” CNN Town Hall in Las Vegas – ‘A Reassertion of the Significance of American Values’ ” – February 18, 2020.

          Democratic  CNN  Town Hall  was held tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

          Senator Bernie Sanders,  Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and  Senator Amy Klobuchar took part in the questions and answers sessions.

          CNN’S  Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett moderated the sessions.

          My salient Observations here :

          1.   Presented below is Senator Bernie Sanders’  Key beliefs and Orientation as specified :

          Grass root revolution ;  Stop Buying the election (directly referring to Mike Bloomberg’s $ 413 million ad spending) ;  and  Transformation of the Energy System constitute the triad.

          Where he stood on issues :  Defending his Healthcare Plan as viable ;  Promising rent control to make housing easier for every American not just in some cities but the whole of America ;  Restoring the dreams of DACA  Citizens ;  Working earnestly with the Unions elevating the Union campaigns ;  Stimulating the voters to turn out in largest numbers possible ;  Bringing a large number of people specially the youngsters into the election process ;  Increasing, investing, and strengthening the role of  “mentors”  in schools ;  Introducing comprehensive and sweeping plan to fight Climate Change, the Common Enemy of the Planet ;  Holding greedy and corrupt corporate America and pharmaceutical companies criminally accountable  –  are some.

          A Government that works  for everyone and not just for the top 1 %  was his final sum up.  Stop buying election is the sockdologer of a dose that he gave for money politics players.

          2.  Presented below is Pete Buttigieg’s key beliefs and Orientation as specified :

          Doing everything to beat Trump ;  Treating American Citizens as one family ;  and  Upholding the traditional Christian mould  constitute the triad.

          Where he stood on issues :  Delivering a Healthcare Plan where everyone can participate equally ;  Not being shy of taking resources from anyone when the goal is to beat Trump (specifically when asked about taking money from Mike Bloomberg as nominee) ;  Emphasizing the qualities of traditional Christian – compassion, humility, poverty alleviation –  to guide Governance ;  Citing instance (s)  when his prowess in ability to speak 8 languages coming to help solve a problem of a protest in an airport during the time of travel ban in 2017 ; Committing to high quality education in schools;  Standing upto the President in debates –  talking more about self and less about him will be the best Strategy ;  Supporting carbon tax and rebate on  a progressive basis as part of economy reflecting the cost and benefit clearly ;  Training everyone for a job and not so much a federal job guarantee for everyone is his position ;  Preferring not to equate age with wisdom  –  are some.

          American lives,  American children’s lives will be our main concern was his central message in this town hall.

          3.  Presented below is Amy Klobuchar’s key beliefs and Orientation as specified :

          Building a strong coalition ;  Sense of Obligation to lift People at all times ;  and  Fight for Women’s Equality constitute the triad.

          Where she stood on issues  :  Shaking things up while addressing gun violence through background checks and magazine Control ;  Mustering courage to stand up to NRA while recounting an instance of a Nevada Citizen helping/rescuing people caught in a fire ;  Helping workers through trade agreements ;  Working with friends and allies to the benefit of America and its Citizens ;  Doing things like Women’s right to choose, strong Healthcare, raising minimum wage and … ;  Having a clear vision, optimistic economic agenda, showing how to put yourself on other’s shoes, being aggressive and proving how absurd he is – are how she will plan her Strategy to take on Trump on debates ; Having a President who believes in democracy –  are some.

          Having a heart to make important issues as a priority epitomized her chief concerns.

           How Amy Klobuchar came as top performer in this town hall :

           1. Her persuasive style of answers; ability to draw past instances to support her arguments; and her clear sense of bipartisan involvement in negotiations to the 100 bills she helped pass exemplifying her record –  are strong indications to her performance in this town hall. 2. Her recall of incidents, specially,  foreign relations through association with late Senator John McCain as an excellent learning process, was a key moment in this town hall session.

           Conclusion:  Senator Bernie Sanders was confident and assertive.  Mayor Pete Buttigieg was impressive and satisfying.  Senator Amy Klobuchar was calm, credible, cogent, and convincing.

             Senator Amy Klobuchar wins this town hall session.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Wednesday, February 19, 2020 –  10.49 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” You have to live everyday for those who die “.  –  A questioner during the session.

Questioner who contributed to the Tidbit.


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