” President Donald Trump’s Speech in Motera Stadium, Ahmadabad – Long on Admiration and Short on Deals ” – February 24, 2020.

US  President Donald Trump spoke for 28 minutes in the Motera Stadium, Ahmadabad, this afternoon.

          I consider his speech comprising two parts:  Part  I  is an expression of admiration for the leader and people of India ;  and  Part  II  is an act of business/policy.

          Part  I  :  President Donald Trump’s Speech is an excellent revelation of  who he is, what he wants to say with due thought and attention, and how he should say avoiding problems – true to his personal  style. He showered praises on the Indian PM  –  a true friend, a great friend, a champion, PM  Modi’s life underscores promise, an exceptional leader …  –  and the huge crowd (strong and Noble people)  gathered within the stadium, playing well to the Indians here and those back home who for the most part are ardent admirers of our PM. Let it be known that this is the election year in US. He never concealed his primary interest, though, in garnering  (a) Indian support,  and  (b)  holding  American interests.

          Part  II  :  President Donald Trump did not appear to give  anything concrete to India in his speech in terms of concession(s),  relaxation(s),  or specific advantages in detail here. He did mention the interests in terms of strong economic ties, defence/security cooperation, opening markets for American products,  Indians making strong contributions to American growth,  counter terrorism operations,  peace accord with the Taliban .. etc.  In order to support what he mentioned, he cited (a) America’s blooming economy during his tenure fulfilling the aspirations of people (biggest motivating factor to be for those interested in seeking friendship) ,  (b)  Excellence in innovation and technology embedded in missiles, drones, aircrafts, military hardware .. in enabling functional efficiency for the benefit of users, (note the defence deal worth  $ 3 billion to be signed tomorrow favourable to America),  (c)  Effectiveness of the Joint military exercise last year being helpful to India (and others too in Indo-Pacific safety) , and  (d)  American partnership benefiting those  associated in Space Cooperation even while lauding India’s indigenous successful Chandrayaan  mission –  all with the implied understanding that US  tie up will be advantageous to any relationship seeker.

          Concession(s),  relaxation(s),  and/or specific advantages may possibly emerge tomorrow. Until the delegation level meet, be positive and patient.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Monday, February 24, 2020 – 4.49 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ” India will hold a special place in our hearts ” – President Donald Trump.

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