” Senator Bernie Sanders’s Big-hearted Gesture ” – April 9, 2020.

          Sen Bernie Sanders has officially suspended his Campaign ending his run for Democratic nomination on Wednesday, yesterday.

           In doing so, he has given the Democratic Party Bigwigs two gifts :  (a)  the party to rid itself of the discomfiture of the likely damage that would have been caused by Sanders’s continuance in his contest for nomination against Former VP Joe Biden ;  and  (b)  to hold the Democratic Party Flag flying high with its primary goal of  “Unity of Purpose”  reflecting from Sanders’s decision emphasizing the principle of ‘Shared Values’ that the party takes pride in.

          Senator Bernie Sanders through his active participation in two General Elections (2016 and 2020) as a Democratic Presidential candidate, has shaped his core convictions to a  “key Democratic platform”  giving every participant to express views/opinions publicly and to make progress when they come to power. An anti-elitist model of a Society with his core actions centering around the triad as presented in the figure below :

          The three elements of the triad are :  (a)  Medicare for All ;  (b)  Tuition free College ;  and  (c)  Green New Deal.

          Sen Bernie Sanders sent his good positive ideas that can serve the highest good for almost all Citizens of the nation.

           Anyone who has watched the Democratic Presidential Primary Debates will be convinced that these three aspects above took close to or even more than 50% of the overall debate time with almost everyone supporting his  ‘agenda’  even if with mild/minor variations.

          It was to the credit of Bernie Sanders that all debaters engaged in heart-centered conversations and arguments expressing their intention(s) and focus to care about American Citizens on these key issues.

          Proper perceptions, assumptions, and interpretations of his  ‘agenda’  held the potential to avoid any irritation, frustration, and confusion that may have been caused in the minds of voters reflecting the true situation and the problems that existed in American lives today.

          Bernie Sanders has been successful in setting a new norm. In all his conversations in Debates he stayed true to being a  “Doer”,  not just a  “Dreamer”. That has been his way of inspiring the voters ‘specially, the youngsters and low wage earners’  without commanding anything.

          Existentially confident, Sen Bernie Sanders has always been less concerned about the possibility of his individual success always emphasizing his position(s) related to the possibility of his goals and national goals. Knowingly or unknowingly he chose to adopt this stand, a stand that has management theories propose with extra force while discussing national image in situations of doubt and uncertainty.

          Sen Bernie Sanders’ leadership also is centered on a model that prompts individuals to do their own best choosing what it takes to succeed. Enshrined in this principle is the strong belief and conviction that people hold their own ideas and views of doing things and people are capable of adapting to new ways to ensure success. People First is the guiding principle.

          Conclusion :  Sen Bernie Sanders has now left the Democratic Primary contest clearly in favour of former VP Joe Biden.  Physical, mental, or emotional obstructions, if any felt by any and still held by any,  in making progress forward quickly is cleared now. It is time for the Democratic Party to take the reigns now.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Thursday, April  9,  2020 –  9.09 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ” Inspiring leaders are called mirror leaders.”

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