” COVID-19 – President Donald Trump’s Moment of Decision on Reopening American Economy ” – April 16, 2020.

          President Donald Trump always wants to be successful ;  he always wants to do good things ;  he is an eternal Optimist.

          President Donald Trump now wants the US economy to open soon – as soon as possible.

          New York has extended its stay-at-home order until May 15. Seven mid-western states gave shape to a pact that set a new thinking to the reopening of the economy. This preempts the President’s plan.

          President Donald on Thursday night,  April 16,  2020,  (in his usual press briefing from the White House)  introduced his government’s plan for reopening the economy which has been his heart’s desire for sometime now. The plan was spelt out in three phases which will pitch in when the states witness decline in COVID-19 cases for 14 days successively. He also expressed the hope that sports stadiums, specially, will witness full houses soon.

          Actions for the three phases are given below :

          1.   Phase One :

           Individuals – Vulnerable people shelter in place ;

           Workplace – Telework and return to work in phases ;

           Schools – Remain closed ;

           Gatherings – None larger than 10 people ;

           Travel – Minimise non-essential travel ;

           Big Venues – Restaurants, Gyms, open with strict Social Distancing,  bars closed ;

           2.  Phase  Two  :

           Individuals – Vulnerable people shelter in place ;

           Workplace – Continue to encourage telework ;

           Schools – Open ;

            Gatherings – More than 50 people should be avoided ;

           Travel – Non-essential travel can resume ;

           Big Venues – Restaurants, Gyms open with distancing, bars with smaller occupancy ;

           3.  Phase  Three  :

            Individuals – Vulnerable people interact in public but still social distance ;

           Workplace – No restrictions ;

           Big Venues – Open, limited physical distancing , and sanitation protocols.

           Discussions are already on in regard to the specifics and timeframe of these actions.

           Observations : 1. Trust with the leadership of Donald Trump is weak and thin at most levels and whether the plan can trigger people enthusiasm, specially psychologically, to resume work is not certain at this moment.

           2. Expert Scientists and researchers opine that a vaccine for treatment can be available only in 16 to 18 months. An Oxford research group, however, is on line conducting clinical trials on human beings of a possible vaccine and its optimism that by September 2020 it will be ready for use may give a new hope.

           3.  Will the Public Health concerns override his wish in reality in terms of consequences is the question.

            Conclusion :  Will the President’s decision isolate the US from the rest of the world or be celebrated as special, bold, and important ?


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Friday, April  17, 2020 – 11.49 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Spread authoritative information ; avoid misinformation ”  –  Zuckerberg, FB.


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