” COVID-19 – Coronavirus Spurs Innovation ” – March 18, 2020.

          Adversity spurs Innovation and New Technology Tools to overcome challenges.

          The mysterious human tragedy causing “Coronavirus”  eruption encourage the IT start-ups and independent, intelligent brains to devise new apps and web services that can help the assessment, monitoring and control of the emerging disaster.

          The faster than expected spread of coronavirus in different countries of the world has made precautionary measures ;  diagnosis and effective control of the health impact of the virus ;  monitoring and checking the symptoms of patients ;  patient testing and prevention of contacts ;  and limits to the treatment – urgent and paramount.

          A brief account of a few apps and services here :

          1.  COVID-19  Risk  Index  :  One of the key measures of control lies in identifying the groups, population, and local communities that are likely to get affected rapidly. The index proposed and developed by “Carrot Health”,  an  IT set-up in Minneapolis, U.S.A.,  helps predict the individual susceptibility. Public Health advisors and personnel at every level in the region/nation can use this index to swiftly identify the people and make decisions concerning their treatment and protection.

          2.  “Orion Health”,  the New Zealand based software developer,  has developed a platform that helps in monitoring patients remotely in their homes ;  enable communication between patients and healthcare professionals ;  and helping patients discharged from hospitals to continue self health services through this platform. The developers are also seeking to use  AI  to enable health service providers to identify and monitor patients even while making it the most suitable and effective platform for the purpose.

          3.  TempTraq  is a temperature monitor developed by the Ohio based  ‘Blue Spark Technologies’.  It takes the form of a soft patch, latex free, with the ability to record/monitor axillary temperature data upto 72 hours in real time. It is a single use, disposable temperature monitor. Its alerts can give information about when a fever will spike. Healthcare specialists can monitor the temperature remotely with no contact or contamination whatsoever ;  a distinct advantage from the usual temperature measurement devices in clinics for individuals.

          4.  Patient Access App  developed by NHS,  UK,  makes it possible for citizens to consult doctors/physicians by video. The System uses a video consultation software across its web platform. This service is free and comes with adequate training and other support materials. The app is claimed to be in use by more than 4000 practitioners and it can help millions of people to have consultation with physicians from home.

          5.  ‘DocClocker’,  a pioneering app developed by the Tampa, Florida, based  ‘Fast Pathway’  enables patients to receive real time, the waiting time a patient will take in hospitals. Crowding of waiting rooms in hospitals will be avoided. The patients can access their physicians at the appropriate time without having to wait for long. It helps limit the risks of exposure and prevent the spread of the virus. It gives value to the patients’  time even while providing a positive experience. 

          More patients engaged ;  less time spent ;  and efficient/effective control achieved  –  are the three benefits in all of the above.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Wednesday, March 18, 2020 –  6.29 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :  ”  Coronavirus is a Chinese Virus ”  –  Donald Trump, US President.

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