward in Ministerial relationships between the two countries.

          Conclusion :  The visit of President Donald Trump will help strengthen Nationalistic and Democratic flavor of the two nations is the belief. It is also expected to fulfill the first step of a united focus on development, peace, and welfare rebuilding the trust and friendship between the two. Whether this will set a new period in Indo-US relationship is  what everyone will be watching. This, nevertheless, is a proud achievement for both. It is, however,  well known that President Donald Trump is an expert at effectively using such occasions to promote clearly what is essential for America and American interests. At the “Howdy Modi”  event,  Donald Trump waxed eloquent about  ” Space cooperation ; Defense Equipment and deals ;  LNG exports to India ;  Manufacturing deals ;  Border Security –  all emphasizing the need to preserve the freedom and security for India. How he will strategize marketing this time is anybody’s guess.

          An authentic event that is more than just common.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Sunday, February 23, 2020 –  1.29 p.m. (IST).

   Tidbit :. ” A new point in US-Indo relationship may well be on course “.

President Donald Trump and PM Modi at the Houston event, September 22, 2019.

” CNN’s Democratic Town Hall with Biden and Warren – Restoring Credibility ” – February 20, 2020.

          Tonight’s CNN Town Hall with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren was an excellent opportunity for the two to restore credibility and make a fresh impact on the voters, and to say that they achieved that effectively is saying the obvious.

          Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett of CNN moderated the town hall event effectively.

          Salient points :

          1.  Figure below represents Joe Biden’s key strengths as he himself said :

          Belief and faith ;  Setting up one’s mind clearly ;  and  Age, experience and wisdom are the three pillars constituting his overall strength.

          His stand on issues :  Not using any disinformation or foreign power should be the essence of a  ‘pledge’  for anyone seeking office ;  his warning to gun manufacturers – ” Gun manufacturers, I am coming after you”  in trying to get them queasy ;  eradication of the intent and practice of weaponisation of DoJ ;  place an Immigration bill on the first day of his presidency to protect the undocumented dreamers ;  a firm belief in doing good to the country –  with age comes experience, with experience comes judgement, with judgement comes wisdom – why you should elect me ;  proving that he is strong both on head and shoulders ;  his faith in primary stronger than caucus ;  his belief that middle class built the country, Union built the middle class – middle class welfare is primary concern ;  if one sets up his mind nothing is impossible in this country ;

          His passion for finding cures for Cancer and Diabetes is a remarkable quality that makes him unique ;  standing at least one rung above all others in the ladder ;  and separates himself in the most consequential manner.

          Conclusion :  He struck the listeners and viewers as being decisive and emphatic presenting himself as the best doer that Citizens can repose faith on as Leader.

          2.  Figure below represents Elizabeth Warren’s key strengths as she described :

          Having plans to get things done ;  Holding American values high ;  and a fighting spirit constitute her key strengths in this election.

          Her stand on issues :

          In the backdrop of the party’s chief consideration of beating Trump, she will support any clear mominee in the end ;  fight for American families and give everyone a chance to fulfill his/her dreams ;  pitch for heightened security and surveillance against Election interference, the need to win by a huge margin this time – her earnest appeal to the voters ;  loyalty to the Constitution of America gets precedence over loyalty to individuals in power ;  immigration makes this country stronger ;  Nevada is a women majority legislature, and nothing  can work  as  electing  a  woman president ;  getting rid of super packs in Elections as her staunch principle ;  recognising mental health (schizophrenia) as a major health problem in America is important in Healthcare coverage ;  climate justice and cleaning up communities is her best hope and priority ;  children with disability to get full funding for education.

          She made her impression lasting and powerful displaying the optimum dose of humility and strength in all her answers.

          Conclusion :  Forceful and unbiased articulation of her viewpoints full of gestures and body language elevating her performance giving credence to her ability and electability.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, February 21, 2020 –  9.29 a.m. ( IST).

   Tidbit : ” A safe and affordable America is the need of the time ”  –  Elizabeth Warren.





” Ninth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate in Las Vegas – Candidates Enjoy their Free Ride ” – February 19, 2020.

          Ninth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate was held tonight in Las Vegas.

         Venue :  Paris Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada.

         Hosted by :  NBC News and MSNBC in partnership with the Nevada Independent newspaper.

          Candidates :  Former VP, Joe Biden ;  Sen Bernie Sanders ;  Sen Elizabeth Warren ;  Sen Amy Klobuchar ;  Mayor Pete Buttigieg ;  and  Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

          Moderated by  :  Lester Holt,  Chuck Todd,  Hallie Jackson,  Vanessa Hauc,  and  Jon Rolston.

