” India’s High Moral Ground – in Ladakh ” – May 29, 2020.

           India finds itself massively confronted by China in Ladakh forcing a choice between a submissive and aggressive approach. China seems to be in pursuit of a possible goal – to disturb and destabilize the Government. This is not the first time that China is adopting a confrontational approach (style of management in dealing with India). For China, promises and pie crusts are made to be broken.

           One only has to recollect our first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru’s desire and proclivity for amicable Sino-Indian relationship in the  mid 1950s (specially after the Panchsheel Treaty in 1955), and how  the Chinese Premier, Chou en lai, betrayed the relationship going to war with India in 1962. China has always been considering India as a threat to its ambitions of big power status.

          The border area near Ladakh is being used as a patrolling area by both nations for long. There used to be skirmishes, but they got settled by mutual high level conversations. The following are possibly the happenings that got on China’s wick now :

          1.  China felt irritated about the creation of Ladakh as a Union Territory of India. ( UT creation is right and fair from the Indian point of view as it is according to the principles treating Indian citizens fairly).

          2.  Global anger and moral outrage that Coronavirus originated in China causing it to spread worldwide ( Right, as a majority of nations subscribe to this view and WHO is likely to initiate an investigation too ).

           3.  China is likely to face ban on its Companies threatening the economy ( Right, as many major  nations support , and it is a good deal !).

          4.  China is annoyed that two Indian legislators greeted on virtual TV,  the reelected woman Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen ( India is Right,   Greetings from India is irreproachable and China’s expectations are misconceived ).

          5.  Approval by China’s National Peoples’ Congress to the  ‘National Security Laws’  for Hong Kong that paves the way for anti-sedition  laws to be enacted in Hong Kong. The joint statement from US,  UK,  Canada, and Australia that the law conflicts with International Obligations is extremely painful to China, coming at this juncture (that China is facing International scrutiny over Coronavirus pandemic now is to be noted now).

          Protests are going on in Hong Kong now, and India is in no way involved in others’  affairs.

          As when the scorpion stung the coconut tree, the Palmyra tree had a glandular swelling – the Chinese position has altered. That is all.

          Hong Kong protests that began early this year stopped during the last week of February due to the Coronavirus pandemic. China felt easy to gain time and to create trouble for India. India has always adopted the stand : ” It will not be the first offender in any confrontation or conflict. If forced into a conflict, India will not submit to threats is now the decision “.

          The friendly nation that America is to India, it recognises the good qualities and maintains an appreciative feeling. The big nations of the world are clear about peace, no encroachment ,  no transgressing, and no violation by India in the border area of Ladakh.

          Significant to note is the fact that  US has made its intentions clear that Hong Kong Security Laws should be discussed in the United Nations forum. America is now open to engaging with countries that are willing to oppose China.

          These are what mark and make India’s peaceful posture in Ladakh at this juncture look acceptable and appropriate.

          This may well be the beginning of a new phase in International relations.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, May 29, 2020 –  10.59 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Morale is when your hands and feet are working but your head says ‘No’ ” 

(My independent narration and personal views without any specific interest )

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