” Ninth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate in Las Vegas – Candidates Enjoy their Free Ride ” – February 19, 2020.

          Ninth Democratic Presidential Primary Debate was held tonight in Las Vegas.

         Venue :  Paris Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada.

         Hosted by :  NBC News and MSNBC in partnership with the Nevada Independent newspaper.

          Candidates :  Former VP, Joe Biden ;  Sen Bernie Sanders ;  Sen Elizabeth Warren ;  Sen Amy Klobuchar ;  Mayor Pete Buttigieg ;  and  Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

          Moderated by  :  Lester Holt,  Chuck Todd,  Hallie Jackson,  Vanessa Hauc,  and  Jon Rolston.

          Issues covered :  Climate Change, Tax Structure,  Education, Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Immigration, and Electability.

          Salient Observations :

          1.  Figure below represents Joe Biden’s sense of direction for the nation :

          His vast experience in government ;  Transparency in deals ;  and  Elimination of subsidies for Oil and  Gas constitute the triad.

          2.  Figure below represents Bernie Sanders’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Grass root revolution;  Democratic Socialism ;  and  Transformation of Energy Systems constitute the triad.

          3.  Figure below represents Elizabeth Warren’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Rescuing all communities from all ills ;  Green New Deal ;  and  Fair tax policy constitute the triad.

          4.  Figure below represents Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Empowering workers ;  Striving for the creation of an inclusive, belonging Society ;  and  Global Climate Diplomacy constitute the triad.

          5.  Figure below represents Senator Amy Klobuchar’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Basing her experience as strength ;  Striving to provide a fair government for all Citizens ;  and  Climate Leadership constitute the triad.

          6.  Figure below represents Mayor Michael Blomberg’s sense of direction for the nation :

          Financial Services policy detailed already by him ;  Climate Change. Priority ;  and his rich experience in business,  as Mayor, as Manager, as a Philanthropist constitute the triad.

          What is gleaned from the proceedings :

          The debate was a free ride for everyone. True to expectations even before the debate, candidates without exception attempted to model Michael Blomberg’s character/behavior; recognised controversial issues promptly ; and advocated positions/counter positions with ease.

           Michael Bloomberg did not talk much ;  Michael Bloomberg did not advocate much ;  Michael Bloomberg did not defend much ;  and yet he did well to create an identity for himself –  an identity centered around responding to a barrage of ad hominem arguments.

          Michael Bloomberg stood phlegmatic and stone faced on stage while everyone else was emotional and nearly overheated. Strategic accusations flew from everyone that Michael Bloomberg targeted black and Latino people during his term as Mayor ( stop and frisk ) ;  his sexually suggestive remarks on women ; tax returns ;  non disclosure agreements ;  support for George W Bush in 2004 ;  support for racist policies (red lining)  …

          That Michael Bloomberg stayed calm, tried to respond as best as he could, and carried on with the debate without any sign of aggression must have impressed many listeners and viewers. His expression of feelings through his responses earlier even before the debate (in terms of an apology) may have opened a pathway for his growth. His short, measured and crisp answers, though not satisfying, must surely have got believers on board at least for now.

          Michael Blomberg’s stance, posture, looking directly at the audience, appropriate and limited gestures, and modulation were all a study in management that any observer would like to gain from this debate.

          How the candidates summed up :

          Amy Klobuchar :  What unites us is bigger than what divided us ;  heart of America is bigger than the heart of the White House.

          Michael Bloomberg :  The job contested here is a manager’s job,  of building teams, with skill to pull everyone together. I am ready for it.

          Pete Buttigieg :  America is running out of time ; this is the moment now ;  create a sense of belonging in our country. Galvanise and not polarise.

          Elizabeth Warren :  Restructure the economy ;  fight for everyone.

          Joe Biden :  Emphasis on experience, Obamacare, and Immigration.

          Bernie Sanders :  Our Grassroot revolution constitute the recipe for our growth.

          Conclusion :  Mayor Michael Bloomberg as nouveau visage has become a wonderful part of the Debate. A new identity.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Thursday, February 20, 2020 –  11.19 a.m. (IST).

   Tidbit :  ”  Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg are the two most polarising candidates on stage we cannot accept. One candidate wants to burn the country ;  the other wants to buy the country “.  –  Pete Buttigieg.

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