          Issues covered :  Climate Change, Tax Structure,  Education, Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Immigration, and Electability.

          Salient Observations :

          1.  Figure below represents Joe Biden’s sense of direction for the nation :

          His vast experience in government ;  Transparency in deals ;  and  Elimination of subsidies for Oil and  Gas constitute the triad.

          2.  Figure below represents Bernie Sanders’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Grass root revolution;  Democratic Socialism ;  and  Transformation of Energy Systems constitute the triad.

          3.  Figure below represents Elizabeth Warren’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Rescuing all communities from all ills ;  Green New Deal ;  and  Fair tax policy constitute the triad.

          4.  Figure below represents Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Empowering workers ;  Striving for the creation of an inclusive, belonging Society ;  and  Global Climate Diplomacy constitute the triad.

          5.  Figure below represents Senator Amy Klobuchar’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Basing her experience as strength ;  Striving to provide a fair government for all Citizens ;  and  Climate Leadership constitute the triad.

          6.  Figure below represents Mayor Michael Blomberg’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Financial Services policy detailed already by him ;  Climate Change. Priority ;  and his rich experience in business,  as Mayor, as Manager, as a Philanthropist constitute the triad.

          What is gleaned from the proceedings :

          The debate was a free ride for everyone. True to expectations even before the debate, candidates without exception attempted to model Michael Blomberg’s character/behavior; recognised controversial issues promptly ; and advocated positions/counter positions with ease.

           Michael Bloomberg did not talk much ;  Michael Bloomberg did not advocate much ;  Michael Bloomberg did not defend much ;  and yet he did well to create an identity for himself –  an identity centered around responding to a barrage of ad hominem arguments.

          Michael Bloomberg stood phlegmatic and stone faced on stage while everyone else was emotional and nearly overheated. Strategic accusations flew from everyone that Michael Bloomberg targeted black and Latino people during his term as Mayor ( stop and frisk ) ;  his sexually suggestive remarks on women ; tax returns ;  non disclosure agreements ;  support for George W Bush in 2004 ;  support for racist policies (red lining)  …

          That Michael Bloomberg stayed calm, tried to respond as best as he could, and carried on with the debate without any sign of aggression must have impressed many listeners and viewers. His expression of feelings through his responses earlier even before the debate (in terms of an apology) may have opened a pathway for his growth. His short, measured and crisp answers, though not satisfying, must surely have got believers on board at least for now.

          Michael Blomberg’s stance, posture, looking directly at the audience, appropriate and limited gestures, and modulation were all a study in management that any observer would like to gain from this debate.

          How the candidates summed up :

          Amy Klobuchar :  What unites us is bigger than what divided us ;  heart of America is bigger than the heart of the White House.

          Michael Bloomberg :  The job contested here is a manager’s job,  of building teams, with skill to pull everyone together. I am ready for it.

          Pete Buttigieg :  America is running out of time ; this is the moment now ;  create a sense of belonging in our country. Galvanise and not polarise.

          Elizabeth Warren :  Restructure the economy ;  fight for everyone.

          Joe Biden :  Emphasis on experience, Obamacare, and Immigration.

          Bernie Sanders :  Our Grassroot revolution constitute the recipe for our growth.

          Conclusion :  Mayor Michael Bloomberg as nouveau visage has become a wonderful part of the Debate. A new identity.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Thursday, February 20, 2020 –  11.19 a.m. (IST).

   Tidbit :  ”  Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg are the two most polarising candidates on stage we cannot accept. One candidate wants to burn the country ;  the other wants to buy the country “.  –  Pete Buttigieg.

” CNN Town Hall in Las Vegas – ‘A Reassertion of the Significance of American Values’ ” – February 18, 2020.

          Democratic  CNN  Town Hall  was held tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

          Senator Bernie Sanders,  Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and  Senator Amy Klobuchar took part in the questions and answers sessions.

          CNN’S  Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett moderated the sessions.

          My salient Observations here :

          1.   Presented below is Senator Bernie Sanders’  Key beliefs and Orientation as specified :

          Grass root revolution ;  Stop Buying the election (directly referring to Mike Bloomberg’s $ 413 million ad spending) ;  and  Transformation of the Energy System constitute the triad.

