“Coronavirus Pushes Leaders and People Over the Edge ” – June 14, 2020.

          Six months have passed since the Coronavirus with its giant grip began to put the squeeze on people. Number of people affected physically and behaviorally has crossed 77 lakhs and the death toll crossed 4.27 lakhs.

          Even as the impact of Corona took off like a rocket throughout the world, leaders have failed to get their eyes in to control.

          Lockdown is causing loss of jobs and increases poverty. Individual incomes are declining rapidly. This will be felt in a sharp decrease in total productivity as per the reports of research. According to another joint report by King’s College, London ;  Australian National University ;  and the  UN Economic Development Research Institute, –  about 100 crore people will likely suffer from poverty. The news came as a shock to leaders, experts, and analysts. The news was also a kind of shock horror to the people who had to assimilate the fact that these 100 crore people will be pushed to a condition without being able to earn ₹ 142/-  per day. India is one of the 10 countries facing this stark reality – caution the researchers.

          India is likely to face a situation where people above the poverty line will become poverty stricken due to heavy financial loss. A report bt Arthur D Little records at least 13.5 crore people will lose jobs ;  about 12 crore people will be pushed to poverty ;  and about 4 crore people will be pushed to the gravest poverty. People aware of these findings are in a state of shock.

          The above studies go to prove that  “Lockdown”  is not a panacea for COVID-19 and leaders are still grappling with the twin challenges of protecting people from the disease, and preventing economic slide. There is growing general perception that government is not taking serious note of the economic fall out of COVID-19.

          A section of political analysts attribute the lack of focus on COVID-19 to the clever and secret methods used in politics to increase their strength ;  big businesses to increase their profitable activities ; –  to the detriment of the health of people.

          Significant to observe is the activity in a State like Tamilnadu to change the names of places in vernacular language with English letters giving the appearance of the vernacular pronunciation. A clever way to distract the attention of people.

At this juncture, it appears that the leaders have found their match in Coronavirus.

         Whether they hold a ‘master plan’  to redeem the economic, health, and safety pride of individual nations is what will ultimately be watched eagerly by the people.


   ” Dieu avec nous”

Sunday,  June 14, 2020 –  1.59 p.m. (IST).

Tidbit  :  ” Thought is more than a right – it is the very breath of man ” 

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