” COVID-19 – Women have Superior Immune System ” – March 25, 2020.

          I learnt this morning, according to a well renowned US  TV channel report, that death due to COVID-19  is  50%  more in the case of men than women. At this time they are discussing without citing the scientific reasons behind that fact.

          Let me cite the scientific facts here  :

          Reason :  ” Women have stronger immune systems than men, and they can mount more effective immune responses against viruses and bacteria “.

          How ?  Mast cells are the first immune cells to get activated in response to pathogen infections and for developing protective immunity. They are superior in women.

          Result :  The female hormone  ‘oestrogen’  improves the function of blood vessels with a superior immuno enhancing effect in women. The male hormone  ‘testosterone’  (in men)  is less effective on this count.

          Supporting Observations :  Two studies are worth mentioning here.  1.  Sabra Klein, an endocrinologist in John’s Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland,  while treating the nasal cells with  ‘oestrogen’  like compounds before exposing them to  ‘influenza virus’  found that only cells from females responded to the hormone and fought off the virus. (J Peters et al  report in 2016, Am Journal of Physiology).   2. Meyanard studied a protein called TLR7  which when encoded by a gene on the  ‘X’  chromosome could detect viruses, activate Immune cells, resulting in a stronger immune response in women than in men. (Reported by G Karnam et al in 2012 PLoS Pathogens).

          That immune systems of men and women respond very differently to infection is known for a long time but Scientists took a fresh and serious note of them, specially during the 2nd decade of this millennium.

          Such key research studies are generally, mostly, ignored by people and the above reporting by the US TV channel with discussions to follow in the next couple of days or so atleast will give a fillip to this finding and place ‘Women’  in new light with lots of surprises.

          Benefit  :  A case for halving the dose of medicine/vaccine in the case of women with the full benefit of a more effective control program can be achieved.

          Other supporting studies emphasizing the superiority of women :  (a)  Many studies reveal that  Women  are more resistant to  ‘radiation’ ;  (b)   less subject to  heart attacks ;  (c)  better able to endure extremes of heat, cold, pain, noise, and loneliness ;  (d)  women require less food and Oxygen  –  all specific bodily/physiological advantages over  ‘men’.

          An Indian Army Study and report in 2005-2006 revealed that  ‘Women had a Clear edge over Men’  in  discipline, sickness incidence, and even in academics/panic management. Based on that, the then Vice Admiral, and DG of AFMS,  VK Singh said : “the safest career for women is the army “.

          NASA  in 1962 tested 25 female pilots along with males for astronaut application program. They were given the same tests as Glenn and Allan Shepherd,  and they all passed with flying colours. The test involved enclosure in a  “sensory deprivation tank”  with no outside world contact for a few hours. At least two male astronauts cried and reported imagining the barking voices of dogs with trepidation. It made the females even more satisfied. Alas !  NASA, however, decided not to include female astronauts (in principle) and so they were deprived of a possible Space sojourn. Women’s accomplishments were, nevertheless, highly commended.

          Back to the original immunological superiority of women, it needs to be stressed and convincingly emphasized that – with proper diet, proper sleep regimen, proper exercise, and proper meditation women can further develop on this superiority to lower their risks and gain independent advantage as differently powered and empowered.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Wednesday, March 25, 2020 –  7.29 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ” –  Eleanor Roosevelt.


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