” COVID-19 – A Vignette ” – April 8, 2020.


1.     ” One little germ hitting the bronchial saloon ;

Two little bugs hitting the corners of larynx ;

Three little pathogens stuck in the mouth ;

Hue came down with COVID-19 in Wuhan. “

2.      ” Hue let out a sigh, with his temperature high ;

Hue let out a cough, getting his throat sore;

Hue let out a cry, thinking he will die ; 

Will Hue survive the case of crazy COVID-19 ? “

3.       ” Doctor read his case, the nurse gave him some juice ;

Doctor prescribed a pill, the nurse sweetened the pill ;

Doctor made his spirits run high, the nurse gave him the high five ;

Doctor put him on ventilator as such, the nurse gave him the magic touch.”

4.       ”  Hue had a cold in the head,  Doctor said he knew what to do ;

Hue snoze a sneeze into the air, Doctor said it is cold ;

Hue felt he had pneumonia,  Doctor admired the smart patient ;

Hue felt his cough is better now ,  Doctor said his practice is good ; “

5.        ” Hue went to bed,  pulling the covers over his head ;

Hue fell asleep, sleeping for a week ;

Hue’s symptoms totally vanished, toss and turn in bed completely recovered ;

Hue’s temperature came to normal, his case became a model and special.”


  ” Dieu avec nous “

Wednesday, April  8, 2020 –  10.29 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit :  ”  Everyone was glad when it ended, Happy Ending “.





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