          Where he stood on issues :  Defending his Healthcare Plan as viable ;  Promising rent control to make housing easier for every American not just in some cities but the whole of America ;  Restoring the dreams of DACA  Citizens ;  Working earnestly with the Unions elevating the Union campaigns ;  Stimulating the voters to turn out in largest numbers possible ;  Bringing a large number of people specially the youngsters into the election process ;  Increasing, investing, and strengthening the role of  “mentors”  in schools ;  Introducing comprehensive and sweeping plan to fight Climate Change, the Common Enemy of the Planet ;  Holding greedy and corrupt corporate America and pharmaceutical companies criminally accountable  –  are some.

          A Government that works  for everyone and not just for the top 1 %  was his final sum up.  Stop buying election is the sockdologer of a dose that he gave for money politics players.

          2.  Presented below is Pete Buttigieg’s key beliefs and Orientation as specified :

          Doing everything to beat Trump ;  Treating American Citizens as one family ;  and  Upholding the traditional Christian mould  constitute the triad.

          Where he stood on issues :  Delivering a Healthcare Plan where everyone can participate equally ;  Not being shy of taking resources from anyone when the goal is to beat Trump (specifically when asked about taking money from Mike Bloomberg as nominee) ;  Emphasizing the qualities of traditional Christian – compassion, humility, poverty alleviation –  to guide Governance ;  Citing instance (s)  when his prowess in ability to speak 8 languages coming to help solve a problem of a protest in an airport during the time of travel ban in 2017 ; Committing to high quality education in schools;  Standing upto the President in debates –  talking more about self and less about him will be the best Strategy ;  Supporting carbon tax and rebate on  a progressive basis as part of economy reflecting the cost and benefit clearly ;  Training everyone for a job and not so much a federal job guarantee for everyone is his position ;  Preferring not to equate age with wisdom  –  are some.

          American lives,  American children’s lives will be our main concern was his central message in this town hall.

          3.  Presented below is Amy Klobuchar’s key beliefs and Orientation as specified :

          Building a strong coalition ;  Sense of Obligation to lift People at all times ;  and  Fight for Women’s Equality constitute the triad.

          Where she stood on issues  :  Shaking things up while addressing gun violence through background checks and magazine Control ;  Mustering courage to stand up to NRA while recounting an instance of a Nevada Citizen helping/rescuing people caught in a fire ;  Helping workers through trade agreements ;  Working with friends and allies to the benefit of America and its Citizens ;  Doing things like Women’s right to choose, strong Healthcare, raising minimum wage and … ;  Having a clear vision, optimistic economic agenda, showing how to put yourself on other’s shoes, being aggressive and proving how absurd he is – are how she will plan her Strategy to take on Trump on debates ; Having a President who believes in democracy –  are some.

          Having a heart to make important issues as a priority epitomized her chief concerns.

           How Amy Klobuchar came as top performer in this town hall :

           1. Her persuasive style of answers; ability to draw past instances to support her arguments; and her clear sense of bipartisan involvement in negotiations to the 100 bills she helped pass exemplifying her record –  are strong indications to her performance in this town hall. 2. Her recall of incidents, specially,  foreign relations through association with late Senator John McCain as an excellent learning process, was a key moment in this town hall session.

           Conclusion:  Senator Bernie Sanders was confident and assertive.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg was impressive and satisfying.  Senator Amy Klobuchar was calm, credible, cogent, and convincing.

             Senator Amy Klobuchar wins this town hall session.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Wednesday, February 19, 2020 –  10.49 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” You have to live everyday for those who die “.  –  A questioner during the session.

Questioner who contributed to the Tidbit.


” Trump vs Modi – Measuring Brand Value ” – February 18, 2020.

” Two patriotic leaders from the largest democracies of the World ;

Two bodacious leaders with venerable goals of serving their nations well ;

Two influential heads of nations holding the Number 1  and  Number 2 positions among Twitter followers ;

Two commanding leaders whose Leadership style is blazing a trail in Governance, a paradigm atleast for some nations to emulate;

Two energetic and enthusiastic leaders whose bold actions spell bellwether of change in future priorities of the ruling class ”   – 

          Indian PM, Narendra Modi and US President, Donald Trump will come together for the second time in an event christened “Namaste Trump”  in Ahmedabad on February 24,  2020.  (The first event was on September 23, 2019,  in Houston, Texas, U.S.A., christened ‘Howdy Modi’  at the NRG Football stadium with the motto of ‘Shared Dreams, and Bright Future’)

          Dubbed sincerely as meeting of ‘minds, PM Modi and President Donald Trump will likely discuss global issues, defence deals, and immigration of technical personnel with similar ideas. Trade deal will be missing this time too.

