” CNN’s Democratic Town Hall with Biden and Warren – Restoring Credibility ” – February 20, 2020.

          Tonight’s CNN Town Hall with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren was an excellent opportunity for the two to restore credibility and make a fresh impact on the voters, and to say that they achieved that effectively is saying the obvious.

          Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett of CNN moderated the town hall event effectively.

          Salient points :

          1.  Figure below represents Joe Biden’s key strengths as he himself said :

          Belief and faith ;  Setting up one’s mind clearly ;  and  Age, experience and wisdom are the three pillars constituting his overall strength.

          His stand on issues :  Not using any disinformation or foreign power should be the essence of a  ‘pledge’  for anyone seeking office ;  his warning to gun manufacturers – ” Gun manufacturers, I am coming after you”  in trying to get them queasy ;  eradication of the intent and practice of weaponisation of DoJ ;  place an Immigration bill on the first day of his presidency to protect the undocumented dreamers ;  a firm belief in doing good to the country –  with age comes experience, with experience comes judgement, with judgement comes wisdom – why you should elect me ;  proving that he is strong both on head and shoulders ;  his faith in primary stronger than caucus ;  his belief that middle class built the country, Union built the middle class – middle class welfare is primary concern ;  if one sets up his mind nothing is impossible in this country ;

          His passion for finding cures for Cancer and Diabetes is a remarkable quality that makes him unique ;  standing at least one rung above all others in the ladder ;  and separates himself in the most consequential manner.

          Conclusion :  He struck the listeners and viewers as being decisive and emphatic presenting himself as the best doer that Citizens can repose faith on as Leader.

          2.  Figure below represents Elizabeth Warren’s key strengths as she described :

          Having plans to get things done ;  Holding American values high ;  and a fighting spirit constitute her key strengths in this election.

          Her stand on issues :

          In the backdrop of the party’s chief consideration of beating Trump, she will support any clear mominee in the end ;  fight for American families and give everyone a chance to fulfill his/her dreams ;  pitch for heightened security and surveillance against Election interference, the need to win by a huge margin this time – her earnest appeal to the voters ;  loyalty to the Constitution of America gets precedence over loyalty to individuals in power ;  immigration makes this country stronger ;  Nevada is a women majority legislature, and nothing  can work  as  electing  a  woman president ;  getting rid of super packs in Elections as her staunch principle ;  recognising mental health (schizophrenia) as a major health problem in America is important in Healthcare coverage ;  climate justice and cleaning up communities is her best hope and priority ;  children with disability to get full funding for education.

          She made her impression lasting and powerful displaying the optimum dose of humility and strength in all her answers.

          Conclusion :  Forceful and unbiased articulation of her viewpoints full of gestures and body language elevating her performance giving credence to her ability and electability.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, February 21, 2020 –  9.29 a.m. ( IST).

   Tidbit : ” A safe and affordable America is the need of the time ”  –  Elizabeth Warren.





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