” Corona Can Make India, the ‘Big Picture Nation’ ” – May 26, 2020.

          Last week (Wednesday)  Nepal released its new map including the areas/land under control of India – Lipulekh, Kalapani, and Limpiyadhara. Nepal PM,  KP Oli, declared assertively in the Parliament that they will wrest these areas even while making the accusation that Indian Coronavirus is more dangerous than that from China or Italy evoking serious debate, discussion, and dispute. Earlier this month Nepali President, Bindhya Devi, while addressing a joint session of parliament had also indicated this.

          The face to face confrontation between the Chinese and Indian armies near Pangong Tso lake near Ladakh 4 days ago is still ringing hard in our ears. This is another related development escalating tension between nations.

          China’s attempt to destabilize India and to disturb our peace is clear. China’s earlier attempts to push Pakistan against India didn’t succeed against India’s resilience. Hence the new attempt to pit Nepal against India instigating trouble now.

          Speculations galore. But the plausible reason seems to lie in the concerted opposition to China as the Culprit in the propagation of the Coronavirus by powerful countries as U.S.A.,  U.K.,  Australia, Italy and others. Chinese companies also face the risk of a ban from a host of countries above. This puts Chinese economy under tremendous threat.

          Companies planning to shut shops in China are almost likely to see India as a possible, favorable destination. It is a frightening thought and prospect for the Chinese who are now alarmed, afraid, and anxious that something dangerous or unpleasant can happen to their business strength. This is the reason behind China’s fresh designs to create differences in our borders, even while provoking nations (like Nepal ..) to speak/act against India.

          India’s strategy will be to maintain patience at this critical moment with simultaneous attempts to welcome investments from Companies coming out of China which will help strengthen our economy. India in its attempt to lure companies willing to relocate (after moving out of China) is ready to offer incentives to them. Food processing, medical equipment suppliers, textiles, leather, and auto parts makers are among the 550 products covered according to sources (Bloomberg news, May 7, 2020). That India initiated this even before Nepal releasing the map and Chinese army confrontation in Ladakh is triggered by US President, Donald Trump’s hard posture against China about the origin of the Coronavirus.

          This is a grand opportunity for India to get its economy rallying while keeping a check on China. Significant to note is the fact that Chinese President, Xi Jinping, has refrained from giving any figure regarding Chinese economy growth last week. China is on the verge of a serious setback and that should strengthen India’s resolve to contain COVID-19 and increase foreign investments.

          Conclusion :  Display patience, contain coronavirus, and encourage investments from companies leaving China constitute the  ‘strategy triad’  facilitating our dreams of lifting the economy during this COVID-19 crisis. This is the positive aspect of the corona downside.


“Dieu avec nous”

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 –  9.59 p.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Calm down in the midst of incredibly hurried and stress filled situations to achieve greater success “.



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