          Will  President Donald Trump’s visit, mainly intended to strengthen the strategic partnership, change the course of Citizens’ lives in either country cannot be judged at this juncture clearly.

           Both have their  ‘brands’  established in their respective countries indicative of the nation’s standing in general as perceived by people beyond any financial considerations.

          A novel thought comes to my mind :

          How would it be if we can measure the  “value”  generated by the  “brand”  to help make the comparison between the two possible ? 

          What elements/characteristics should be included if we are  to genuinely go forward in this attempt ?

          Again,  five  characteristics strike my mind:

          1.  Number of people attending the event(s) can give a measure of the success of the event and the brand value of the leader(s).

          2.  Cost of the event in terms of the amount spent by the respective government(s) in hosting/conducting the event.

          3.  Rate of Return as measured by the amount of press coverage and conversations in public lasting for  number of days/weeks following the event in the city/country.

          4.  Any significant deals struck between the nations for the benefit of citizens of either nations. Quantification of benefits in terms of accruing well being and financial enhancement needs to be worked out.

          5.  General boost to the individual leaders in overall terms nationally and internationally in some measurable numbers,  say,  popularity %,  acceptance %,  performance rating  (before and after).

          I present below some statistics that any researcher will look for in this regard :

          Events considered are :  “Howdy Modi” in September 23, 2019 in Houston, U.S.A.   and   “Namaste Trump”  in February  2020 in India (two days – Feb 24 and  25).

           Houston population  : 1 million ;  50000 Indians attended the extravaganza,  i.e.  5%. Texas State population : 29.47 million, hence % of Indians attended is 0.17%. Total Indians in U.S.A. : 44,02, 363. Hence,  percentage of Indians attended is 1.14 %

           Gujarat population :  62. 7 million. About 7 million People (Indians) are likely to attend,  i.e. 11.17%. Ahmedabad city population : 5.57 million, hence percentage of Indians will attend is 125.67 %. It means people from other cities/states may also take part.

          India’s  population is roughly 4 times that of America. 1.37 billion vs 350 million. This is a major consideration in analysis.

          America’s   GDP (PPP)  is  $ 21.44 Trillions. India’s  GDP is  $ 2.72 Trillions.  America’s per Capita  GNI   is  $ 55,000/-   India’s per Capita  GNI is  $  2044 /-

           Howdy Modi event was organised with the help of collected funds from Indian origin Americans and NRI.  Preliminary estimates record the Ahmedabad event to cost Rs 100 crores by the Government.

          “Namaste Trump”  event is not over yet. It is also not the intent of this author to  make any study and present or publish the same anytime, anywhere. This is only to accend the interest of any researcher in this subject. Value of the study can be enhanced by adding any other relevant elements to make it comprehensive. 


   ” Dieu avec nous”

   Tuesday, February 18, 2020 –  2.19 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ”  A novel study at the highest level of Governance and Leadership,  a harbinger to a new vista “.



” Eighth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate – Candidates Feel their Oats ” – February 7, 2020.


          Eighth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate was held in Manchester, NH, tonight.

          Venue :  Saint Anselm College,  NH.

           Hosted by :  abcnews,  WMUR- TV,  and Apple News.

          Moderated by :  George Stephanopoulos,  David Muir,  Linsey Davis,  Adam Sexton, and Monica Hernandez.

          Candidates :  Joe Biden,  Bernie Sanders,  Elizabeth Warren,  Pete Buttigieg,  Amy Klobuchar,  Andrew Yang,  and  Tom Steyer.

          Issues Covered :  Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, Gun Policy,  Racism,  Climate Change, Foreign Relations.

          Salient Observations :

          Chief issues that voters consider critically as felt by the candidates are presented below :

          Joe Biden, former VP,  holds the strong opinion that voters’  concern will be :  Economy (job growth, wages, unemployment) ;  Policies of Government (in respect of Education, infrastructure, immigration, foreign relations) ;  and the  Electability of the Candidate. He carried his propositions beyond its natural limits to be of significance to a vast section of population.

          Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator, considers the three major factors impacting the voters to be :  Healthcare ;  Climate Change Impact ;  and No Wars but Peace only. He claimed that his proposals in respect of the three will resonate strongly among voters.

          Elizabeth Warren, Senator from MA,  felt the chief demands of voters will be :  A safe and secure world ;  Climate Change Impact ;  and  Allocation of money to Programs for People. On all these three aspects her position carries important merits – she averred.

          Pete Buttigieg, former Mayor of Chicago,  marked   Unity among Citizens ;  Climate Change Impact ;  and  Overall Economic Performance as the three factors with potential to tilt the voters to one side or the other. His emphasis is on finding common ground –  an essential prerequisite for every Program the leader may envision.

          Amy Klobuchar, Senator from Minnesota,  proposed –  an Optimistic Agenda ;  Climate Change Impact ;  and Economic Solutions with the Right to Vote  as the three factors that will enthuse the voters to participate in this election actively. Competency, not just Stature for Leadership is the key to attract voters, according to her.

         Andrew Yang, Enterpreneur,  picked his three important factors –  a Guaranteed Income for People ;  Climate Change Impact ;  and Economic/Human Values as the urgent need for transformation of the Society and Governance for the People. Courage needs to take over the Corrupt in administration, he urged.

           Tom Steyer, Billionaire Businessman,  supports and encourages the three following factors strongly –  Taking down Trump ;  Climate Change Impact ;  and a Clear Strategy to prevent Wars. He strongly advocated collaboration and networking for harmonious relationship within and outside.

          What I gleaned from the deliberations :

          1.   All the candidates were assertive and frisky throughout the session not wanting to be left out in the picking order even by a millimetre.

           2.   There were no attempts to stray the minds of other candidates and almost everyone was arguing to the point without any deviation.  Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, nevertheless, displayed openly their penchant for taking on Pete Buttigieg (Warren on racism, and Klobuchar on age and experience). To their credit, it needs to be made clear that they must have stolen the thunder in the Hall ultimately with their stellar performance.

          3.   Almost everyone appealed to the audience in the right measure with seemingly unbiased and forceful arguments full of gestures and body language elevating their performance(s) even while giving credence to the fellow candidates’  arguments.

          4.   The emotion of the moment, coming just after the Iowa Caucus without the results being made clear for 4 days called for calm, composure, and comprehension,  and every participant stuck to the dictum without any deviation. This is an excellent aspect of this debate.

          5.   A clear respect for everyone’s views was something this debate displayed positively and that every listener and viewer can be proud of.

          6.   As is her wont, Amy Klobuchar, excelled in putting forward her points with supporting facts and real life happenings to gain the trust of the audience/citizens. To say that she beat them all with her superlative performance in this debate is saying the obvious.

          7.   Joe Biden had his best in this debate. He was very clear about his points ;  he displayed an excellent understanding of the topics ;  and he held his composure well even in testing situations. He also bids for the frontrunner’s  post.

          Conclusion :  Billed as the most consequential Democratic Presidential Primary Debate, it stood the test of the Candidates’ depth of knowledge of issues ;  their mode of Presentation to the audience ;  detailing the issues and solutions ;  justifying the need for changes where felt ;  and drawing feasible inferences.

   ” Dieu avec nous”

   Saturday, February 8, 2020 –  9.59 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ” We live in a country of shared dreams ”  –  Amy Klobuchar.

” President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address – ‘Great American Comeback’ ” – February 4, 2020.

President Donald Trump delivered his third State of the Union Address tonight,  February 4,  2020.

State of the Union Address is information to the Congress and the people on “how the President complies with Constitution’s order from time to time ;  he reports on the State of the Union ; and makes necessary and expedient recommendations.

President’s speech with the key elements of economy, security, healthcare – fight against HIV and Childhood Cancer – Criminal Justice Reform,  Job Growth,  Unemployment,  Trade Deals,  Foreign relations,  have been substantive, meaningful, and highly coherent.

His voice sombre, words firm, messages clear, issues paramount, presentation appealing – President Donald Trump’s speech can well be a model for emulation.

Figure below represents President’s accomplishment triad during his three years :
The three components of the triad are :  (a) Restoring American Leadership,  (b)  Manufacturing Might (Trade Deals),  and  (c)  America First (Inclusive Society).

(a)  President  assured that US is leading to restore democracies in Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras ..  ..  We are also getting our NATO allies to help paying their fair share. They are meeting their obligations atleast twofold now. Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, an invited guest at this function has been assured of the US support to his ideals in the transformation of Venezuela. Israel and Palestine Peace Process he struck last week was a significant part  of his speech.

Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido.

(b)  President Donald Trump proudly shared the $ 12  trillion in wealth added during his three year period uptil now together with job creation, rising wages, and employment christening the period as the  ” Blue Collar Boom” . 12000 new factories now after losing 67000 factories in the last Government,  USMCA deal likely to create 100000 new jobs, manufacturing rebound and relief upon the unveiling of the Phase 1  trade deal between US and China,  slowing of the contraction of employment sending a positive signal to economy – are some of the highlights in this context.

(c)  To buttress his claim of inclusive  policies and programs, President Donald Trump cited the following :  Plan for vocational and technical education in every school in America ; Permanent funding for the nation’s historically black colleges ; An iron-clad pledge to American families not to be blindsided by the medical bills, bill for price transparency, protecting people with pre existing conditions, fighting strongly the Opioid Epidemic to attain good control, fighting AID epidemic in an effort to end it by the end of this decade .. He reiterated his three-fold measure of decreased drug prices, price transparency, and increased access to healthcare as being critical to affordable health program.

Salient Observations : 

1.  President Donald Trump may have succeeded in engaging the concerns and emotions of the people with a good level of  ‘satisfaction’.

2.  The Success of his Government and the real bottom line of American working class must have received his care and attention.

          3.  If in 2019 his address came after the Democrats enhanced their grip in the Congress from the mid-term elections of 2018 ;  his address now comes after the Democrats’ Impeachment trial. (President Donald Trump will most likely be acquitted tomorrow). That this would certainly have hastened the speed and occurrence of physical, emotional, and governance challenges cannot be missed. 

          4.  If it was “Strength and Unity” in 2019, it is the “Great American Comeback”  tonight highlighting his privileged preference policies aligned well with his supporters and Citizens in general batting in a line. Coming at the backdrop of the 2020 Election, the President made the best of this occasion.

5.  His emphasis on cooperation, compromise, and common good as the main recipe for solving the nation’s problems may have resonated well with the Citizens at large. Significant to note was also the fact that his recent setbacks have only made his resolve to rise without holding back.

6.  Adopting an ideal approach of presenting people who have been afflicted and took efforts to get the conditions reversed, he sought to get funds from the Congress for Cancer cure, premature babies protection, and child care. This aspect needs commendation.

Rush Limbaugh receives the Freedom Medal from the US First Lady.

Conclusion  :  Actions to reinforce his message and keep the People engaged will be the key step from now on.

” Dieu avec nous “

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 –  10.29 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit :  ” US is the place where action is. I keep my promises ; we did our job .”  –  President Donald Trump.


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” President Donald Trump gained a Contest Tonight – January 31, 2020.

Donald Trump, President

For the moment, President Donald Trump has scored a victory after the 4 amendments (including the case for John Bolton, former NSA, to be subpoenaed) brought by the Democrats failed on the night of January 31, 2020.

          Discussions are set to continue next week from 11 a.m. on Monday, February 3, 2020, until 4 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, when the final voting will take place in this Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

          The schedule is turning out to be a restraint to the ever unpredictable President to clearly and openly declare a victory in his purported State of The Union address on February 4, 2020.

          Commonsense viewpoint from a common man here :

          That Senate Republicans have rallied behind the President entirely reflects the collaborative culture of the party, and speak for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s skills of ‘simple guidance’ – and not managing in literal sense –  emphasising  Senators’  self-determination and self-decision without the need for him  to pull the ropes long.

          That Senate Majority Leader,  Mitch McConnell,  has delivered and had the Republican Senators also deliver is his style of aligning the future of the Party with the future of the  Party  Leader and key stakeholders.

          That this has been achieved in a smooth fashion without any Senator (Republican) feeling that he/she has been force managed is a success that Mitch McConnell can be proud of.

          Note that in today’s fast changing political dynamics ;  the tendency of humans in general to not be dictated what to do on every issue ;  and the interest of every responsible member to be able to do what he/she can – the need for telling anyone what to do in any sector of human endeavour has virtually receded from the society as a whole. That this was reinforced in the Senate proceedings tonight is no surprise.

          From the perspective of the Republicans, the vote in its entirety is self-made – out of one’s own belief(s) and conviction(s)  according to one’s own desire and willingness is far from any doubt. In doing so, each member has effectively owned the responsibility on his/her shoulders, thus shifting the focus from doing what is told to deciding by self what to do.

          And Mitch McConnell in his role as the Leader of the Proceedings in the Senate has effectively led the team of senators decide on their own by just setting a Floor Strategy and Rules of Process and Priorities letting every member do the right job for himself/herself.

          Is this not a lesson in Leadership that anyone learnt today ?


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Saturday, February 1, 2020 –  10.29 a.m.

   Tidbit :  ” Do your duty as you feel strongly as to how you should do it “

Donald Trump, President